First date

How do you behave on your first date?

First dateThe first date is always exciting, for women and men alike. Will there be a connection between you two or is it going to be a boring night? Will you live up to his or her expectations? But the main question that most daters are struggling with is: "how do you behave on your first date?" In this article you will find 7 tips that you cannot miss for your first date.

Be on time

The first impression is of course made when you arrive. Therefore make sure that you always come on time. In this way you will leave behind a good impression and you will let your date know that you take him or her seriously. You can even be a little early, but rather not more than 10 minutes early. When you meet him or her at home, you can better not come more than 5 minutes early.

Break the ice

It can be that for both daters that you can feel a little bit awkward beginning. You do not know each other and you do not have a clue what to ask the other person. Know that it is probably just as awkward for the other as it is for you! Therefore try to break the ice, so that it will be easier for both of you to have a conversation. What is the best way to break the ice? As a man you can for instant show gallant behaviour, and the woman can then react to this. Women and men alike can give the other a compliment to break the ice. Another possibility is to have a conversation about a neutral topic. In this way you can get used to each other.

Be yourself

You want to leave behind a good impression during your first date, that is logical. Do not pretend to be any different than who you really are, because the other will find out who you really are after a few dates anyways. It does not help you and your date if you are not honest. Therefore it is better to just be yourself during the date. The other is also interested in you and would like to know who you are.
Maybe you are scared that he or she doesn't like who you are if you are yourself. But then it is simply better that you will both know this as soon as possible. A relationship is then of course doomed to fail anyways, because there is simply no connection between the two. Therefore never pretend to be someone else on your first date.

Be interested in the other

It is during a first date often easy to tell a lot about yourself, but it can be tricky top think of questions that you can ask the other. Make sure you make an effort and ask a couple of questions, in this way you can get to know the other and see if you make a match together.
If you ask the other questions you will show that you are also interested. Because of this your date will feel more at ease. Listen to the answers your date is giving you so that you can come back to these later. Do you find it really hard to think of questions? Then look for common interests and ask questions about these.

Give the other a chance

Many people are in the beginning of a first date a little insecure. This does not always mean that they are always like this. Are you put off because your date is acting a bit insecure? Even though your first impression is not perfect, try to give your date an honest chance. See if you can make your date feel more comfortable, so that the insecurity will drop. Then you can see who this person really is!

Keep the conversation light

It can be the case that during your first date there is a real connection and you are having great conversations. Make sure you keep it light and don't tell all the stories about your exes or problems you have! Of course this is all part of you and you would love to tell someone when you have a connection, but you can also tell these things a few dates later. Make sure you keep the conversations during your first date light and airy, so that it stays fun.

Be honest

Maybe you are already discussing during the date if there is a connection or not. Be sure to be honest. If you think there is no connection, then tell that. In this way you do not give the other false hope. Do you like your date? Then also be honest about this, but don't be too pushy straight away. Make sure you let them know you like them, but not your future plans.
When you have not discussed this and at the end of the date you know that you do not want to see the other again, then be honest about this. Make sure that if you do want to see him or her again you let him or her know this. Again, it means not to be to pushy and clingy, this will scare the other away. It can also be that the other does not know what to feel about you and if he or she wants to see you again or not. Do you want to sleep on it yourself? Then also be honest to your date.



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