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How much privacy do you really have on Facebook?

Facebook privacyPrivacy is one of the things that is really important. We do not want everybody to look into our living rooms or in to other aspects of our lives. In the modern days, Facebook is a part of our life as well. We share a lot of information on Facebook, so what kind of privacy does Facebook really has to offer?

You really should pay attention to what you post.

Nobody wants to be reminded of some of the bad things that we have done in our lives. Well, maybe we do not post really bad things on Facebook, but something you have done in your teenage years, can come to hunt you years later. Therefore, you always have to think twice before you post something. If you do not know what kind of privacy settings you have on Facebook, it can hurt you!

Of course, with the right privacy settings, embarrassing photo’s or posts will not cause any problems. Therefore, we will tell you which kind of privacy options and settings Facebook has to offer. We can give you some tips, and some things that you will have to pay attention to.

Privacy Settings.

Cause of the attention that is given to the privacy contents of Facebook, Facebook has decided to put a shortcut on the top of the screen, that takes you to all of your privacy settings. These settings decide which people can see your posts and photos, and are therefore very important!

Who can see my content?

The first option is related to the future things that you will post on Facebook, and who can see them. You can adjust this setting very easily. The thing is, by default, the setting is set in such a way, that everyone can see your content. You have to adjust it, if you do not want this to happen. You can alter the settings so that your content is merely shown to your Facebook friends, or also to friends of your Facebook friends.

Who can contact me?

This is not a very important setting for your privacy, it can only help you to avoid stalkers. For instance, you can choose who is able to send you a friend request on Facebook. If you do not want everyone to send you fried request, this is the setting for you! This goes the same for sending messages.

Who can look me up?

If you have an account on Facebook, you have shared some of your contact details with the company. For instance, your e-mail address. People who know your e-mail address can look you up via Facebook by default. You can adjust this in your privacy settings. The same thing goes for your mobile phone number, if you have put this in your Facebook account details.


Tagging is an other thing that you should pay attention to. For those who do not know, tagging can take place in photos that others post. If someone ‘tags’ you in a photo, he or she says that you are in that photo. When this happens the photo is shown on your Facebook wall. This means that there can be photos on your Facebook that you do not want there, and that you did not even post yourself!

Fortunately, this can be prevented. These settings are a little bit stricter by default. Only friends can say that you are in one of their pictures, or in one of their updates. But if this is not good enough for you, you can adjust the setting in such a way, that you have to approve everything that you are tagged in. This is called Timeline Control. If you turn this on, you will be notified when someone tags you. When this happens, you will have to approve the post before it well be shown on your own timeline.


There are some extra settings that will improve the security of your account as well. For instance, it is possible to add some extra security layers to your account. One feature makes it a lot harder for people to break into your Facebook account. This works in the following way; every time when you try to log into Facebook on a new device, a code is sent to your mobile phone. You have to enter this code before you get access to your account!

You can receive notice if someone tries to log into your account as well. If you look closer to your security settings, you can see exactly from where you have logged into your account. If you see anything unusual, you can cut access for this device or browser, which means that it cannot log into your account anymore!

Of course, these things do not really have to matter all that much, but it can be a little frightening to know that everyone in the world can see the things you put on Facebook, without you knowing that they are looking! If you share this fear, it may be helpful for you to visit the privacy settings that Facebook has to offer. If you adjust the settings in the right way, you will not have anything to worry about!


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