Tips for beginner runners

RunnersRunning is an accessible sport for everyone that wants to work on their physical condition. It is also one of the cheapest sports there is. All you need is a pair of good running shoes, sport socks and clothing. You donít need anything else than this and a bit of motivation!

It is not recommended to start with running the fastest you can, especially after a period of being inactive or if you have never practiced any sports before. Your body (your muscles and tendons in particular) need to get used to the activity. Running is easy but it does require quite a lot from your body. In this article we wil tell you what you should keep into account when you are a beginning runner. We will also give you some handy sporting tips.

Running to become fit and healthy

Running is, if you do not over do it, a healthy sport. It is a way to become fit again and stay healthy. Everyone with legs can do it and you do not have to learn any difficult techniques. You can go alone, with two people or with a group. It is how you like it. But how do you start with running?

Wear the right shoes and clothing!

Wearing the right shoes is actually the most important tip when it comes to running. Running and hiking are not done on old, ragged sporting shoes or on sneakers. Because of bad footwear, you are asking for injuries. Moreover, it is costing your sense of enjoyment. Also, too small or too large shoes should never be used for running. Shoes are the main cause of most running injuries. And believe us, most of these injuries will keep you indoors for a long time.
The injuries from the use of bad footwear can range from blisters to spraining to tendonitis. Invest in a pair of good running shoes and even with regular use you can keep them for a couple of years. Preferably wear light weight clothing. Good clothing for running will stop the rain, wind and cold whilst on hot summer days it will take care of the sweat. Never buy cotton clothing. Cotton namely has the characteristic of holding moisture and through this you will cool down (too quickly).

Build up slowly: First walking, then running

A very important second tip for the beginning runners is that you should never run too fast too quickly. Especially if you do not have any running experience, it is important to build up slowly. Limit your activity in the first two to three weeks to walking. By making a good walk for 3 to 4 times a week, you will train the muscles that you will need whilst running. The movements of walking and running are very similar.
During walking you will however put a lot less pressure on your muscles, bones and tendons. You will however prepare them somewhat for what is coming next. In the second and third week you up the intensity a little and you will go for longer distances at a slightly higher pace. In the fourth week you can slowly start running. But first make yourself a personal running schedule.

Make a running schedule

A running schedule can be seen as a rough guideline. It is thus not important that you strictly adhere to it. On the internet you can find different good running schedules that you can use. As a beginning runner we recommend you to keep to three trainings per week as a maximum. Take a day of rest after each day of training. Every training should be finished with a cooling down, by walking a while. After a little more than 2 months you should be able to run for about 30 minutes in one go. Of coure you can see this running schedule as a guideline.

Your first running session: Warming-up

Your patience has been tested quite a bit in those last three weeks. But if correct you have now walked a lot for 3 weeks and prepared your body for the real stuff and by this you are preventing yourself from getting nasty sports injuries. Before you start with your first running session it is important to warm up the body. This is done through a good warming up. You warm up the muscles with this and you are preventing the chances of getting an injury. On the internet you will find many examples of warming ups that you can use.

Your first real running session: Now we are starting!

You are going running for the first time now. After a good warming up you make your first meters. Run as relaxed as possible and take short steps. Keep your elbows bent at about 90 degrees and your hands are relaxed. Aim your gaze at the horizon and do not look at the floor when you are running. Do not think in distance but in time. Is it all a bit too easy for you. Then you can perhaps pick up the pace a little. But don’t over do it, you are a beginning runner still. By running too forced, you greatly increase the chance of injury. After the first 15 training days you can always then up your pace.

When are you running too fast?

Never run too fast. This will take the joy out of running and because of this you can also cause injury. Your speed is just right when during the running you can also still talk. Can you not talk that well anymore because you are lacking air? Then you are simply running too fast. Adapt your speed. After some time you will start to feel what is the correct speed to run at.

Listen to your body

You now know that you should definitely not too fast. But also stop running when you notice your body is struggling. Walking with pain is a bad idea. If you feel pain, then make sure you stop directly and perhaps even stop your training session. Are you feeling a stabbing sensation in either side of the body? Then simply take it easy for a couple of minutes. With overburdened legs, feet or calfs it is also a better idea to stop. Do not force, otherwise you could be dealing with a nasty injury.

Drinking water during running?

You see a lot of runners running with water bottles. If it were up to us, that is not necessary at all. Unless you are of course running a marathon. Drinking water beforehand should be sufficient in most cases. When you come home you simply drink a few extra glasses of water and the shortage is filled up again. Are you running for more than half an hour on a daily bases? Then we recommend you to take a little bottle of water with you for on the way.


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