Milkshake Recipes

MilkshakeDo you feel like making a delicious milkshake? In this article you will find a couple of wonderful recipes, so that you can make milkshakes yourself. And you donít have to limit yourself to the summer, even in the winter a milkshake tastes delicious.

Making a milkshake

You are craving a delicious milkshake and you want to prepare it yourself? This is possible and every time you can make a different one. There are namely a lot of different ingredients that you can use to make different tasting milkshakes. When making a milkshake a couple of things are important to keep in mind.

  • Before you are making your milkshake, it is good to know what kind of flavour you want to prepare.
  • You can always change a milkshake recipe to suit your own cravings
  • Lay out all the ingredients before you start to make your shake
  • Ask yourself for how many people you are making a milkshake, then you can decide upon the amounts of ingredients that you need

Ingredients milkshakes

To make a milkshake, you need the following:

  • Fresh milkshake
  • Ice cream (with a flavour, five scoops per milkshake)
  • Vanilla or fresh fruit as topping (if you want to use this)

You can always add fresh fruit to a milkshake (just pay attention that you don’t start using too much fresh fruit). It could otherwise become more like a smoothie, and we are not in the business of making smoothies at the moment! So how do we make one?

  1. Add the milk, ice cream, sugar, vanilla and perhaps some other ingredients together to the blender.
  2. Start blending!
  3. Whipped cream can be added to the blender, but this can also be added at the end.
  4. You can also add some fruit, like cinnamon or canned pumpkin. Because of this extra it becomes an even tastier shake.
  5. Make sure you keep the milkshake cold before you start to drink it.

Different milkshake recipes

There are many different milkshake recipes that you can use to prepare your shake. Here we will give you a couple of milkshake recipes. You can always decide to change the flavour by adding other ingredients to your liking.

Almond banana milkshake

If you are feeling like a super delicious almond banana milkshake, then we can now do something about it! With this great recipe you can make four milkshakes. Within five minutes you can all enjoy this drink! What do you need?

  • 2 bananas
  • 0,5 liters of soy milk
  • 2 spoons of honey
  • handful of almonds

Did you prepare all of the ingredients for the milkshake? Then add everything to the blender and make sure that you let it blend at the highest speed (let the blender do its work for a couple of minutes if you like a smooth shake). Pour the contents of the blender into a couple of glasses and you are done! If you want to serve it really well then you can place it in the fridge for a while, so that you can drink it really cold.

Lemon milkshake

Within ten minutes you have a delicious lemon milkshake ready for four people, and you can enjoy it fully. What do we need for this?

  • 2 lemons
  • 200 cl milk
  • 350 cl ice cream

Add all the ingredients to the blender and make sure that the lemon juice is well blended with the whole. Therefore let the blender blend for quite a few minutes so that it is well blended, then divide the contents over four glasses. Then use a thick straw, so that you can drink it in style!

Strawberry milkshake

If you are feeling like a delicious strawberry milkshake, then you can prepare one with this simple recipe. Within ten minutes you will have two shakes ready and you can enjoy it together with someone else! You need the following:

  • 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 150 mili liter milk
  • strawberries

Take the ice cream first and let it blend with the milk and also with the strawberries. Take the whole into a blender or cup and stir it together (for ease you can also use the hand blender). It should all together become a creamy shake. You pour when the mixing is done into two large glasses and add a straw. Then you can enjoy this wonderful strawberry milkshake.

Making a sweet milkshake

A delicious sweet milkshake is very simple to make. A fresh and sweet milkshake is often appreciated by many. It is a wonderful desert or a delicious treat during a hot day, but even in different moments of time, many people will enjoy a milkshake. But be careful, because this milkshake is not so healthy. A shake is full of sugars, full of ice cream and milk. When you get one at a fast food joint, you can be quite sure about the fact that it contains a lot of sugar! But luckily you can also make a milkshake yourself that has a little bit more healthy ingredients.

The traditional milkshake

Most people will think of the flavours: strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate. These are the traditional flavours and are very popular. But there are more flavours that you can try out yourself! When you are making a banana milkshake, then the yellow colorings are often responsible for the color of the shake, just like the pink color with the strawberry shake. When you are making a chocolate milkshake, then often a chocolate sauce is used, this also gives the color to the shake. They will not use any fruit, only to top off the shakes. Do you want to make a milkshake? Then follow the recipe below. With this you can make two milkshakes within five minutes. You need the following:

  • 200 ml chocolate milk
  • 3 scoops chocolate ice cream
  • 3 spoons vanilla sugar
  • 2 tea spoons cacao powder

First, add the ice cream in the blender, together with the chocolate milk and mix this to a smooth whole. Then add the vanilla ice cream and the cacao powder. Within a few minutes you are drinking your home made shake.

Milkshake with fruit

When you want to make a shake with fresh fruit, then that is also possible. You are then not using any ice cream, sugar and whipped cream. You are choosing fresh fruits and you will get a sweet flavour, without any artificial flavourings and colorings that need to be added. If you are making a milkshake with fruit for two persons, then you can do this within a few minutes. You will need the following:

  • 100 ml coconut milk
  • 200 ml milk or soy milk
  • 200 gram fresh pineapple, cut into pieces
  • 400 ml yoghurt ice cream

To prepare this shake you take the milk, coconut milk, pineapple and yoghurt. Add everything to the blender and let the blender spin for around one or two minutes. Everything needs to be well mixed. Pour the contents into two glasses and use a straw. A delicious desert or snack when the children come home from school for instance.

Endless variation

Now you have gotten some experience with making some delicious milkshakes. The fun and joy now becomes to start to change it up a little. Perhaps use a fruit syrup to sweeten things up. Or try blending a few frozen fruits, like frozen blueberries or a frozen berry mix together with milk and ice cream. Anything is possible, and it is up to you to make something wonderful!


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