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MiamiMiami is a city that speaks to the imagination of many. It is a city that often forms the stage for films and tv-shows. Miami is a warm city where the temperatures can get quite high the whole year round. The tv-series Miami Vice of the 80's has contributed a lot to the popularity of the city. What are the things you to experience when you book a holiday to Miami?

Little Havana

In the neighbourhood Little Havana, the majority of the citizens are immigrants from Cuba. In this area Spanish is the main language of communication. Even the street names are written in Spanish. It is a fun experience to walk along the Calle Ocho. Along this street you will encounter different Cuban restaurants and shops. Officially it is not a tourist attraction, but it makes up for a fun day of exploring. Unfortunately the crime rate in Little Havana is a little higher than in the rest of Miami. So take care of your belongs considering pick-pockets.

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is a notable yellow building in Miami. In 1925 the building serviced as the main building of the Miami News. In 1960 there was a big inflow of immigrants from Cuba. The Miami News had left the building in the late 1950's which is why the building became vacant. The government decided to use the building to register immigrants and have them undergo medical examinations. For the Cubans this building was one of their first experiences in America. Just like the Statue of Liberty in New York was a welcome for the many Europeans who made the step to go to America. For the Cubans it was their first station on the road to liberty. They have had a hard time with the horrible rulers of Cuba and they saw the US as the promised land of freedom. This is why the building received it's name - "The Freedom Tower" - and was used until the 1970's. After this there were no new immigrants accepted from Cuba and the building became obsolete.

Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is a beautiful shopping mall with a wonderful view on Miami. A part of the shopping mall is open air and another part is covered. The mall is situated on the waterfront of Miami. From here you have a view on the city. On the first floor of the Bayside Marketplace you will find the foodcourt where you can go out for dinner. From the Bayside Marketplace you can also book different boat tours to discover the city from the water.

Miami Beach

Maybe better known than the city itself is Miami Beach. This famous beach never sleeps and is buzzing night and day. You can enjoy beach, sea, sun and nightlife here. The beach is primarily known because of Spring Break. Every year thousands of adolescents come to the beach in Miami to party. Specially for the occasion parties are organised and the most famous DJ's around the world come play their tunes in the coolest clubs. One of the most famous clubs in Miami is Nikki Beach Club. Visitors are selected on their beauty and are not all granted access to this exclusive club. Do not forget to go for a drive across Ocean Drive. The boulevard is a flagship for the city.

Art Deco District

Close by Miami Beach is the Art Deco District. The name already says it. In this neighbourhood you primarily find buildings from the Art Deco period. There are more than 800 different buildings to be found in the 1920's and 1930's. Of course these buildings are completed by their typical neon lighting. In the evening it is a good idea to return to this area and see the neighbourhood in the dark. The colourful buildings make it worth paying a visit to the Art Deco District.

Coconut Grove

According to most tourists, Coconut Grove is one of the most fun neighbourhoods of Miami. The atmosphere is laid back and you can relax by walking around the area or making a bicycle tour. Especially musicians and artists have settled down in this neighbourhood. They are the ones that have determined the atmosphere of the area. You will encounter hip stores that you will find nowhere else. Besides it is recommendable to go out for dinner in Coconut Grove. In this neighbourhood different activities and events are regularly organised. Often a real classic drive-in cinema is organised. Absolutely worth going to when you are in Miami!

Villa Vizcaya

Villa Vizcaya is situated in Coconut Grove and is built in 1914. The village is inspired by the Renaissance Architecture. Buildings from Venice and Tuscany seem to have been a source of inspiration for the architect James Deering. In the villa there are more than 70 different rooms. The rooms are decorated with furniture and paintings from the 15th to the 19th century. Today the villa is open to the public and you can admire the different works of art. The villa itself is regularly the decor for films and tv-shows.

Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is a park situated in Downtown Miami. Amongst the Americans the modern park is known from Independence Day. During Independence Day, America's Birthday Bash is held in the park. More than 60.000 people come to visit this event every year. During new years eve another big event is held in Bayfront Park.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an interactive zoo where young and old love to pay a visit to. The zoo was opened in 1937 and was the first tourist attraction of Miami. The owner of the park was a plant and bird enthusiast. Within a years time after opening up to the public, a million tourists visited the park. In 2003 the park moved to a new location where you can visit it today. There is still a theatre where you can learn more about birds. Besides this there are different species of animals from the jungle to be found, under which the Orang-utan.


If you book a holiday to Miami then you can make a trip to the Everglades. This is a National Park south of the city. It will take you about 50 minutes to get to the Everglades if you leave from the city centre. In this national park there are different swamps and you can encounter a crocodile in the wild. It is possible to take a boat tour through the area and go on a search for crocodiles. For a visit to the national park you will have to pay an entry fee, which is not uncommon for national parks in the US. You pay entry per vehicle. It thus doesn't matter whether you are in the car with 2 or 4 people.


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