10 dating tips for women

DatingDating is not easy for every woman. Maybe you have had the feeling that you had a deep connection, but after the date he didn't talk to you again. Did you do something wrong? It could also be of course that there was no connection, but you can see what you could do differently next time. Here you will find 10 dating tips for women.

Tip 1: Take care of your appearance

Men like to date and enjoy women that look like they care for themselves and look attractive. Therefore make sure you take care of your looks. You can for instance buy extra care products for your face, hair and body. And to stay in shape you can do sports once in a while. When you are going on a date, you can spend some extra time on your looks. Take care of yourself, choose a nice outfit and show your best sides with some make-up. However, don't over do it, you don't want to look too sexy or look like a doll. He may see that you have put in some effort, but not too much.

Tip 2: Show your interest

By showing interest in your date you show that you want to get to know him better. Ask him questions and also listen carefully to the answers that he gives you. Is he talking about one of his hobbies and is this something you do not find interesting? Try to still show interest, because his hobbies are simply part of him.
It can of course be the case that he really does not have anything to tell that is of interest to you. Then try to find common interests and try to mould the conversation in that direction. Did you find out you do not really have any common interests? Then there probably is no real connection between the two.

Tip 3: Don't claim him

Men do not like to be claimed. They need their freedom. So do not start talking about the future after just a few dates and do not keep asking him where he is and with whom. In this way you will scare him away. Of course you can let him know you care about him, but do this with small gestures. You can for instance touch his arm or come sit close to him.

Tip 4: Be clear

Often women think that men get their hints. And in the end we don't get why a man doesn't understand what we mean. Men like clarity: they often do not get our hints or they take them the wrong way. Therefore always be clear to him and try to not talk in hints that much. This way a lot of miscommunications can be prevented.

Tip 5: Don't act less intelligent than you are

Some women think that men like the not so smart blonde type. Therefore they will behave differently than who they are. Men do not find that attractive at all however and more often than not like smart women. You do not have to be super intelligent to be found attractive, but at least don't act less smart than you really are whilst dating.

Tip 6: Don't drink too much

Another tip that definitely belongs in this list with tips is not to drink too much. Of course it is nice to have an alcoholic drink during the date, because this takes away some of the tension. But men often do not like it when a woman is really drunk. Just have 2 or 3 drinks and have that as your limit. This way it stays fun and you will remember the date the next day.

Tip 7: Be self confident

Many women are somewhat insecure whilst dating, and that is not a bad thing per se. But still try to be as confident as possible. Then that the date is there to get to know you. And so don't be scared to show yourself. If he in the end does not like you, then there is simply no connection. If you appear to be self confident, you also seem more relaxed. Men do not like stressed out women, and so show your date that you are self confident and relaxed. Watch the things he says to you, but especially also your body language. Men can tell a lot through body language (even if that is often subconscious).

Tip 8: Keep it exciting

Do not tell everything about you in the first few dates. Even though the conversation is flowing really well and there is a connection,  you should try to keep it exciting. Tell your date just enough information to keep him interested, do not show everything at once. This keeps the excitement going and ensures that he wants to see you again to get to know you better (if there is a connection of course).

Tip 9: Don't be disappointed when he does not contact you straight away

After the date you would probably love to send him a message straight away, but men will often get the feeling that they are claimed. Wait a few hours or perhaps a whole day and see if he sends you anything. Is he not doing this? Then you can of course send him a message.
It can of course be the case that he does not reply straight away and maybe only a couple of hours later. This does not mean that he does not like you. Men are just less about texting than women. And it could also be the case that he is a little insecure and does not know exactly what to reply to you. That is why he is postponing the message. Does he really not reply much to you and is he a bit short in his messages? Then it could well be the case that he is not so interested.

Tip 10: Let the man conquer you

And the last tip in this list with dating tips for women: let the man conquer you. Perhaps he wants to help you with your chair, take your coat and pay for the bill. Accept if he wants to do this for you. Often women like to show that they can take care of themselves, but whilst dating let go of this control for a little bit. Through this a man can show he has appreciation for you and he enjoys doing this for you.


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