lose weight in an effective and healthy way

How to lose weight in an effective and healthy way?

lose weight in an effective and healthy wayIt is one of the questions in the modern world; how do I lose weight? Since overweight is becoming a big problem, weight losing becomes a real issue in the world. Because it can be unhealthy to lose weight in the wrong way, we decided to write this article. In this article we will give you a few examples of effective and healthy dieting, which will lead to a good way of losing weight.

Don’t set the bar too high.

The start of a new diet is always very important. If it doesn’t work out as you thought it would, you are likely to end up feeling even worse than before you started. This could have a negative outcome on the progress of your diet. Therefor it is important to make a good plan. If the plan of a diet is good, and the goal is reachable, your chance of success is a lot higher.

Some key points your plan should have.

A good idea for the start of a diet is to make a new, weekly, goal for yourself. This goal could contain the following elements.

  • Amount of workout you plan to do.
  • Amount of alcohol you would like to consume.
  • Only eat healthy snacks. This means: no cookies or crisps. Try to eat fruit as a snack. 

The most important thing about the plan is, that it should contain enough goals for you to accomplish. If, for instance, your goal is to walk an hour every day, and you succeed in doing this, you will feel good. If you set the bar too high, and you do not reach this bar, you will not feel well. This leads to a drop in your motivation. And motivation is one of the most important things if you are following a diet.

Some tips for succeeding.

If it has come to a point where you weigh too much, you probably are consuming too many calories. This means that you will have to lower the amount of what you eat per day. This actually is the most important thing of every diet. The healthiest way of losing weight is by not eating too much. If you do this, and at the same time you start working out more than you did, you will lose weight in a good way.

Do not simply stop eating at all!

Your goal should be to consume no more than 2000 calories per day. Of course you can try to eat a lot less, but this would not be healthy. You would be destroying your body by consequently eating way too few calories. Most of the times you will end up depressed as well. If our bodies don't get enough energy, we will start feeling unhappy.

Results are not visible immediately.

It may be true that you will lose weight a lot less quickly when you try to lose weight the healthy way, but speed is not the most important thing when dieting! The strength in a diet lies in the fact if you can stick with your diet. This is a result from the fact that your body familiarizes itself with the amount of calories it receives. So when you would give up your strict 500-calorie diet and you pick up your normal eating pattern again, you will gain weight very fast.

This way you can reduce the amount of calories per day.

There are some ways for you to reduce the amount of calories that you consume per day. We will give you some tips which hopefully will help you.

  • Do not eat a second plate when you are having dinner.
  • Do not eat fast-food.
  • Switch your unhealthy snacks for fruit and vegetables.
  • Lower the amount of alcohol you consume per day. Most importantly, beer and wine.
  • Only eat when you are hungry, do not just eat every time you want.
  • Fat contains the highest amount of calories. Therefor you should try to avoid products that have a lot of fat.

You will notice a significant improvement in the way you feel, if you start eating healthier. You will wake up with more energy, and day to day tasks will not exhaust you anymore. A healthy way of dieting will improve your way of living noticeably.

The way you feel will really contribute towards a successful diet. Therefor it is important that you stay motivated during your diet. Your chances of having success are a lot higher if your motivation is high.  Your motivation will grow for every pound that you will lose and every goal that you will accomplish!


As you have read in this article, it does not have to be very hard for you to lose weight. It is not always necessary to follow complicated diets. If you just watch what you are eating, and try to minimize the unhealthy food, you will notice the difference quickly. Just try to work out when you can, and do not eat fast-food anymore. If you follow the tips that we gave you, your way of living will become a lot healthier, which will lead to the lose of weight.


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