Meditation techniques

MeditationMeditation techniques is a general term for techniques and exercises that make you relax and become peaceful. Often this is combined with forgetting about your worries and coming to yourself.

There are different ways to meditate. Often, considering meditation, people think about the lighting of incense and buddha statues, but it can also be made much simpler. Just closing the eyes and not think about anything can be seen as a meditation. Although this is often quite difficult because there are so many thoughts. That is why different techniques have been made up to make meditating easier and finding the rest that you need in order to recharge.


Meditation is the ultimate way to forget about the outside world for a moment and enjoy a world where stress does not exist. It is a moment of relaxation to give your body the rest it needs after experiencing stress the whole day. Many people have already discovered the success of meditation. But for many it is also very difficult to do, because meditation requires a lot of concentration. It is often difficult to empty the head, because there are so many worries. It is the art to let go of these worries and experience a feeling of emptiness.
Because it is often difficult to fully concentrate, aids have been thought up, such as meditation techniques. For some people, calming music is sufficient. But others only notice the benefits if physical movements are made. An example of this is yoga. This is a form of meditation in which you do poses to clear your body of stress and tension.

Meditation techniques

The most simple meditation technique is sitting down and closing the eyes, trying to let go of all thoughts. When you finally succeed in this the body becomes fully relaxed. You feel all the tensions disappear.

Benefits of meditation techniques

First of all meditation techniques will allow your body to come to stillness and release some of the tension. This is a good way to catch your breath and recharge for the next day of work.
It thus brings about inner peace. But there are also more direct benefits to be named, such as aiding in better nights sleep. Many people will go to bed in the evening and be bothered by many thoughts. Often television or music will cause the brain to still be running at full speed. Meditation is a way to allow the brain to come to rest and in that way fall into sleep easily.

Beginning with meditation techniques

It is important how you set up for your meditations. It is important that you find a quite, and peaceful place to sit down. Noises can get your mind out of out of concentration.
The next step is to set the intention for yourself to not worry about anything, to lose your thoughts and not to think about the next day. The techniques start by relaxing all your muscles by feeling each of them in turn. Start with the toes, then go up to the feet, lower legs and up the rest of the body. Stay with each body part for a breath or two, to really feel them on the inhalation and allow for the body part to relax on the exhalation. Stay focussed on your body parts and try not to have your thoughts run wild and distract you from your object of meditation: the body parts.
Then you can start to focus on your breathing, this is one of the most basic meditation techniques and widely practiced throughout the whole world. By only focussing on your breathing your breath will start to come into a slower rhythm and you become calmer.

Other forms of meditation

Meditation techniques can also be applied in different ways, such as with sports. Although not all sports are suited for this, there are a number of sports that can bring about a peaceful body and mind.
A well known example of this is yoga. Although yoga is not really a sport, it does use physical movements in its exercises. By making different movements and stretches the body can let go of tensions.
Another example of this is running. This is quite an intensive sport, but you can become calm and peaceful in this. Unless you listen to music, you can run in a peaceful environment to relax. You can watch your breath and you can empty your mind.
The core of meditation and meditation techniques is thus that thoughts can slow down and you will feel more peaceful. In our busy daily lives stress is a common problem. By meditating you can allow your thoughts to slow down and recharge for the next day.
For people that are just starting to meditate it can take a while to get used to, because it takes a lot of energy to keep your full focus. Just like normal sports, meditation is an activity that requires practice. The first few times may not have the desired effect, but after a few days of practice, these moments will quickly start to become calming and the body will get used to the silence and thoughtlessness. Practicing is thus key in meditation. People are not used to give your thoughts some rest. By meditation this will happen. A lot of people have already found out about the benefits of meditation and they can not live without anymore. Because they know how much their thoughts are longing for moments of rest, to be able to fully recharge for the next day.


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