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You can earn money on infowiki.com through Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an advertisement program from Google, where compensation is paid per click. Google Adsense automatically adjusts the advertisements to fit to the content of the website. Through infowiki.com you will receive 50% of the advertisement views and the revenues that follow from them.

You create your own account via Google Adsense and you connect with your Adsense-pub code in your account, in order to receive 50% of the advertisement views. The compensation from Google is paid per click and the compensation per click can be significant. The more clicks, the more you can earn.

Publishing an article is as easy as posting a status on Facebook. Select the correct category, choose an appropriate title, write an introduction and give our visitors all the information they need. Infowiki.com happily rewards you and in this way infowiki.com is able to provide free information to everyone with an internet connection.

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Write an article as detailed and relevant as possible, to create high quality content. Try to write at least 750 words about an interesting subject. In this way, your article is better to read and the number of advertisement views increases.

You are not allowed to click on advertisements yourself or to incite others to click your advertisements. Unfortunately, infowiki.com has to block your account when we discover fraud. The revenues of the article are dependent on the popularity and value of the article.

You can imagine that the revenues are higher for an advertisement about mortgages than an advertisement about cinema tickets.

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