How to maintain a relationship

RelationshipTo maintain a relationship for years on end is not an easy job and still there are a number of people who can do this without troubles. Although it is beautiful to be with someone until death separates you, this is most of the time too good to be true. There are many circumstances which you should keep in mind. Trust and love are the foundation of your relationship.


It is always a pity when you look around you and notice that a lot of people are tempted to cheat on their partners. Often it is the case that people for years already have a good relationship and ruin it by cheating. It is a mistake that many make, because the temptation is sometimes very big, but even if that is the case, it can be avoided. The biggest temptation to cheat is cheating with your ex or someone that you trust.

Avoid exes that try to contact you again

An ex that is trying to contact you, with the pretext of wanting to know how you are, often has different reasons to contact you again. In most cases they are looking how you are and want to see if you are available. Once you are connected again with someone from the past, it can feel like it used to in the past and the threshold to sex is lower again. This is because you have a shared past together and this is why it feels so trusted and comfortable. Be careful of this, because before you know it, it will bring about problems for your current relationship. You partner will not appreciate that you are in contact with your ex. It is thus the best to let the past be the past.

Bad times in your relationship

Every relationship has its own ups and downs and often you then need someone to talk about it. Know beforehand who you trust, don't tell all your problems to the first person that acts like your friend. Because you are in a stressful period in your relationship, you are often very vulnerable. Someone can use this occasion to screw up your relationship even more. When someone has the wrong intentions, you do not see at that moment that you are vulnerable. The temptation is big when someone is pretending to understand you. After you have had sex, the true nature of the person arises. We are all human beings and something like this can happen. The best is just to avoid this as much as possible and discuss your relationship problems with your partner, or in the worst case with a psychologist.

The excitement is gone

When you are already in a relationship or marriage for years, the excitement can go missing after a while. This is not abnormal and it happens more often than we really want to admit. When you are feeling this is happening, it is best to discuss this with your partner. When you are talking about it you can start finding ways in which to bring the excitement back into your relationship. Here are a few tips to bring the excitement back.

Sex toys and erotic lingerie 

Many couples do not need extreme measures to bring the excitement back. Sometimes experimenting with a simple toy is more than enough. Others simply enjoy it when their partner walks around the house in sexy lingerie once in a while. A few fun sex toys like a vibrator or a different toy can be fun for you to experiment with. You can find sexy lingerie everywhere, so surprise your partner once in a while. Wait for him after a long day of work, some make up on and sexy lingerie. He will definitely find this exciting.


Never stop flirting. This is a real golden rule for a successful long relationship. Even if you have been together for 20 or 30 years, keep sending a flirtatious text to each other once in a while. Or say something flirty. You don't have to do these things every day, but try to do it regularly, it keeps the relationship fun and it makes your partner happy. Nothing is worth more than giving your partner the feeling that even though he/she has become older, you are still very attracted and flirty.


Partners need to feel challenged from time to time. Therefore do not be scared to explore the borders with your partner. Your partner loves this just as much or maybe even a little bit more, but someone needs to take the initiative. Especially considering sex it is important to take turns in taking the initiative to do something exciting. Try to do a striptease show for your partner, our go to a couples club together. Try to sometimes get out of your comfort zone to experiment. This prevents boredom and singularity in a relationship.


Most fights start because of miscommunication, the one talks and the other is busy with his own thoughts that he only hears what he wants to hear, and before you know it there is an argument. Therefore always try to first listen to each other and not keep talking at the same time. Only by listening you can really understand and hear each other. Always be clear and express what is bothering you and only in this way you can clear up an argument.

Give each other enough time and attention

In any case it is always important to give each other enough time and attention. Communication is an important aspect of this, in this way you create understanding and patience for each other and you learn to get to know each other better. But give each other also time and space for themselves. No other feeling is as bothering as the feeling that you are stuck to your partner and not able to live your life freely. give each other space and take some time for yourself. this is not only positive for yourself, but also for your partner.

What you can do to maintain your relationship:

To maintain the relationship and really go for it until death separates you, you can follow the following tips. We can of course not guarantee that these tips will work a 100% of the time. Because in the end you and your partner will have to work on the relationship yourselves. Only by working together and communicating, a relationship can be full of love, joy and become successful.

  • Are you mad at each other? Then just go to bed angry for once. When you are getting into a fight you don't always have to find a solution for it right away. If the fight continues for too long, it may be better to sleep on it for a night and the next day you might be a lot calmer through which you can think more clearly. Often you notice that the whole fight didn't have to take place at all. 
  • Realise that life is not a dream, a relationship is everything but a fantasy or dream. Let the thoughts and fantasies about the prince on the white horse go. He does not exist, the princess with the glass slippers is also not real. You will have to work on the relationship together to make it a success.
  • Do not be scared to get into a fight. Because you had an argument together does not mean that you should separate. It is healthy to have a conflict once in a while. It challenges you to understand each other better and often reinforces the relationship. 
  • You do not always have to be right, even though you notice you are really right but your partner is stuck in his/her ideas. Give in and let it rest, it is easier said than done, but avoid unnecessary arguments. Let the other finish what he or she has to say and listen to their opinion although it is not fully correct. Slowly they will see that they were wrong and you will get your right. 
  • Bring in excitement and tension, this is an important aspect in every relationship. If a relationship becomes boring, your partner can easily be tempted to find excitement outside of the relationship. Don't be scared to put on your naughty shoes and go on an adventure with your partner, in this way you will also spend some more time together.
  • Always be honest to each other, in a relationship you should be an open book to each other and this is one of the most important building blocks. There are things that you tell your partner and there are things that you don't say. When they will ask you something of which you know that they might find out about the truth it is better that you simply admit before they will ask more questions. Sometime in the future the truth can come out and then you don't only ruin the purity of the relationship, but also the trust of your partner. 
  • Have respect for each other, this is very important. Treating each other with respect is very important. Especially when you are in the company of others. Even though you are fighting, no one else has to know. It can only escalate into a bigger argument and that is not necessary. 
  • A long relationship can only flower into something beautiful when you take care of each other, when you are honest to each other, when you trust each other, have respect for each other and love each other unconditionally. Therefore try to give as much as possible the best of yourself in a relationship, only then a long relationship can become a success.


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