Tips for starting a relationship

Tips for starting a relationship

Tips for starting a relationshipIn the first few weeks of a new relationship it takes a bit of getting used to each other. In this article we will discuss different tips to help you get through this phase of a relationship.

When you want to build a relationship from scratch the following tips can help you make it into a successful relationship, whilst honoring yourself and the other:

Do enough fun things together

In the beginning it is important that you do enough fun things together. You will learn to know each other in an active way in many different situations. Think of which activities you can do together and do not expect too much of each other.

Discuss the expectations you have of each other

Speak your mind about the expectations that you have. It is not a problem to take the initiative in this and this should also be possible for women. When you speak your mind about your expectations you can talk about it together.

Take it easy

In the beginning of a relationship it is important to go slow. When you are too quick with you feelings, the beginning of a relationship can quickly be experienced as too constricting. When you notice that it is going too quickly for the other it is important to take a step back. Give each other the space to grow towards each other.

Listen and watch

By listening and observing you can slowly come towards each other. It is important to ask questions when you want to know more about something about the character or behaviour of what you are seeing. When you are a good listener and are really observing you can use this information later to make a decision if you want to continue with a relationship.

Communication is important

When the communication is not running smoothly it can be difficult to build a relationship. In the beginning you probably want to talk about a few subjects before you choose for the relationship or not. Explain carefully what you are looking for and are not looking for in a relationship, to start a relationship as openly and truthful as possible. Make sure you keep the conversation going and when something is not clear, make sure that you ask for clarification. When you do not know each other yet, communication can be quite difficult. Put some energy into this to experience if it is working for you or not.

Be intimate and take some distance sometimes

In the beginning of a relationship you will notice that the one day can be very intimate and the other day may not be like this. When you find the right balance between your own life and the intimacy with another a healthy relationship can arise. Do not just give up your own life and find a balance in which you can both be happy.

Choose to compromise

A compromise has sometimes to be made to not put too much pressure on the relationship. Look for a solution together to create a desirable situation. When you do not know each other that well yet, it can be difficult to grow towards each other. Take the time for this, but do not give up all your own principles by which you are used to live and stay true to your self.

To contact or not

In the beginning of a relationship it is sometimes hard to determine if you should contact someone or not. It is important that you do not make it too difficult for yourself. Give someone the time to react and do not keep sending an extra message when you are not getting a reply. It can feel really constricting when you are pushing contact too much.

Watch out making conclusions

Often conclusions are made too quickly and this is not always desirable for you and the other. You can simply ask someone what he or she means by what he or she said and you do not have to make a conclusion about this. Many situations that arise come out of misunderstanding and especially in the beginning of a relationship this can be a waste.

Do not force anything

Do you already have a relationship or not yet? In the beginning you do not have to determine if you have a relationship or not. For you it may be clear already, but for the other this does not yet have to be the case. Most people do not like to be locked into a relationship straight away and take the time if it matches with what they want. Even when you have had sex it does not mean that there is a relationship. Wait quietly and make sure that in the first couple of weeks the relationship is without any obligations and expectations.


It makes sense that you start to compare a new relationship with an old relationship. However, do not keep talking about this with your new love and give someone else and yourself a new chance. Remember that you didn't have your ex for nothing and there was a reason why it didn't work. In this new relationship you have to be open and not have any expectations based on previous relationships.

Divide your attention

Divide your attention between your friends and your new love. Friends in general stay loyal for longer and it would be a waste to simply set them on the side. Of course your new love will take some of your attention, but only within the right balance you can build a relationship in a healthy manner. If you are both keeping to do fun things the desire can grow and you will have something to tell each other when you didn't have contact for a while.

Be honest

If you are honest there is mutual respect and you are building a basis for a relationship. Of course you do not have to tell all about who you have slept with in the past, but you can be honest about feelings for example in particular. In this way the relationship can have a wonderful basis and you can start to trust each other more and more. Share your feelings even when they are less pleasant and do not throw way your own principles. Of course you should stay reasonable and in all cases its about finding the right balance.


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