South America, Peru

South America, Peru

South America, PeruIn Peru in South America you find beautiful national parks and sights. The country belongs to the most colourful countries in South America. With a trip to Peru you can discover nature's wonders. The Colca Canyon and the Amazon are amazing places to visit, but also the Nasca Lines and lake Titicaca are an amazing experience. In this article we will tell you more about Peru and travelling through this country.


Peru is located in the northwest of South America. In the past the country was inhabited by the Incas. Spain conquered the country in the year 1572 and ruled it until 1821. After this there have been different militant and civilian governments that ruled the country interchanged with democratic governments and dictators. In the last couple of years Peru was governed by president Ollanta Humala.
Peru has known different wars in the past. There was a war between Peru and Spain between 1864 and 1866 regarding the occupation of the Peruvian Guano Islands by Spain. With the help of Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador, Peru has managed to win this war. Between 1879 and 1883 there was a war between Peru and Chile. Bolivia assisted Peru during this time. The reason for this war was the fact that Chile had entered the coastline of Peru and occupied the desert. Peru lost this war and as a result of this had to give two provinces to Chile.
The terrorist movement Shining Path was responsible for different violent acts in Peru during 1980 and 1992. More than 30.000 people lost there lives and damage had been done amounting to billions of dollars. The leaders of the terrorist movement were captured and imprisoned in the year 1992 and as a result of this the violence stopped.


In Peru there are 3 main landscapes to be found. La Selva is an area with tropical rainforest that we can divide in lowlands and cloud forest. Here there is a subtropical climate with dry seasons and wet seasons. In the area it is often warmer than 35 degrees celsius and in the rainy season you can expect heavy rainfalls.
A different landscap in Peru is the mountain area that lies between the tropical rainforest and the coastal area. This area is alo called La Sierra.  Here you will find many rocks and mountains. The temperatures are in general quite low, but despite this fact most of Peru's population is living here. The warmest days are between December and April.
La Costa is the third landscape in Peru and describes the area around the coast. This landscape is mostly consistent of desert and there are also some mountains to be found (parts of the Andes). In the coastal area it almost never rains, but from May to mid September a thick mist is present. From December to February it is warmest in this area.

Nature in Peru

The Amazone

The Amazone area in Peru lies in the landscape La Selva. It consists of a thick tropical rainforest and it is a amazing experience to walk here. And not only the fauna is amazing; also the chance that you will encounter wild animals. If you go to the Amazone in Peru, you can also pay a visit to the Manu Wildlife Center.

Lake Titicaca

In Peru you find the highest navigable lake in the world, namely lake Titicaca. The lake is found on an altitude of 3800 meters. In the lake are a few islands where you can stay a night during your travels. This is an amazing experience!


The high plateau of Altiplano in Peru is 4 to 6 kilometres high. You can travel here by train or by bus. The view is amazing and it is beautiful to see how people and animals live on this altitude.

Ballestas Islands

Close to the coast of Peru you find the Ballestas Islands. Penguins, sea lions and different sea birds visit the islands and are beautiful places to enjoy the nature.



The capital of Peru is the beautiful city of Lima. Here you can find not only historical buildings -such as the 16th century cathedral Plaza de Armas - but also a few interesting museums. The goldmuseum is one of the most famous and here you will find a big number of golden objects and different objects from the ancient Indians.

Chan Chan

In this city you will get to know a lot about the history of Peru. Chan Chan is namely a city of ruins where you will find the remains of a few big palaces made of clay. The Tschudi-complex is well preserved and you can pay a visit to this.


The city of Cuzco used to be the capital city of the Incas. The Inca buildings have mostly been destroyed by the Spanish, but still you can find a lot of the foundations. In this city you can discover the ancient style of building of the Incas.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an ancient city of the Incas that was never found by the Spanish. That is why there is a lot left to be found of the Inca civilisation. It is possible to visit Machu Picchu by walking the original Inca trail.

Nazca Lines

During your trip to Peru you should definitely pay a visit to the Nazca Lines. Theres are ancient figures that have been drawn in the sand of the desert. It is a miracle that the Nazca Lines still exist after all those centuries.

Group tour

Touring with a group through Peru is an amazing way to discover the whole country. Your flight to - and travels through - the country are included, just as your overnight stays. Some meals are also included during your trip. Most tours last between two weeks and a month. Would you rather not tour with a group? Then it is often also possible to choose a private tour.

Touring with a car

If you want to discover Peru on your own, you can also choose to make a tour of Peru by car. The best is then to pick for Fly&Drive. You then pay for a flight, a rental car and overnight stays in different hotels. You can pick up the rental car after you arrive on the airport at a dealer in the area. The first night you can stay in a hotel close to the airport. Then you receive coupons with which you can stay at the different hotels. This way you can organise your whole tour of Peru.

Do you want to make a tour in Peru? Then keep this article close to you, so that you know which nature parks and sights you really shouldn't miss!


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