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Things you’ve been doing wrong on a first date

first date First dates are always exciting. Nerve-wracking, yes, but exciting. What to wear, what to wear… After you’ve finally picked out your outfit, you’re ready to go. Your date picks you up, the night is going wonderfully, but in the end you end up never hearing from them again. What could’ve gone wrong? You can read that in the following article.

Oh, the world of dating. Anybody who’s in it knows how bad it can be— and anyone who’s out of it is certainly glad that they are. Sometimes you think your date is going amazingly well! You end it with a kiss and eagerly await calls. Or texts. Or e-mails. Or even… anything? Anything at all? Often, we’re left with just that: nothing. Not a single form of communication is utilized between you and your perfect guy after your perfect date. Well, what YOU thought was a perfect date. Maybe he thought different. Maybe you did a couple things wrong. Here’s what you could’ve done wrong on a first date:

Your outfit is sending out the wrong signals

You might be striking up a conversation of your own with your date, but your clothes might speak an entirely different language. The right outfit and make-up can make a date go so much better! You must find the perfect balance between clothing that says “I’m easy” and clothing that says “I’m a prude.” Not just that, you also need to balance these two. If you’re going for a revealing skirt, try covering up your chest more. If you’re going for more cleavage; pick some classy pants. Don’t forget to accessorize! Pick some nice jewelry to go with your outfit (not too distracting, though) and finish up your outfit with style.

Speak the truth

Nothing’s more annoying than a person who lies all the time. Are you someone that likes to bend to the will of their date by lying about hobbies or interests? If you are, you need to know that you don’t have to like everything they like! One or two mutual interests are fine, but don’t over-do it. Soon, it’ll become painfully evident that you’re actually not a “lover of the outdoors” or that you “love rock-climbing.” There’s nothing more embarrassing than being fake on a first date and then getting caught out after that date, because you’ve been lying about stuff. It’s best to just be completely honest with each other. After all, you’re both there to get to know each other, not to be exact carbon copies of one another!

Talking about exes

Oh, come on. You should know this! Don’t talk about your ex on the first date. In fact, don’t talk about your exes on the second date either. Actually, now that we think about it, don’t talk about your ex ever. It’s not a fun conversation to have and should be saved for when you both know each other and know that it’s okay to talk about that subject. Especially on a first date, it’s such a big no-no to talk about exes, because your date will think that you are still hung up on him or her.

You were being too negative

There’s nothing more off-putting than talking to someone with obvious low self-esteem. Keep calling yourself fat or stupid and your date will eventually think of you the same way you think of yourself! This can carry through in a conversation; being negative about everything is not cute. Just because you don’t like cats doesn’t mean you should call cats annoying. What if your date has a cat? What does that say about you?! Okay, alright, it’s fine to be truthful, of course. Just don’t take it too far with the negativity. It’s off-putting. Don’t do it.

Give them a chance to talk

It doesn’t have to be about you all the time. You guys are on a date, just the two of you! Yes, the two of you. Not just you by yourself. Give your date a chance to get some words in between your rambling and we’re sure your date won’t go as disastrous as it would be going if you just kept babbling on. Talk about your hobbies, but don’t forget to ask your date about theirs as well. Your favorite food is cool and all, but what about what they like to eat or drink? Show interest and they will show interest back. Hell, you might even get a second date if this one goes well.

You drank too much

Oh, alcohol. You are our favorite. We go to you when we are stressed, looking to have a good time or when we just want to enjoy a nice beverage. However, you also have very strange effects on our body. You make our vision go blurry, our balance go wobbly, and most importantly— you make our inhibitions go away! For this reason and mostly this reason, it’s important to keep tabs on how much you’re drinking. Have a glass of water in between drinks, or limit your alcohol intake all together. Nobody wants a sloppy drunk for a date. Plus, there’s the chance you might blurt something out that you will regret later when you’re sober…


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