Unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foods

Unhealthy foodsEating healthy is important, that is why we would like to give you more information on unhealthy foods, so that you can keep this in mind when you are preparing your next meal. As you start to substitute unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives, not only will you start looking a lot better, you will feel a lot better too!

Unhealthy eating is a big cost for healthcare

As everyone might know, unhealthy eating costs the government a lot! Think about all the negative effects of unhealthy eating, including - but not limited to - : obesity, cancer and heart- and vascular diseases. People with these diseases often make use of a lot of healthcare services, which is why the costs of healthcare are skyrocketing. But do not forget the costs for the employer when an employee is unable to work due to health issues. For this reason there are a lot of employers that nowadays want to influence the health of their employees in a positive way by offering fitness and other activities to them in breaks or before or after a days work. People that do exercise are often also into healthy eating.
Now that the healthcare is almost unaffordable it is time that everyone starts to become more aware of their health, a lot of education is necessary for this to happen. But would it help? A campaign that discourages consuming unhealthy eating might work in the long run. A good example is the no smoking campaign. But you will always find a core of people that does not care, although it is worth the try. In the end it is about your health and not just money! You are responsible for your own wellbeing and that is why stopping with unhealthy eating is the way to go and there are plenty of alternatives. It will take some time to look for new ways of eating, but it’s worth it considering how amazing it feels to be in good health.
Healthy eating can also mean that you have to lessen the consumption of particular products. Make sure that you do not start eating out of boredom, because then you will open that bag of chips again.
Do you know yourself well and are you still scared you will eat out of boredom, make sure you do not buy those delicious fatteners, then you will not have the temptation to quickly grab some snacks. You can also make a little jar to deposit the money that you save on not buying snacks anymore. And after a week or a month you can go and buy your favorite magazine or something else that you like.
Try to stimulate yourself, to motivate yourself, to eat less unhealthy foods and you can reward yourself for this of course. The indirect reward is through gaining a smoother skin, a healthy weight, less chance of certain diseases and illnesses. And… you are never too old to start substituting unhealthy foods for healthy foods.

Unhealthy goods, alternatives for unhealthy snacks

It is certainly difficult to stop eating snacks that you are used to in a cold turkey style. Certainly when you are watching a movie you might want to snack on something. You can actually keep doing this but by changing the product that you are snacking on. Good alternatives are:

  • Nuts for healthy fats
  • Fruits for their abundant amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, seasonal fruit is usually the cheapest and most of the time most delicious.
  • Raw vegetables: carrot, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato etc. (tip: try making some homemade healthy hummus from chickpeas and use it as a healthy dip to dip your raw veggies in. Yummie!)
  • Roasted chickpeas with herbs
  • Multigrain bread or crackers
  • Rice crackers with something on it such as a boiled egg, avocado, peanutbutter or hummus
  • Bowl of homade soup, at least you know what is inside then!
  • Olives for healthy fats
  • Healthy smoothies

Enough alternatives for unhealthy snacks. Try making as much as you can yourself, then you know for sure that there are no toxic additives in there, too much sugar and/ or salt. Often you think that you are buying responsible products, but by looking at the labels correctly you will find that this is not the case. This makes it extra hard to replace unhealthy foods for healthy foods. The ease of grabbing and opening a bag of chips certainly does not help to leave the unhealthy snacks for what they are. You are then finding yourself on the wrong track. The making of a healthy desert or smoothy costs a little bit more time, but what you get in return is certainly worth the effort!

Are health foods more expensive?

If you want to buy good products you will often find that the prices are high. The unhealthy foods are often a lot cheaper, so what will you do about this? Logical, life is expensive, and so you will pick the cheaper products which is a shame. If more people would buy the more expensive products you could say that because of the larger quantities consumed the prices of these products could go down, but would that work in practice? Do you not want to spend extra money by replacing unhealthy foods by healthy foods, buy in smaller quantities, watch for special offers and make as much as you can yourself.
There are many recipes online that can replace unhealthy foods and this is not only regarding snacks. The internet is abundant with many recipes, including breakfast meals, lunch and dinner. Recipes include healthy soups, international meals using buckwheat, brown rice and many fresh veggies. Eat a lot of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, proteins, fibers and vitamins. You are still able to eat meat if you want to, but make sure to cut down the consumption of meat as far too often we are eating too much meat. And when you do choose to eat meat, make sure it is not the fat laden meat from a fast food place but buy organic lean meat such as chicken. With the products that we have named in this article the possibilities soon become endless and you can prepare the most delicious meals! Prepare the meals yourself, as you will know for sure that there are no additives inside, such as preservatives, artificial colors and thickeners. Soon you will be eating a super healthy diet and start to feel more energetic, vibrant and alive!

Unhealthy eating is often coming from unconscious behaviour

It is very possible that you are not even aware that you are eating in an unhealthy fashion. Of course you will understand that candy, ice cream, chips etc. are unhealthy for the human body. But there are enough products available on the market that will give you the impression that they are healthy to consume. Because of the additives this can actually not be the case, but how do you know?. Can you read the small lettered labels on the backside of the products’ wrapping? And if so, do you understand what has been added to these products? When you are getting to know adults or children that have to keep to a certain diet to take care of a particular allergy for instance, only then you will realize how hard it can be to distinguish healthy foods from unhealthy foods. You have to totally get involved into knowing what to consume and what not to be able to understand the labels.
It is thus quite a task to filter all the unhealthy foods from your diet. You can keep to one simple rule however, that in any case you want to eat as varied as possible and to make sure that you eat a sufficient amount of fruits, vegatables, proteins, fibers and vitamins. You need to read the labels and watch for additives. This means that with most meals you are better off preparing them yourself as you will find that when you read the label of a healthy sack of tomato soup for instance, there can be a lot of sugar, salt, colorings, thickeners and preservatives added to the product, each of these you do not want to consume and may be detrimental to your wellbeing. Search for alternatives and visit the right stores to substitute as much unhealthy foods as you can for healthier alternatives.


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