men and women in love

Characteristics of a man in love

men and women in loveDo you have any idea how you can recognize a man who is in love? The characteristics of a man who is in love are much easier to recognize if you know whereto you should pay attention. Try to see if there are any signs, which you can pick up from the way you or someone else acts when they are in love! Is there some kind of body language that you show?

The relationship between hormones and being in love

The hormones that are in your body when you are in love are very important. They result in certain feelings, as well as some physical changes. The fact is that when you are in love, your body creates some substances in your brain. These substances are very addicting. These most addicting of these substances are dopamine and adrenaline.  It is because of these substances that you can endure certain feelings of happiness. So it is easy to say that being in love can make you feel well. Because the dopamine and adrenaline have positive effects on you, you instantly get a lot of positive energy. If you are in love for a period that is longer than 3 years, you body stops creating these positive substances.

A man who is in love can seem to be distracted; this is also an effect of the substances your brain creates. The man is stuck in his happy thoughts. When you talk to him, the man snaps out of his thoughts, and most of the time, he hasn’t heard a word that you were saying.  Most of the men that are in love enjoy music much more than they used to do. They turn up the music a lot louder and start dancing around the room! They seem so happy!

Men who are in love!

When you see a man who is happily humming when he is walking through the house, you can see it as a sign of being in love. A man who is happy loves to hum! But it can be the complete opposite of this. The man can seclude himself. Mainly he is doing this because he wants to be alone with his happy thought. This can result in forgetting things that he normally would never forget. Most of the times, this wouldn’t even bother him!
Most often, the man who is in love doesn’t care if the things don’t go, as they should as much as when he is not in love. When a man is in love, but he wants to keep it a secret, he acts differently. The man would explain everything he does in detail. He does this, with the reason that he would not come on as suspicious. The fact that he arouses much more attention to his being than when he would act normal, doesn’t comes to his mind.

Men, Women and being in love

You may wonder if there are any differences between the behavior of men and women who are in love. If you look at their behavior, you can immediately see that there are almost no differences. Everyone acts more or less the same. All the attention goes to the person whom they are in love with. They only think about this certain person. The whole world revolves around this person. Actually, the only thing that people who are in love want to do is being with that one special person. One thing to notice is that the men and women, who are in love, act like they would do, according to their classical roles.

How is the behavior of a man who is in love.

The behavior of the man who is in love differs from the behavior of a woman who is in love. The case is, that men who are in love, will show a lot of classic male behavior. This means that the men, for instance, wants to be the best in everything. For women, it lies a little bit different. Women most likely are going to behave like classic females do. This means that they have the urge to clean the house and cook complicated meals. Also, they want to look very attractive towards the man who they are in love with. But this is not really different between women and men.

Being in love? You can tell that by the way someone acts with their body.

Somebody's body language can tell you a lot about this person. It can show you if these people are in love, for instance. If somebody is in love, this person tries to make a lot of eye contact with his or her potential lover. The person who is in love tries to find out everything about his or her potential lover, and wants to know everything that this someone does. If the person who is watched makes a joke, it raises a lot of laughs from the person who is in love! What else is noticeable?

  • The pupils of a man in love move a lot, from left to right and right to left.
  • If a man is in love, he smiles a lot more than he is used to do.
  • A man in love wants to be as close to the woman to whom he is in love with as possible.
  • The hands of a man in love are always sweaty.
  • A man in love will blush more if their lover is nearby.
  • A man in love will focus all of his attention to the person whom he is in love with.
  • The fact is, that the things that are mentioned above, goes for a man in love as well for a woman in love!

What kind of signals shows a person who is in love?

The signals that a person in love shows are the following; He wants to:

  • Show great interest in the potential lover.
  • Give a lot of compliments to the potential lover.
  • Always talk about the potential lover.
  • Crave a lot of attention when the potential lover is nearby.
  • Always be close to the potential.
  • Be helpful to the potential lover.
  • Tries to have contact with the potential lover as much as possible.
  • Have a lot of eye contact with the potential lover.

How can know if you are in love?

Have you ever been in love? Then you know how that feels. Are you happy most of the time? Do you have trouble sleeping and do you feel those butterflies that are flying in your stomach? If you feel these things, you are most likely in love! But what are some of the other things you can experience when you are in love? Here is a list of possible side effects!

  • You are truly convinced that your potential lover is the one for you.
  • You are daydreaming all the time.
  • You can only think about your potential love
  • You're hyperactive and super energetic.
  • You can’t focus on a single thing; your mind is constantly with your potential lover.
  • Your heartbeat is a lot higher when you see your potential lover.
  • Your mouth is dry when you see your potential lover.
  • You can’t think of anything to say when your potential lover is around, you are very nervous!


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