Natural painkillers

Natural painkillers

Natural painkillersPainkillers have been available everywhere for years and people like to use them all too often. Even for the stronger painkillers such as Ibuprofen you do not need a doctors reference. These are freely available. But the disadvantage of synthetic painkillers like Ibuprofen is that there are huge side effects. Why do you not switch to taking natural painkillers? In this article we summarise all sorts of natural painkillers that mother earth has gifted us.


Turmeric is powerful healing herb and has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Another name for turmeric is curcumin. It has now finally become apparent that this herb has a lot to offer. It is important however that you are are using a biological composition. Otherwise it will hardly be absorbed in your bloodstream when taking it in. Under this biological composition we mean that you heat the turmeric in fat or oil (for instance in olive oil) and then add black pepper to the recipe. Only then it can be properly absorbed by the body and you are fully benefiting from the workings of turmeric, comparable to expensive pharmaceutical remedies against pain.
Doctors that do research to the workings of turmeric when experiencing pain and inflammation show that the natural remedy works just as well as expensive synthetic painkillers, of which most people experience nasty side effects. With turmeric you do not experience any side effects. Are you experiencing rheumatic pain or joint inflammation? Stomach problems? Toothaches? Or any other sort of pain? Buy the biological composition with the proper bioavailabilty and take a daily amount of (2 to 3 tea spoons of turmeric) and the pain will strongly reduce.


Boswellia is another natural remedy of which it has now been proven that it is effective against certain kinds of pain. It appears to be the case that boswellia helps patients who are suffering from rheumatic pains and it allows for reduced pain with Crohn's disease. The plant appears to have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Nowadays boswellia is also available in tablet form with the brand name 5-LOXIN®. Patients can ingest a maximum of 250 mg a day. Most often certain pain problems will disappear within a weeks time. Take this medicine after talking to your general practitioner.

Olive oil

Olive oil also proves to be a medicine for different kinds of pain. And olive oil is also super healthy! Make sure you buy the extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil is the healthiest, because it contains chemicals that have the same workings as Ibuprofen and other synthetic remedies that counter inflammation. Research has shown that olive oil reduces pain. A big advantage of these sorts of natural painkillers is that you do not suffer from any of the nasty side effects.


Do you like grapes? Then you are in luck! Because grapes are very healthy but they also seem to work well in reducing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and stomach pain. It has certain anti-inflammatory properties. The blood circulation in the lumbar improves and will therefore reduce the pain. Take a handful of grapes a day and the effect should soon be noticeable.


Garlic does a lot more good than you might think. Garlic helps strongly with reducing certain pains. It helps against painful joints but also against tooth aches! Make use of the pain relieving properties and peel one to two cloves of garlic, then heat this up together with a full table spoon of olive oil. Next you rub it on the painful spot and you slowly let it do its magic. The effect is almost directly noticeable! The pain reduces or completely disappears. When experiencing toothaches you can crush two cloves of garlic and mix it with a little bit of (sea)salt. Rub a part of the mixture on the tooth that hurts and let it sit for 5 minutes. The garlic juice works anesthetically and even the most awful toothaches will disappear for a while.


Peppermint is used for all sorts of pain and conditions. It helps against toothaches, flatulence, muscle aches, joint conditions, etcetera. It is even applied to people who are suffering from fibromyalgia. For joint pain, muscle pain and toothaches you can use peppermint balm. Rub peppermint oil on your temples if you are experiencing headaches.


Omega-3 is one of the most healthy fats and is naturally apparent in fat fish, rapeseed oil, some nuts and butter. Omega-3 works anti-inflammatory and battles joint pains. It also relieves menstrual pain and back pain. A possibility is also to buy fish oil capsules. These supplements are also used by sportsmen to reduce muscle aches. Scientifically it is proven that Omega-3, taken in particular quantities, even helps to fight depressions and reduce certain psychological problems. It also works against migraines, chronic headaches and it can help prevent auto-immune disorders. The disadvantage of fish oil (acquired through fat fish) often contains many toxic residues.


If there is one natural painkiller that works really well then that is clove. Clove is applicable in the form of oil, powder or capsules. It works particularly well against headaches, colds, nausea, rheumatic pains and toothaches. Toothaches in particular are greatly reduced by this magic herb! Buy clove oil and sprinkle a few drops on a piece of cottonwool, then place the cottonwool on the painful tooth or gums. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and repeat this a couple of times a day. Clove works as a natural painkiller but it should be said that it doesn't take away the causes of the pain. If the pain persists, we recommend seeing a doctor. Do not use clove when you are already using bloodthinners. Be careful because damage can be done to the gums when you apply too much (without thinning it down) clove oil to the gums.


Do you like coffee? A lot? Then you are in luck! Because coffee also offers some pain relieve it seems. It is the chemical called caffeine that, according to researchers, helps against pain. People that are often suffering from headaches would benefit by even taking one cup of coffee a day. Drink the coffee black, so without sugar and milk, to experience the full benefits of the stimulating beverage. Make sure that you do not drink it at least four hours before going to bed, as caffeine is a stimulant and might impair your sleep.


Cinnamon is not only a delicious sweetener, this treat is also super healthy! This spice is also a natural painkiller. Use cinnamon to make a delicious herbal tea, add one spoon of cinnamon powder to your desert, or take your green smoothy to the next level. Cinnamon is thus a real natural painkiller.


Oranges are delicious and health and not only because they are filled with vitamin C. Another awesome attribute, beta-cruptoxanthine, ensures pain relieve for people with rheumatic pains. Do you eat oranges regularly? Then you should have less pain from your rheumatic condition. Are you suffering from arthritis? Then it is at least worth the try!


We can not drink enough water. It is naturally our most important thirst quencher, but did you know that by drinking sufficient amounts of water you can also relieve pain? Are you regularly suffering from muscle aches? Then you could be experiencing a water shortage. Keep your body hydrated and just drink a little more water. Research also shows that drinking more water during your menstrual cycle can also help with some relief. Menstrual pains are partly caused by a cramping of the muscles in your pelvis and uterus. Moreover drinking water also assists in headaches, different allergies or stomach pains. In the last case, do not drink cold water but warm water.


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