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SicilySicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea and is a part of Italy. It is an awesome idea to spend a holiday on Sicily. When you want to do more than just enjoying the sun, sea and beach, then it is a good idea to bring some tips with you. We collected the best tips for you, so that you know everything about the best places on Sicily.


The capital city of Sicily is Palermo. The city used to belong to different groups over time. Each group has built their own buildings, and this is why every part of the city looks so different. This makes the capital city unique. Many renovations have been done through the ages to make the city look its best every time. From an Arabic fort, to buildings in gothic style, in Palermo you will see it all. You can stroll through the city for hours on end and admire the most beautiful sights. Recommended to have seen is the cathedral of Palermo. Or visit one of the many palaces of which Palazzo dei Normanni is a great one to see. The chances are that you do not get to see everything during one visit to the city. But you can always come back a couple times more if you want to see more of Palermo during your holiday on Sicily.


Close to Balestrate lies Segesta, an attraction that is easily reached by car. The biggest tourist attraction is the ruins of a Doric temple.. Besides this there are the remains of an old theatre. The buildings were built around the 3rd century before Christ. According to archeologists, these are the remains of the Elymians that built a city in Segesta. In the past they used to live in Troy, but after the destruction they moved to Sicily. In Greek and Roman times, Segesta was an influential city. After a big battle in 409 before Christ, the city was completely destroyed. The remains of the city are still there to be admired. A drawback of the temple is that the interior was never found. Archeologist get the idea that this was never built.


A beautiful village from the Arabic period on Sicily is Calatafimi. In the village are different churches that you can go and explore. The most beautiful church that you should have seen in the Chiesa del Santissimo Crocifisso. The village is built on top of a hill, which gives you a wonderful view over the valley. In the distance you will see Segesta. A visit to Calatafimi can be combined with a visit to Segesta.


One of the favourite sights on Sicily is the Etna. After Stromboli, this is the most active volcano of Europe. There are regular eruptions of the Etna. From 2006 there was even an eruption every single year. The eruptions are not as big as hundreds of years ago however. Once every hundred years there will be a big eruption. The last one was in 2001, during which the cable cart and different houses were destroyed. Because of the eruptions, the volcano often changes its shape. When you are on a holiday to Sicily, it is possible to climb the Etna. If you are not an okay hiker, then you can take the cable cart up. The top of the crater is 3329 metres high. The observation deck lies at 3000 metres altitude. The cable cart will bring you up to 2580 metres altitude. You could possible take a special jeep to drive up to the observation deck. At the bottom of the volcano is a special theme park for children. A part of this park is a waterpark.


Agrigento was once founded by the Greeks and was called Akragas. During its prime time this was a beautiful city with different large structures. The city was almost completely destroyed by the Carthaginians. This happened under the rule of Hannibal Barkas. Despite the destruction of the city, different temples have been saved. The temple valley that you can see on Sicily is one of the main sights of the island. Different archeological findings have been done here and in the gardens grow rare plants. It is fun to once drive during sunset along the temples. You can definitely name the temples photogenic during the sunset.


Scopello is a beautiful village built on a cliff close to the sea. The town was famous because of its tuna fishing industry. The authentic atmosphere in the city still remains. Bread is baked in a wood fired oven and ceramic boutiques make the most beautiful works of art by hand. Locally make bread is still made into a sandwich with anchovy, herbs, tomato and onion. In the 80's it was forbidden to catch tuna in Scopello. The village mostly survives off of tourists who want to see the authentic lifestyle on Sicily.


You can find more than 200 different castles on the island. If you enjoy visiting castles, Sicily is thus the right place to be! A large part of the castles are ruins. One of the most beautiful castles is located in Caccamo. The castle is built on a high cliff and from the castle you have a wonderful view over the valley. Around the castle local products are sold and there is a museum in an authentic house. In this house you can see how the Sicilians used to live in the past.

Tasting wine in Marsala

If you love wine, then you are best off traveling to Marsala. This lies in the south western point of Sicily. The best time to visit the village is during the day, because there is not much to do on the evening. The town is known for the best wines of the island. Every morning there is a market in the small town, except for Sundays however. Around the village you can find different wineries where you can taste, and of course purchase, the different wines.


From Marsala you can continue driving to the Saline. These are Italian salt pans in which seawater evaporates and salt remains. Around the area you will find different Spanish mills. In one of these mills a salt museum is housed.


In the southwest of Sicily lies are real baroque city called Noto. For the island, Noto is an important city. The typical style of building is attracting a lot of tourists every year. Do not forget to visit the town hall on the Piazza Municipio. Go for a stroll through the small alleyways and enjoy the impressive houses in the centre with their small balconies. After a walk through the city you can climb the Chiesa di San Carlo. From here you have a great view over Noto.

Villa Romana del Tellaro

South of Noto lies Villa Romana del Tellaro. These are the remains of a Roman villa that were found in 1971. In the villa are still the remains of mosaics. Different scenes from stories of the Greek gods are depicted in the house. Think about the tales of Odysseus and Hector. The village is accessible for a small fee.


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