The art of women seduction

Women-seductionTo seduce a woman, you do not need to master all kinds of seduction techniques. As a man it is essential to have the right mindset. In this article we will tell you what to do when approaching a woman, but also what not to do.


If you as a man do not believe in it yourself, the chances of success are small. As a man you need to be authentically convinced that you have something to offer to the lady in question. A healthy doses of confidence plays a big role in the chances of success.
Concerning having "something to offer" to the lady in question, we do not mean an awesome sports car or a fat wallet. A woman is not a lust object waiting for the highest bidder. With women, it is more about immaterial things, such as being a good listener or having a good sense of humour. Having success with the seduction of a woman, a man has to offer what he has. To be real, a man never knows what a woman looks for in a man, and perhaps it is that which he has to offer is what she is looking for in a man.
Self confidence is an important ingredient for success concerning the seduction of women. When making the approach, the fear of failure can not be in a man's way. Most men do not naturally have enough self confidence. Self confidence is however something which can be learned and built up.

Opening lines

Opening lines rarely lead to success. The problem of most opening lines is that they are too revealing, sometimes are very lame and are usually not really original. Opening lines are often taken from the internet. Chances are that the lady in question has already heard all the opening lines. It is therefore better to not focus on a good opening line. It is better to start a conversation by simply saying something light. For instance to ask her opinion of where you are at the moment, her opinion on something what is happening around you or ask her about a piece of clothing she is wearing. This is a more natural way to start a real conversation.


It is good for the man and the woman who he is trying to seduce to both be comfortable. Men often do not realise that a woman who is approached by a man often feels nervous. When a man appears to be nervous, then the woman will also be more probably to feel nervous. And the other way around, when the man looks calm and relaxed, then the woman will have the tendency to also be more relaxed and feel comfortable. A man should pay attention that he is breathing calmly and talks in a relaxed manner. When a man notices that the woman is feeling tense, then he can make her feel comfortable by making her laugh.


A woman can get the impression that you are feeling better than her if you give her too many compliments. As if the man tries to get her on the same level as him by giving many uplifting compliments. Not giving any compliments at all is also not a good idea, but better than giving too many compliments. It is a good idea to give just a few compliments, the best is to give several subtle compliments. When first meeting the lady, you should avoid compliments that can appear to be bold. Compliments that can be seen as bold are those such as 'you have really nice breasts' or 'nice ass'. It is better as a gentleman to have an eye for detail by giving compliments such as 'when you smile you have a wonderful shimmer in your eyes'.

Know how women think

It is generally known that women think differently than men. With women the focus of their thinking is on emotions and with men the focus of thinking is based on logic. Men feel safe and comfortable to communicate on the basis of their manly logic. And often get stuck in this when trying to make contact with women. With seducing women, this way of communicating does not work however. On the basis of emotions and feelings which a man has generated in a woman, the woman will choose her partner, and not on the basis of the logic in his stories. As a man, to prevent getting stuck in logical stories, you have to avoid subjects such as work, school, politics and religion. Politics and religion are extra risky because these can lead to a discussion, and nobody is waiting for a discussion on your first meeting, and this can prevent a successful seduction.
All in all it is important, besides all the points above, to stay true to yourself. Women will see through a mask that you put on. So if you are trying to be someone that you are not, then women will often see through it and will notice that you are a fake. And even if it does work to pretend to be something that you are not, sooner or later the lady that you like is going to find out. It is therefore better to stay true to yourself, to be yourself and the right woman will love you for it.



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