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LiverThe liver is a very important organ in the body. It plays a major role in our metabolism and in detoxing the human body. By wrong eating and drinking habits the liver can become overloaded, that is why toxins can not be discharged properly anymore.

Fatigue because of an overloaded liver

Fatigue is often caused by bad metabolism or hormonal imbalance in the body. Your liver often plays a crucial role in this. An overburdened liver can not function that well and is not able to discharge toxins properly anymore.
These toxins will thus remain in the body and therefore you can feel tired. In this article we pay attention to detoxing your liver. This can be done in different ways. Through this you can let your liver recover, so that it can perform the tasks properly that it is supposed to do.

What your liver does

Your liver ensures that your blood is in balance. Chemicals are being broken down and secreted by your liver. It also secretes gall. Gall discharges toxins. Food that arrives in your stomach and intestines, is being absorbed by the blood and that blood first goes through the liver.
Your liver's task is to process all the blood and break down the nutrients, so that they can be better absorbed by the human body. Your liver plays a role with hundreds of bodily functions, too many to name.

Some functions of the liver

  1. Production of gall
  2. Production of important proteins
  3. Helps topping blood
  4. Protects against infections by producing immune factors
  5. Removes toxins from your blood
  6. Converts sugars into glycogen

What can you do to detox your liver?

There are multiple ways in which you can detox your liver. You first start to unburden your liver by stopping certain habits. You can read more about this below.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is of course good for your organs, one of them being your liver. Therefore try to avoid foods that burden your liver. Here we have listed a number of tips:

  • Stop eating processed foods such as pasta's, cookies, candy, bread and products with additives
  • Stop eating sugar for good
  • Do not heat (re)food in the microwave, the properties of food namely change when you do this
  • Do not drink alcohol, or only in limited amounts (2 glasses a day is the maximum)

Coming into contact with toxic chemicals

A lot of people come into contact with chemicals, on a daily basis, that are bad for our body. These are absorbed by the skin and into the blood stream, next it arrives in the liver. Therefore you should not let your skin come into contact with cleaning substances, paint, glue, smoke, pesticides, shampoos and shower gels (often artificial chemicals are added to these), nail polish, laundry substances.


There are also a lot of medicine that are available on doctor's recipe or are freely available, they can be an important cause for liver problems. The chemicals in medicine are artificially produced by the scientists. Many of these chemicals are foreign to our bodies and livers and can have a hard time dealing with these. The result being that these toxic substances are piling up in the liver, with many problems caused through this.

Drink 2 litres if water a day!

Water is important for life and your organs need to be sufficiently hydrated. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. This will help your liver to do its job properly.

Detoxing with healthy herbs

Many herbs and vitamins appear to make your liver healthier. Herbs can support the liver with important processes. Turmeric, vitamin C and E are supposed to be really good to support your liver.

Healthy foods for your liver

We recommend leaving unhealthy foods on the side. However it is also really important to eat healthy, good foods. We have made a list for you with the foods that will help your liver to recover and/or support your liver:

  • Garlic and onions: You may start to smell like them, but these two foods help detox because they contain methionine
  • Fish oil: Fish oil contains many unsaturated fatty acids that support your cell walls, thus also the cell walls of your liver
  • Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables contain minerals, vitamins and enzymes that your liver needs with its daily tasks
  • Fruit: It speaks for itself that 1 to 2 pieces of fruit help your organs to function optimally 

Symptoms of a poorly operating liver

Are you often tired? Are you suffering from headaches, sweating and skin conditions? Is this paired with gaining weight, flatulence, bad digestion, diarrhea and stomach acid problems? It could then be the case that your liver is overburdened or is not functioning properly. Also gloominess and a poor memory function could belong to the symptoms of a poorly working liver. Sometimes all these symptoms are there all at once. Ask you GP for a consult if you are experiencing any of the above.

Liver problems because of increased welfare

More and more people are experiencing an overloaded liver. In todays world many of the seas are polluted, because of which there is more mercury apparent in fish and shellfish. Also air pollution, addition of additives to food and antibiotics and hormones in meat can cause problems in the liver.
To not even speak about deodorant, shampoo, glue, cleaning stuff and medicines that enter our bodies and contain toxins. Try to avoid these products for daily consumption!


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