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Travel to Japan: discover the land of the rising sun

Travel to JapanJapan is an impressive country with imposing nature and fascinating culture. A tour through Japan is the ideal way to experience all the different facets of the land of the rising sun. During a trip to Japan you are guided through all the famous cities and at the same time you can enjoy the wonderful nature and culture.

What makes Japan so special?

Of all the Asian cultures, the Japanese culture is by far the most difficult to understand for outsiders. The ancient etiquettes paired with strange habits and appearance allows for a cheerful image under most Westerners. Besides this Japanese tv-shows regularly find their way onto the internet, which may be called remarkable to say the least. The cities and villages are a combination of state-of-the-art architecture and ancient temples and gardens. Because of this, the country is one of extremes, which you can perfectly map by making a trip through Japan.

What should I see in Japan?

When you want to make a tour through Japan, there are certain elements that you can not miss. There are a number of cities that are praised by every tourist that visits them. These are, amongst others, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Furthermore there are multiple national parks and excursions that can be made. One of the most famous places to visit is Mount Fuji, a well known volcano that is often found in photos. In this article we will explain what you really have to see during a trip in Japan, but also the optional possibilities.

Start of your trip

Most probably Tokyo is your starting city, as most flights from abroad fly into this city. This metropolitan city is immensely big. The center can not really be called a city center anymore, because it stretches so far that it has become different districts. When you are in Tokyo you should really pay a visit to the Ueno park. A big park that is central in the city. Apart from that there is a special electronics district, where people can play games in one of the hundreds of gameplaza's. This district is called Akihabara.

Sights in Tokyo

The center of Tokyo consists of many parks, temples and historical buildings. A visit to the Imperial Palace is also recommendable. This palace of the Japanese king lies in the center and has a few impressive ancient buildings. The neighbourhoods of Shinjuku and Shibuya are also not to be missed. This is the beating heart of the center, where big shops, buildings and hordes of people come together. Furthermore it is mostly the atmosphere and impression that the metropole gives you that makes the heart of many tourists beat faster. Cycling in Tokyo is very pleasant, as there are a bunch of special cycling paths. This is a good alternative to public transport, because you will see more of the city by doing so.

Tokyo's surroundings

Close to Tokyo lie different villages and national parks that are worth the effort to go and visit. One of the more well known excursions is the area around Nikko. The people of Tokyo go here themselves to quiet down from the city and escape its busyness. There are a big number of temple complexes in the forests and there are also waterfalls to be found. During your tour through Japan it is possible to travel in the direction of Nikko (northwest of Tokyo) or in the direction of Fuji (west of Tokyo).

Other cities in Japan

Besides Tokyo there are many other cities that you can visit during your tour in Japan. In this overview we will list a few cities that are worth visiting. Depending on the duration of your tour you can see which cities you want to see and have the time for. Try finding a good balance between quiet and busy. This can sometimes be a little bit difficult if you want to see a lot of cities, because they are most of the time quite busy.


Osaka is a perfect example of this. The city is big, but has a beautiful city center. The most known attraction of the city is the castle of Osaka. This beautiful white castle is a pearl to look at. Furthermore there are amazing fish markets, temples and restaurants to be found in the city. A visit to the puppet theatre Bunraku is also advisable. This theatre exists since 1684 and uses real life puppets to showcase plays.


During your tour to Japan, Kyoto is a must-go. This city is the old capital city of Japan, but has given it's title of being the capital city to Tokyo. Kyoto has an old and eccentric city center. With small streets and temples, it is an amazing place to get a taste of ancient Japan. Outside of the city there are many modern neighbourhoods with beautiful architecture.


Close to Kyoto is an unique bamboo forest with the name of Arashiyama. This forest is world famous and is often depicted in photos. It is an impressive sight to see all these ancient bamboo trees close to each other. In your trip to Japan this is certainly a recommendation.


The city that is scarred by the atom bomb that was dropped here in the second world war, Hiroshima is still worth visiting. The city knows a new city center, where there is a lot to experience. Besides this there are different monuments built for the victims of the nuclear bomb and the second world war. These are also worth visiting.

How do I continue my travels in Japan?

You can continue your trip in Japan by going to special nature parks. Besides nature there are even places to go skiing and snowboarding. May you be there during the winter season, this can become a good place to hang out for a while.

National parks in Japan

Japan knows almost a 100 national parks that you are able to visit. Every park has its own attractions, this is why it is difficult to choose which ones to go to. In the parks you may find pittoresque mountain villages, old farms, mountaintops, volcanoes and more. With a special "free pass" you can travel through all the national parks with special public transport. As there are trains, cablecars, boats, busses and more. This is a lot cheaper than buying separate tickets.

Transportation during your tour

During your tour in Japan you can make use of different means of transportation. The most well known (and fun) way is the "bullet train", in Japanese the train is called Shinkansen. This mega fast train has a network through the whole country. When you buy a flight to Japan, you can book through the site of the Japanese government a cheap week- or month long ticket. Because of this a tour through Japan becomes really simple. As you might expect from Japanese people, the train is never even one second late, which makes travelling in Japan a smooth experience.

Don't forget to do...

When you are in Japan you should definitely do a few "typical" Japanese things. Below we have formed a list of fun things that you should do whilst you are in Japan.

  • Eat sushi in a real sushi restaurant. Then you discover what sushi really is. This sushi is of a totally different quality than that you find in the all-you-can-eat concepts in the West. Choose a good restaurant (find this before you go on the internet or ask your hotel about a good option). Moreover there are  a lot of good sushi restaurants to be found close to the fish markets, where they serve fresh fish.
  • Go to a Ramen restaurant. These are noodle bars where you can eat a quick bite. The noodle soup is deliciously spiced and includes meat/fish and vegetables. There is even a Ramen restaurant in Tokyo with a Michelin star. This whilst a meal will only set you back about 10 dollars!
  • Go to a Japanese supermarket. Here you will find funky candy, fruit and other things. A good place to find the remarkable products that are available in Japan.
  • In Japan there are many cool and funky restaurants and cafes. Before you go, do a little bit of research to choose the funky cafes that you want to visit. As there are for example many cat-themed cafes and special restaurants.
  • Are you travelling alone or with friends? Then you can choose for a capsule hotel. This hotel consists of capsules which you can sleep in. Normally these are being used for Japanese businessmen that want to stay a night in another city. Sometimes there are even 30 capsules in a big space. Of course with the help of a screen you preserve a little privacy. A very fun recommendation to experience something special.
A tour through Japan is a good mix or culture, nature and history. By doing a tour in Japan, you can explore the country in a good month of time. 


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