Natural anti-inflammatories

Natural anti-inflammatories

Natural anti-inflammatoriesDoctors and hospitals often or prescribe some medicines for severe inflammations or take away the inflammation by means of an operation. Sometimes that may be necessary but with lighter inflammations this is not needed. Most of the time the body clears it up by itself. Natural anti-inflammatories can help with this process. Before we go deeper into that we would like to explain to you what an inflammation exactly is.

What is an inflammation

Inflammations are the reactions of the body on damaged tissues or a reaction to things foreign to the body. An inflammation always has a reason. And that reason is to repair the damage. Most inflammations are indirectly the result of infections. An inflammation almost always causes an increased blood flow around the damaged tissues or around the substances foreign to the body. At the place of the inflammation it feels warm and the tissue turns red. The body sends white blood cells to that place. They attack the ones causing the issue.

Inflammations can be caused by:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungus
  • Chemical substances
  • Heat and radiation
  • Arthritis

Symptoms of an inflammation

The symptoms of an inflammation are often clear and recognisable. An inflammation is almost often paired with pain, warmth and a swelling/redness. Sometimes loss of bodily functions is also apparent. Moreover these characteristics come up when there is an acute inflammation. Sometimes also with chronic inflammation. Do the symptoms last, even after with medicines? Then we can say it is a chronic inflammation.

What you should definitely not do

When you have an infection you should definitely not play doctor yourself. You can however support your bodily functions by using natural anti-inflammatories. These will help you combat the inflammation. Natural anti-inflammatories are also called self-care products. In any case always leave the inflammation alone. Keep the wounds, if there are any, clean and cover them up properly. Drink sufficient amounts of water and go visit the doctor when the inflammation does not go away by itself.

Natural anti-inflammatories

Many inflammations in the body are caused by a bad lifestyle. Many of the things that we consume today are one of the main causes of gout. Sugars and other refined carbohydrates are causing cavities, which can then cause a root canal inflammation. Many painkillers and even anti-inflammatories do more evil than good. They adversely affect the immune system when used regularly, then you are more prone to get inflammations. The solution? Eat healthy, don't eat trans fats, leave the alcohol and don't touch refined carbohydrates. The best is always to use the solutions that nature offers in its purest form!
Below you find a summary of natural products that battle infections in the body. Eat at least once a week fat fish, use turmeric and ginger often and drink a few cups of green tea a day. Do not forget to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits a day.

Omega-3: Eat fish or take Omega-3 capsules

Omega-3 is a multiple unsaturated fatty acids and is a very important anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory in one. There has been written a lot about Omega-3 but we not enough we think. This substance is important in preventing inflammations in the body and is known for its protective workings agains heart diseases and vascular diseases. And these diseases came into being because of small inflammations in the blood vessels. You find Omega-3 mainly in fat types of fish such as mackerel, salmon and herring. But also in eel, trout and even sardines You also find this important substance in small quantities of nuts, eggs and butter.
Do you not like fish? Then you can also order Omega-3 in capsule form. Pay attention: Omega-3 offers little help when you already have an infection. Do not expect to much of it then. The fatty acids mainly work preventively!


Turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory and is a true miracle cure. It belongs to the most powerful, natural and most healthy dietary supplements on the planet. The healing workings of this substance was known in ancient times. Luckily the healing workings of this supplement is getting more well known in the Western world now as well. Turmeric is gained from the roots of the 'Curcuma longa', this is a plant from the ginger family. You can crush the roots and then add them to soup, sauces and rice products for instance. Turmeric has a very strong anti-inflammatory working. It also protects the liver and it is even used as an anti-depressant.
To optimally profit from all the properties of turmeric, we recommend using it daily. Turmeric is only well absorbed into the body by opening up your body in combination with fats or oil and pepper. Tip: mix three tea spoons of turmeric with a little bit of olive oil and add some olive oil and black pepper to this. Mix well and then you can add it to your soup, sauce or rice.


Ginger also helps fight a lot of inflammations. It helps with chronic and acute inflammations. In ginger there are a lot of plant nutrients like gingerol but also shogaol. These substances help your body to fight nasty inflammations. Ginger can be added to almost any recipe. You can buy ginger as fresh roots at virtually every supermarket but also in dry, ground form. Ginger also helps with problems of digestion and even against nausea. Tip: Make a daily fresh ginger tea! It is not only refreshing, it is also very simple to make.

Green tea

Besides turmeric, ginger and Omega-3, green tea is also a powerful tool against inflammations. The positive, healing properties of green tea have been known for centuries. In green tea you find countless polyphenols. These connections are only found in plants. The healthiest polyphenols that you find in tea are tannins. These have a strong antioxidant workings. Do you have an inflammation? Drink 4 cups of green tea in a day (add some ginger to this for extra help!) And you support the body with its battle against the inflammation. Green tea is also known as, besides its anti-inflammatory workings, a fighter against cancer. It slows down the growth of cancer cells.


After much research that has been done, it is finally proved that the herb basil is just as good as multiple synthetic anti-inflammatories. The advantages of this herb above synthetic anti-inflammatories is that you are not troubled by any side effects. Add a number of fresh basil leaves to a tea glass or a soup mug and pour boiled water on it. Let the leaves bathe for a little bit and then drink the basil tea. The chemical eugenol in the leaves is the cause for the characteristic smell and is also the active substance for which it is all about.


From recent research it appears to be the case that honey also works as an anti-inflammatory. In ancient times people believed that eating honey prolonged your life, and a few centuries later it was also mentioned in the koran. Particularly the antibacterial proteins that the bees put in their honey are the reason for it being such a healthy treat. The bees protect their food and nest with it. For people these proteins have a strong anti-inflammatory working.

Foods that can cause inflammations

Many inflammations in the body are actually caused by food! They are at least linked to refined white sugar and foods in which starch is processed (think of rice and pasta). Also a lot of dairy products can exhaust the body, after which inflammations can come into being. Think of dairy such as milk and yoghurt, this also means cheese. Almost all processed foods (think of ready meals, fried food, pizza and processed meat) are bad for the body and can cause inflammation.
Make sure you also wash your fruit and veggies well. Otherwise you can ingest pesticides which might also harm your body. The same goes for all artificial additives to foods and drinks.


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