Running to lose weight

RunningDo you want to run and lose weight? Then it is a good idea to learn how to do this in the best way possible. You namely donít want to get any injuries and besides that it is important how you can start running in the best way. Read the tips about running and losing weight and start losing those extra pounds responsibly.

Running to lose weight

Research shows that 54% of the running Europeans start running to lose weight. Running is good for your physical health, and the same goes for other ways of moving. Besides this it is also good for your heart and blood vessels. In short: it is good for your holistic health. Running and losing weight go very well together, but only if you know how to do this. It is not something which you do for two weeks and then quit again. Discipline, motivation and trust play a big role in this.

Running and burning fats

When you are running, it is important to reach an as high as possible burning of fat when you set the goal of losing weight. The heart rate plays a big role in this. The ideal heart rate for burning fat is between 45 and 50 beats under your maximum. This is different according to your age. Make sure you are running at a good pace, then you will ensure that you are starting to burn fat at not just sugars and carbohydrates. When you are running at a low pace you can keep up for longer and in this way you can burn more fat. If you run at a really high speed, you will lose less weight. It is not bad, but you are working more on your cardio here. Your body will use more sugars and carbohydrates. You will also get tired sooner, and you will thus burn less fats in this way too.

Running regularly

If you really want to see some results, then you have to run with regularity. Your body also needs several rest and recovery days. When starting to run, you have to build it up slowly. You can think of for instance twice or three times per week for 20 minutes. Then you can interchange running and walking. You will notice yourself when it is going better and then you can run for longer distances and walk less. When you are not able to keep up anymore, then train one week on the same level so that your body can get used to it. After this you will be able to keep it up for longer. When you really want to lose weight with running, then you are best off running three to four times a week.

Running and motivation

Motivation is important to keep up with running. When you only like to walk and you are keeping it up, fine. But often it is fun a few times and then you are not enjoying it anymore. Then you do not reach your goal and you are back to where you started. Therefore it can be a good idea to find a buddy that you can run with together or join a running course. You can motivate each other and doing it together is more fun than alone!
Running with a goal
What is your goal when you are running? When you want to lose weight it is a good idea to set yourself a goal. How many kilos do you want to lose and how soon do you want it gone? Make sure that you don’t set yourself a goal that is too difficult, but a realist goal. For instance, losing half a kilo per week is a good goal. Losing weight through running is an effective method to lose weight, but there are a few aspects to which you need to pay attention to:

  • Don’t start too fanatic. Are you doing this? Then the chances are that you are getting a lot of muscle aches and injuries.
  • Make sure you are and stay motivated. If your motivation drops, you will start to procrastinate and after a while you might stop all together. Therefore stay motivated!
  • Keep at a steady, easy pace, so that you are burning fats.
  • Know the difference between burning of fats and of calories.

Running and losing weight, the beginning

If you are a beginning runner, then it is important to start off slowly. You are best off jogging for one minute. Then you strongly walk for one minute. You can do this for 20 minutes and change every minute. When you do it for a shorter amount of time, it will not really help you to lose weight. Keep going and change it every minute with walking and jogging. Are you doing great? Then you can change to running for two minutes and then walking for one minute. When you notice that it is going well you can also go up from 20 to 25 minutes. And when that goes well you can build it up to 30 minutes. Keep training a while in this way, to be sure that your body can take it. You need to listen to your body but at the same time also challenge yourself. You will get satisfaction, really get something from it and will look better. This will keep you being motivated to keep running.

Running schedule for beginners

When you start running, then you can start on Monday with 20 minutes:

Week one

First a minute of running and then a minute of walking. Tuesday is your day of rest and on Wednesday you repeat what you have done on Monday and the same goes for Friday. In the weekend you can recover.

Week two

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday you train but then two minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking for 20 minutes.

Week three

Expand to 25 minutes with three minutes of running and two minutes of walking.

Week four

25 minutes of training, four minutes running and two minutes walking, repeat three times in the week with at least one day rest between training sessions.
When running with this schedule is going well for you, then you can set yourself another goal. You for instance want after the training of twelve weeks to be able to run for 45 minutes. Keep listening to your body and stop during your resting days.

Running and losing weight – tips

  • Listening to your body is very important when you are going running. When you are troubled with sensitive knees or other joints, take rest when you feel you need to. When the complaints do not go away, then make sure you go to your doctor or physical therapist. Ask for advice! Always start any sport slowly and think of your warming up.
  • A good damping in your shoes is important for when you are going running. Ask for advice in the sports shop if your shoes are suitable for running.
  • Clothing is also important for running. When you are clod you are better off wearing multiple layers. Then you are better resistant against the wind and your sweat will also be absorbed.
  • Routine in running is important. You can go running at particular times. Then you are less likely to miss a training session, because you plan it and you will also be looking forward to going outside and run.
  • Drinking enough water before and after running is important. You can take water with you, but this is often not so comfortable and not really necessary. If you drink two glasses of water before hand and the same afterwards, then you are better at flushing away the toxins and you will stay hydrated. Then you can also recover faster after the exercise. If you drink more water, you will also lose more weight, which is your goal for running.
  • A heartbeat meter during running can help you. Then you can keep the tempo in check and keep it.
  • Cramps should be prevented. Do not eat too much before you are going running. Did you just eat a big meal? Wait at least for two hour until everything is digested.
  • No excuses, you need to keep doing it! You will get energy from running, and so even if you are tired or don’t want to go, make sure you go. Your body will wake up when you start moving.
  • Even though it rains, just go running. You will feel strong that you still did it and you have reached your goal.

Running and nutrition

Nutrition plays a big role when you want to lose weight. Running can support you when you want to lose weight, but what you eat is even more important than the exercise. And thus you should pay close attention to your diet. Losing weight through taking the right nutrition will amount for 70%, the rest will be lost through moving. Pay close attention to what you are doing, moving more is good, but also change your diet. Eating healthier, smaller portions and eating more often in a day. Through this your body will start to process the nutrients more effectively. You will have a fuller feeling throughout the day and that results in less, or even better, no snacking.
When you are thinking of your nutrition, and will change this, then you can achieve your goal really quickly with running. Give it time and keep going! You will be more satisfied with yourself with every pound that you lose. You may be very proud, because every step is because of your own efforts. After a while you know from experience that you get more and more energy from running. So go outside and run that short or long distance, even though you are very tired from work.


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