A City Trip to Washington

WashingtonWashington DC is the capital city of America and is absolutely worth going to on a city trip. The museums and monuments are a pleasure for the soul. Are you a fan of tv-series such as House of Cards or Scandal? You can be under the impression that you are on the set of a tv-show in Washington. A city trip to Washington is full of highlights that you do not want to miss.

The White House

One of the most visited sights in Washington is the White House of course. This is the official residence of the president of the United States of America. In 1800 the building was almost completed, but in this year the president was already officially moved to the new residence. John Adams was the first president of the White House and since then every successive president of the USA has lived in the house during their term or terms. The building has been expanded over the years. The east wing and the west wing have, for instance, only been added later on. The White House knows 132 rooms. Unfortunately the building is only open for the general public holding a US passport since the 911 attacks in 2001.


For already more than 200 years the Capitol is the centre of America from which the country is governed. It is one of the places in the world which has the most influence on the rest of the world through their decisions. Looking at the building, one can make up that there are a lot of influences from Europe to be found in the design. The building is characterized by Roman architectural traits. The construction started in 1793, but the progress was slow. In 1814 the building was still not completed and even partly destroyed by a lit fire caused by British troops. In 1826 the building was officially completed. In the building you can find a stunning 540 rooms. It is possible to get a tour in the Capitol. It may be smart to reserve a tour far in advance as there is only space for a couple of tours a day.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is there to remember the first president of America. Besides the Capitol and the White House, it is one of the most famous symbols of Washington. It is possible to visit the 169 meter high monument. From the top of the monument you have a beautiful view over the city and you can make the best pictures from here. Free entry tickets are being given to anyone who shows up. Each ticket features a time when you can enter, those who come first are the first to enter.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is an impressive monument built for the 16th president of the United States: Abraham Lincoln. He was the man who ensured the end of slavery in America. Besides this amazing feat, he also lead his country through a civil war. Lincoln became a hero and one of the most important men in the history of the US. His tragic death made an end to his term and to remember him the Lincoln Memorial was built in Washington. The building is open 24 hours a day. Do not forget to come by once in the evening as the building has beautiful lighting.

Jefferson Memorial

From the Lincoln Memorial you can simply walk to the Jefferson Memorial. This is a place of remembrance of the 3rd president of America. Amongst others he was one of the big names that signed the declaration of independence. Jefferson loved Greek architecture. His monument therefore knows influences from Greek architecture. Inside the monument stands a bronze statue and different quotes are written on the walls. Just like the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial is open to public 24 hours a day.

Iwo Jima Memorial

One of the most famous statues in Washington is the Iwo Jima Memorial. It is a statue built for the fallen soldiers during the World War II in Iwo Jima. On the small island of Japan, 9.100 people lost their lives. After conquering the island, 5 marines and a medic placed the American flag. This moment was captured on a photograph and on the basis of this photo the monument was built. From the 6 soldiers of which the monument was built, 3 lost their lives after planting the flag in the battle of Iwo Jima.


The oldest buildings in Washington are to be found in Georgetown. It is an elegant neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city, situated on the river. During a visit to the area you get the idea that you go back in time. There are buildings that have been their from 1765. The neighbourhood has had a number of famous inhabitants. John F Kennedy, for instance, lived on 3307 N Street in Georgetown before he became president. The oldest house is on M Street and is dubbed “The Old Stone House”. It is the only house in Washington from before the American revolution. The house is open to the public for visiting.

House of Cards tour

Are you a fan of the the tv-series House of Cards? The larger part of the series is recorded in a studio. But all the outside scenes are shot in Washington. It is possible to visit a few locations from the tv-series in person. The Washington Herald where Zoë Barnes works is a real newspaper but is called the Washington Post. Of course we have already mentioned the famous buildings such as the Capitol where Frank Underwood works. Unfortunately a large part of the series is shot in Baltimore. This has to do with the security in and around Washington, which is why the film crew regularly had to move. Claire and Frank Underwood live on 1609 Park Avenue in Baltimore for instance. You can also visit Baltimore in combination with Washington. The cities are namely neighbours of each other.

National airforce and space museum

The National Flight and Space Museum in Washington is absolutely worth going during your visit to the city. Especially if you are interested in space travelling. The museum knows the biggest collection of airplanes and spaceships . Most items are to be viewed in real life. There are different interactive attractions in the museum. For instance it is possible to operate a plane yourself using the flight simulator. Besides you can fly through the universe in a spaceship. The interaction in the museum is fun to see. Admission is free, but it is a good idea to come early because of the crowds.

International Spy Museum

Washington is famous for a number of museums and the International Spy Museum is one of these. In this museum nothing is what it seems and you will see everything that has to do with espionage. Discover deadly attributes or gadgets to kill someone. The items are, amongst other agencies, from the CIA, MI5 and KGB. The museum offers you the chance to learn how to start being a spy yourself.


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