Discover Florence, one big monument

FlorenceIf you are contemplating a city trip, Florence can be a great choice. The city is the birthplace of the renaissance and it knows many beautiful sights. The centre is therefore listed on the world heritage list of UNESCO. You can admire world famous paintings and sculptures of priceless value. But Florence has more to offer: wonderful foods and drinks, fashionable shops and a hip night life.

To Florence by plane, train or bus

Taking a plane from anywhere in Europe will take you a few hour maximum and you will arrive on the airport Florence-Peretola in the province of Tuscany, it will then take you 20 minutes with the bus to reach the centre of Florence. In the airport you can also rent a car or take a taxi to get you where you want you want to be. To go to Florence by bus from the Netherlands for example, will take you quite a while (about 19 hours). And the bus would take you about 15 hours from the Netherlands.

Public transport in Florence

Florence is easily reached from other places by train or tram. The tram arrives in the centre of the city but does not drive around much there; the centre of Florence is not so big. Once you are there, everything is within walking distance. You can of course take the bus when you are tired. A ticket will cost you € 1,20 and with this you can travel for an hour and a half. Traveling by taxi in the centre of the city is of no real benefit. The taxi's are expensive, there are not many places where they can be found and the meter will start running once you ring them up.

Sights and art in Florence

Florence knows many sights, and is rightfully named to be one big monument. The centre of the city is therefore listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. A big part of Florence has been built in the middle ages and during the renaissance. The architects in the renaissance era tried to reawaken the classical Roman style of building, and they gave it their own twist. Therefore you will sometimes get a glimpse of the atmosphere of the classical antiquity when you walk in Florence, which is a marvellous experience.

Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio

A sight which you will most probably encounter is the Ponte Vecchio, that goes over the river Arno. The bridge dates back to the middle ages and houses many shops, most of them being jewellers. The shops are built partly over the edge which gives the bridge an interesting look. It has two levels, because the mighty family the 'Medici did not want to cross the river with the plebs.
Close to Ponte Vecchio you will find the Palazzo Vecchio that was completed in 1314. It is an impressive, a massive construction with wonderful arches. Inside the walls and ceilings are works of arts by itself, but there is more: the Palazzo Vecchio is also a museum in which you can find a part of the art collection of the 'Medici.

Piazza della Signoria: statues and paintings

When you leave the Palazzo Vecchio you will find yourself to be on the Piazza della Signoria, where you can admire statues of Donatello and Michelangelo from a little terrace. At the square lies also the Uffizi, a big impressive palace that houses one of the worlds most important and oldest art collections. The collection consists for a large part of works of Italian painters; examples are Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rafaël and Boticcelli. But you can also find paintings of Rembrandt and Rubens here for example.

The Duomo of Florence

A sight that dominates the skyline of Florence is the Duomo, one of the biggest cathedrals of Europe. It is absolutely worth paying a visit to. You can go to the top of the dome via a small staircase. It is quite a climb: the dome is almost 115 meters high and the stairs know 463 steps. On top you have a beautiful view and on the inside of the dome is a fresco painted by Giorgio Vasari, that depicts the last supper.

The Bolobi Gardens

Finally we discuss the Bolobi Gardens, that were built in the 16th century, commanded by a member of the 'Medici family. The gardens are a wonderful mix of nature and art. The paths are flanked by ancient Roman and (stolen) Greek statues and there are wonderfully shaped ponds to be found. If you want to get away from the busyness of the city, then you can relax in the Boboli Gardens.

The Florentine kitchen: mouth watering

Eating deliciously is possible in Florence. In many restaurants you can order authentic Florentine dishes, where meat and pastas are central. You can almost eat all the parts of an animal, a challenge for people with a strong stomach. A lot of value is attached to good quality and Tuscane vegetables and meat will make you doubt products that you buy in your own local super market. Recommended is 'Da Guido' trattoria, you will find it on Via Faenza.
Do you want to enjoy a Florentine meal in style? Then you can go to Enoteca Pinchiorri, that knows three Michelin stars. Lovers of fish can go to the stylish Cibreo, that is, besides fish, is known for its delicious deserts.
But there is more to be experienced on the culinary level. Different international meals can be enjoyed at Hemingway, a quiet restaurant on the Piaza Piattellina. And then there is Alle Murate, that is known as one of the best restaurants of Florence. The Florentine kitchen is combined with the international kitchen here. A mix of modern and traditional can be found on the menu of Baldovino, where you can have lunch and dinner.

Shopping in Florence

In Florence you can easily spend a whole day shopping. Expensive stores can be found in the Via de' Tornabuoni: think about Prada, Armani and Gucci. For more affordable fashion, like Zara and the hip Luisa Via Roma, you can visit Via Calimala. Jewellery and watches are of course shopped for on the Ponte Vecchio. If you are more into antiques and art, then you can walk on the Via Maggio. Besides shops you will find workshops here in which you can usually have a look into.
Many small shops are found on the Via Por Santa Maria, close to the Ponte Vecchio. You will find all kinds of things here, from design to souvenirs. Great department stores are also present in Florence. The Coin is very central and has a lot to offer: from fashion to housekeeping products. The luxurious department store La Rinascente is located on the Piazza della Repubblica. Fashionable clothing, shoes and bags, its all there.
Do you want to go to a market? At the San Lorenzo church there is a daily market where you can buy leather jackets, bags, shoes and low priced (branded) clothing. The Sant' Ambrogio market is also worth seeing. The offer there consists, besides fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, of clothing shoes and also antiques. A market where you can buy cheap shirts, bags and souvenirs is the Mercato Nuovo. You will also find small copies of famous sculptures here.

Nightlife in Florence

Florence has a varied night life. You don't only drink good wine in restaurants in Florence: there are many bars and cafes in which you can order great wines. Try for example the stylish wine bar Catinetta Antinori, that is specialised in Tuscan wines. Club Otel offers a cabaret, dance or magic trick show whilst you are enjoying a drink and/or a meal. Later in the night, DJ's will come and play and you can dance until the early hours.
Lovers of jazz can go to the Jazz Club Firenze, in which you can see live shows every night. A club which also houses live acts is the Tenax, which is very popular under the Florentines. Regularly dancers put up a show and often famous DJ's are entertaining the crowd.
The biggest club of Florence is the Space Club. When you get tired of dancing you can find a big quiet bar on the ground level. The giant club Central Park is also worth mentioning. The music here is very varied and you can dance inside as well as outside.

Booking a city trip to Florence

If you are curious about the city of the renaissance and want to book a city trip to Florence, there are numerous options. You can go there using your own method of transportation but also take the train or plane. You can choose for a hotel in the centre of the city or a little cottage just outside of the city. There are enough travel agents that can offer you a good price on a city trip to Florence. However it is also worth checking the prices online, perhaps it would be cheaper if you arrange your transportation and accommodation yourself instead of paying the middle man. However you decide to travel to Florence and where you will stay exactly, you are sure to gain a memorable experience.



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