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MaltaThe island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea is a popular holiday destination for many. From early in Spring to late Autumn you are guaranteed of good weather on the island. The island has a lot to offer for tourists. For young and old, Malta offers a perfect location for a holiday. On this page we will give you all the information you need for a holiday to Malta.

General information about Malta

The island Malta is a part of the republic of Malta. This republic consists of multiple islands of which the island of Malta is the largest with a surface area of 246 square kilometres. The island group is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily and north of Africa. The climate is not the only reason for attracting so many tourists. Malta is a big island with different areas. There is a lot to do on the island, which makes it possible for everyone to have a fun holiday on Malta. The island knows a rich nightlife and a large diversity of activities to undertake and sights to see. For those that are of a less active nature, there are many beaches to be found to enjoy a perfect holiday filled with sun. On this page we will tell you more about the following points.

  • The different areas
  • The nightlife
  • The sights

The different areas

The capital of the island is Valetta and is located in the east part of the island. This capital city knows many places of interest and there is a lot to do. In Valletta there are multiple museums to be found, there is a cathedral, the Grand Harbour is a real recommendation and there are a number of palaces. These palaces are called the Casa Rocca Piccola and the Grandmaster's Palace. For both palaces it is possible to join a tour, in this tour you will be explained everything about the people that have lived there and you will learn about the palace itself.

St. Julians and Sliema.

North of the capital are the towns of St. Julians and Sliema. These places are the most touristic spots on the island. You will find a rich nightlife here. For those that want to spend most of their holidays in bars or clubs are best off staying here. For enjoying the nightlife you can visit the neighbourhood called Paceville in St. Julians. In this neighbourhood you can find restaurants and nightlife. In the area of St. Julians and Sliema there are different places of interest to be found, such as the Balluta building or the Spinola Palace. The Balluta Building is a beautiful building to see with a nouveau front. St. Julians used to be a small fishing village which has grown to be a real tourist destination. On the water front you can therefore still see nice fishing boats and you can still recognise the characteristics of a small fishing village.

Qawra and Bugibba

Further up north on the island there are another 2 places that are bordering each other. These places are Qawra and Bugibba. Together they belong to the list of most popular destinations on Malta. They are very cosy places to stay in and there is a wonderful promenade. Especially in the evening the towns become more alive and people come together to eat and drink. A nightlife such as that found in Paceville is not there, but there is a fun salsa bar called Fuego, there is a club called Amazonia and there is an Oracle Casino. Despite it is one of the most visited touristic places on Malta, there are no real beaches to be found. There are only concrete plateaus or rocks on the water. For a day to the beach you can take the bus or a taxi to one of the beaches in the surrounding areas. Popular beaches to visit are Golden Bay or Mellieha Bay.

Mellieha and Gozo

The most northern part of the island is called Mellieha. This area does know a very beautiful beach. It is a very long and thin stretch of sand that slowly merges into the sea. This is why the beach is also very suitable for children. For everyone that wants a holiday on the beach, Mellieha is a good choice. Besides this there are also a few places of interest in Melliha, like the bunkers from World War II, a church on top o the hill or the Ghadira Nature Reserve. From the church on the hill you also have a beautiful view over Mellieha. The Ghadira Nature Reserve is the oldest bird sanctuary of Malta.
When you do not want to stay in the mass toursim on the island of Malta you can also book a holiday to the Island Gozo. This island is situated next to Malta and is part of the island group of Malta. The island Gozo is a lot greener than Malta and knows 2 beach towns. These are Xlendi and Marsalforn. Gozo is also a very suitable island to go diving and there are multiple diving schools to be found on the island.

Nightlife on Malta

Do you want a holiday where you can party? Then also Malta is a good pick. The real nightlife on Malta is happening in the neighbourhood Paceville in the town of St. Julians. This is the place where you can find all the cafes, clubs and nightclubs. There are also many good restaurants available, so that you can prepare for the big night ahead. A big advantage of the nightlife in Malta is that the clubs do not charge any entry fees and that it is a little cheaper than other nightlife venues in other parts of Europe. A few popular places are Club Bamboo, Axis, The Empire and Havana Club.
Club Bamboo is an open air club where a lot of tourists and people from Malta itself come to. There is always a good atmosphere and a fun party going on. One of the most popular clubs on Malta is Axis. They always have great laser shows and the building knows three floors. Furthermore The Empire is maybe the most popular club of the island. You can party here until early in the morning and during the high season it is always very busy here. Finally you can go to Havana Club for when you are a lover of R&B music. It is an internationally visited place and the party goes on till deep in the night.

Activities on Malta

Besides the nightlife on Malta and relaxing on the beaches there is more to be enjoyed on Malta. On Malta there are 2 water parks. These are Splash & Fun Park and the waterpark Bugibba Waterpark. The waterpark Splash & Fun is to be found in St. Julians. This park knows fun slides and a wave pool. The Bugibba Waterpark is more oriented for families with young children. In this park there are no swimming pools or slides to be found, but it mostly consists of sprinkling fun. Besides the waterparks there are also 2 theme parks to be found on Malta. These are mostly oriented for kids. These are the Playmobil Funpark and Popeye village. At Playmobil Funpark the children can play with all kinds of Playmobil toys. The Popeye Village is primarily focused on water fun with educational games. Finally you can learn more about the life in the Mediterranean Sea at the Mediterraneo Park. Besides education you will also find entertainment here. When you pay extra you can even swim with dolphins.

Water sports

People that want to be active on Malta also have a lot to explore. At the popular beach towns there are always fun water sports to be done. You can choose to go waterskiing, paragliding, to surf or ride a jetski. From the beach towns it is also possible to go on a boat trip for a day. Diving also belongs to one of the water sports to be done on Malta. There are dozens of dive schools available and this is the chance to get to know the magnificent underwater world. As on the island of Malta and on Gozo it is possible to go diving. Finally there is much horse riding going on on Malta and there are also people who go to the golf course on Malta to play golf.


To really get to know Malta and the surroundings you can of course go on an excursion. You can take a 3 city excursion for example. During this excursion you are taken to 3 cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Copspicua. Here you get to see all the historical sights and you learn more about the culture. The area of Malta and Gozo is to be explored the best when you take a boat tour. There are different boat tours available there where you can choose one of them. There is a sunset cruise, a tour around Malta itself or a boat tour to the Blue Lagoon.

Sights on Malta

When you are on a holiday to Malta then you have the choice of visiting many sights. A place of interest where you should have definitely been is Mdina. Mdina is the old capital city and today there are still many temples, churches and palaces to view. Mdina is to be found in the middle of the island. Furthermore there are many temples to be found on Malta. It is of course a waste of your holiday time to go to all the temples. It is however recommended to at least visit the temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra. These temples are situated on a hill, from here you have a beautiful on the rocky surroundings. Furthermore you can find one of the biggest domes in the world on Malta. This is the Mosta Dome and is found in and around the middle of the island.
When you are a lover of beautiful nature you can go to the Buskett Gardens. This is one of the few areas on the island that is filled with trees. For the people that enjoy going for a walk or a picnic this is a fun location. Would you like to see more natural landscapes of the island? Then you can pay a visit to the Dingli Cliffs. Here you have a wonderful view over the rocks and cliffs of the island.


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