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Colosseum in romeThere are so many beautiful cities in Europe. In this article we will talk about a few of the most amazing ones. Big metropolises like London, Paris and Rome are of course very interesting and fascinating to see. But in this article we will also look at some of the not so very popular ones. Think of cities like Bratislava and Budapest. Amazing cities that have a lot to offer.


Rome, the capital of Italy, is a city that is full of beautiful buildings. Because Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire, the city is filled with buildings and statues that take you back to the year 100 BC. Rome is a very romantic city as well. Think about the fantastic narrow alleys and peaceful squares where you can enjoy a nice Italian meal.

You can say that Rome is a city that has everything to offer that you can be interested in. From big, crowded shopping streets to tight corridors.  We will enlighten some of the highlights that Rome has to offer!

The Coliseum.

The Coliseum is a highlight of Rome that mostly is broken down. Due to the fact that is was constructed thousands of years ago, the Coliseum isn’t in the state that it was used to be. In the time of the Romans, the Coliseum was the house of the famous gladiator fights. Thousands and thousands of people visited these fights. Therefor, the Coliseum had to be gigantic, and it was.

The Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum is one thing that you surely have to visit when you are in Rome. Some of the most popular paintings of the world are in the Vatican Museum. The Sistine Chapel is the icing on the cake, with the spectacular ceiling and wall paintings by Michelangelo.


London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. London is a very big city, and you will not get bored there! There are some beautiful things you can see in London. From the Big Ben to  big skyscrapers, there is a lot to see and do. London is the city with the most corporate headquarters within whole Europe. This means that if you walk through ‘The City’, where all of these headquarters are located, you will be amazed by the amount of gigantic skyscrapers.

But of course, you can do a lot more in London. There are so many great museums which you can visit.

  • National Gallery of Art
  • Tate Modern Museum
  • National History Museum
  • Science Museum

These are some of the most famous museum in the whole world. Most of the museums in London are free, so you simply have to visit a few!

If you are fed up with the crowded streets and squares, you can also visit a nice park in London, such as Hyde Park. In Hyde Park, you are able to walk quietly by the lake, or drink a pint in a café. If the sun is shining, Hyde Park is one of the most amazing places you can go.

A walk alongside the river.

If you are walking along the river Thames, you see some of the best features that London has to offer. The Tower of London lies directly next to the Thames. The Tower of London is a former British prison. The building itself is fairly impressing. If you continue your walk, you stumble upon the St. Paul’s Cathedral. This Cathedral is one of the most important places for the Anglican Church. Some of the finest British architects have worked on this Cathedral.

The St. Paul’s Cathedral lies directly next to the Millennium Bridge. This bridge was built in 2000. This walking bridge had some problems when it was opened, but now it is one of the highlights of London. The Millennium Bridge was produced alongside the London Eye, which is a gigantic Ferris Wheel. The bridge and the wheel were made for the opening of the new millennium.

The walk alongside the river ends at the Houses of Parliament. The British government operates from here. The building is beautiful, and is connected to the Big Ben! On the square in front of the Houses of Parliament, you will find some famous sculptures of famous people like Churchill and Mandela.

Something you do need to know, London is a one of the most expensive cities. Not just for renting an apartment or a hotel room, but just for living. The food is simply more expensive than you may be used to.


Paris, the city of love. Paris is known across the entire world as the most romantic city on earth. What place on earth is better for an amazing French dinner with the person you love the most? The food and the wine in Paris are, of course, fantastic. The French cuisine is one of the most famous ones in the entire world. A short walk through Paris immediately shows you why this is the case. So many cute bakeries all sell the things Paris is known for. Croissants, baguettes and macarons, you can enjoy them all in Paris.

Some of the highlights.

But, as you can imagine, Paris has a lot more to offer than her amazing cuisine. Just think about some of the beautiful buildings that you can find in Paris. Put them aside the worldwide famous museums and you will know how much time in Paris you will need if you want to see everything.

The Louvre Museum.

The most famous museum of Paris is of course the Louvre. In the Louvre, some of the finest pieces of art are available for viewing. But the Louvre is not just famous for the art that hangs inside. The Louvre is a very beautiful building itself! The glass pyramid is perhaps the most recognizable feature of the Louvre. The Louvre museum is the most visited museum in the world. Famous painters like Michelangelo and Raphael are well represented in the Louvre museum.

World Exhibition 1900.

For the world exhibition of 1900, the French built a few amazing new buildings, the most famous being the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a very impressive tower. In the time of the constructing of the tower, the fact that the structure was completely made out of steel, was very impressive. The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building of Paris, and it is has had more visitors than any other monument in the world.

Shopping in Paris.

Alongside all of the characterizing things that Paris has to offer, it is also a great place for shopping. With huge shopping streets full of expensive designer shops, you can max out your credit card easily in Paris. The La Fayette warehouse is also definitely worth visiting. La Fayette is a huge warehouse, where you can find anything you want!


A city that is not as famous as the 3 cities we described above is Bratislava. But actually, Bratislava is a very interesting and beautiful city as well. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It lies directly on the border with Austria. Bratislava is on of the booming cities of Europe. It is filled with culture. You will not get bored in Bratislava. The prime eye catcher of Bratislava is it's castle!

The castle of Bratislava.

The castle of Bratislava is the center of the old city. You will find most of the cultural old buildings directly around this castle. The castle itself can’t be missed! It is a beautiful, gigantic, white building. The building has been restored a couple of times. Because of those restorations, the castle is in an amazing state. If you visit this castle you can see all of the fantastic features that the castle has to offer.

The street artists in Bratislava.

One of the things that you will only find in Bratislava are their famous street artists. You will find art everywhere you look. Graffiti is all around you, and it looks amazing. There are so many overpasses that will amaze you. Go to Bratislava and you will find out for yourself!

Another thing that is nice about Bratislava, is that everything is a lot cheaper than you may be used to. For instance, if you are enjoying a nice pint on a terrace, you will be pleasantly surprised by the check.


An other affordable choice would be Budapest. Budapest is a contraction of 2 cities; Buda and Pest. Buda and Pest were 2 sovereign cities, lying on different sides of the Danube. De Danube is a very big river. Therefore, it is a very crucial aspect for Budapest. It offers a lot of very beautiful panoramic views. Budapest has a lot of amazing bridges. On all of those bridges, you can look around you, and you will be amazed by the beauty of this city.

Something you need to know about Budapest.

As we just said, there are 2 parts of Budapest. Buda is the quieter part of the city. Here you can find some nice cultural places. A few examples are the beautiful opera houses, and ancient museums.

If you want to visit the more crowded part of the town, you should go to the other side of the Danube. In Pest you can find an always active night life. A lot of cozy bars and discotheques. In Pest you will find the business center of the city as well. A lot of very big streets with high skyscrapers and some of the biggest shopping streets of Europe.

Budapest is a very nice city, which you really should visit if you want to go to a cozy and beautiful city in Europe.


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