What is mindfulness?

MindfulnessMindfulness, becoming completely aware of your current experience. Where your attention is, that is where you are. With mindfulness you learn to live in the here and now. Living more intensely and more consciously, you are better at directing your thoughts and taking distance from your thoughts. Your concentration becomes better and it becomes easier to relax. Read more about mindfulness here!


We live in a world nowadays where we are used to hunt. Everything has to go faster, better and more efficient. This ensures that we are setting higher demands for ourselves. This also has to do with the many impressions around us, tv, mobile phone, iPad, computer, etc. Together with mindfulness you can come back to yourself again.
Some people are suffering from stress and others take their work with them when they come home. But how do you let go? It can also be that you do not fully express yourself and keep everything for yourself, this is also not good. At a certain moment in time your bucket is full and then what? Learn to let go and mindfulness can help you with this.

When to do mindfulness

Together with mindfulness you can find out what you really want. You learn to be open to what is really happening, also within yourself. It is more and more often applied to people who are recovering from a burn-out or depression. It can also be used for people who need to learn how to deal with physical or psychological conditions. Stress management in the workplace and and leadership development also often ask for extra attention and mindfulness can also provide solutions for these kind of situations.

Mindfulness training

During a mindfulness training you learn to consciously make choices, instead of reacting automatically. Through this you learn how to cope better with stress stimuli and you can handle these better too. It is about becoming better in handling these stimuli and also working differently with your thought patterns that are not positive. You are therefore become more conscious and aware of these patterns and you can also better safeguard your limits and be free to express them to others.

Mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness can be seen as a skill that you can practice. You can do this during your mindfulness exercises that can be given to you during a certain training or course in mindfulness We often have the habit to judge experiences. Sometimes you should stop with thinking about everything that happens to you and maybe leave your commentary on it and your judgements behind. It is about learning how to act instead of react to what is happening right now in the present moment. You will learn to observe without thoughts coming to disturb you. You can also learn to observe situations and thoughts without judging them right away. Perhaps you will think that this will never work for me, but everyone can learn this! You can learn how to separate the observation from your own subjective interpretation and feelings that you might have. Learning how to observe your interpretations are part of this too, you are then becoming conscious and aware of your own interpretations and judgments about different events and people.
Some people are very impatient, also with themselves. You can learn to change this during your mindfulness classes. Our brains are often focussed on everything that is happening around us and things that need to be solved quickly. You often want to use this way of solving problems to also solve your inner problems, only this you will find out will start working against you. Thoughts and feelings that come up will come up in your head, but do they really exist? Often they do not. Thoughts constantly change and therefore it is important to learn to appreciate the present moment, without having your changing thoughts cloud your actual experience of the present moment.

Mindfulness course

There are different reasons to choose for a mindfulness course. The one is recovering from a burn-out or depression and the other is suffering from stress. It can also be the case that you want to gain trust in your self. Acceptation and letting go are part of mindfulness and this you will learn during a mindfulness course.
During a course in mindfulness you are learning to become aware and not just function on the automatic pilot. We do this way too often and therefore we are less aware of certain situations. You are learning to react consciously to a situation and not anymore automatically. You can also learn how to tackle obstacles. It is important to realise that you do not have to change anything. It is about learning to observe what is happening in and around you from an objective witness perspective, and then be able to experience this.
With a few handy exercises you can start practicing mindfulness on a daily basis so that you can live through the day without stress and too many worries. You learn to place events consciously and learn to let go of issues. Often you want to understand everything, do everything for others and set your limits. Mindfulness can really help with this, again you do not become a different person through this, only you will be able to control your thoughts through mindfulness. You will namely learn to let them go when they do not really add anything to your experience, when these thoughts are going around in circles and feel like a burden. Your life can become a lot more pleasant because of mindfulness.
There is a limit and you can discover this through mindfulness. Dare to accept your limitations and your own feelings. Mindfulness gives you insight into your own behaviour and lets you think about yourself. You learn to relax and discover what is happening to you in different situations. Therefore take the time to do a mindfulness course. Often these sessions last for an hour to an hour and a half. These can take place in a group but they can also be one on one. It is worth the investment!
If you are starting a mindfulness course it is important that you allow yourself to be open to the information that will be given and what it may mean to your life. You can also look up a few exercises on the internet and try them out, see what they do to you. If you really want to work on yourself through mindfulness it is a good idea to go see a professional, so that you can together map out the problems that you might be having and can look at what solutions mindfulness can offer you.

Mindfulness for children

Children can also follow a mindfulness course. Kids can also be suffering from stress and insecurities. They can they do mindfulness exercises in a playful manner and can also learn to deal with unexpected situations.

Mindfulness is for everybody

Everyone can join, whatever age, physical complains, think of joint problems and other conditions, it does not matter! You namely do not have to do any dangerous or difficult physical exercises. Also when you are suffering from sleepless nights, which make you chronically tired, mindfulness can help you. It does not include any nasty interventions, medications etc. It is all about learning to come back to yourself in a safe environment with a nice group or individual. What is the best for you? Do not wait any longer! It is important now, because now is the first day for the rest of your life.


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