The pros of the protein diet

The pros of the protein diet

The pros of the protein dietMany people are following some kind of diet, and that could be a protein diet. Before you start a diet, it is good to know what it entails and what the pros of the diet may be. Therefore you will find more information regarding the protein diet here.

Protein diet

The protein diet is known by a lot of people as a means to lose weight, but also to build muscle tissues. The diet helps you to get a satisfied feeling. Bodybuilders follow the diet, because their muscles can then after training recover faster. In short:

  • When following this diet, you eat a lot of protein rich foods
  • The goal of a protein diet is to burn fats more quickly
  • You will have a satisfied feeling for longer
  • Burning protein rich foods costs more energy
  • There is a minimal increase in the blood sugar levels because of the protein
  • There is less muscle breakdown because of the eating of proteins and the building of muscles is improved
  • It is simple to eat less carbohydrates by eating more protein
This will give you a good overview of what the advantages are of a protein diet when you want to lose weight. But also sportsmen choose the diet. It is different per person what results the diet will give you, the only thing you can do is try it and wait. It is not recommended for children to follow this diet, they are constantly growing and need a lot of vitamins, minerals and building materials to develop properly.

Types of protein diets

There are different kinds of protein diets. Well known ones are the Atkins diet, the Cambridge diet and the Dukan diet. These types of diets all have their own characteristics and their own pros and cons. Before you are following a diet, it is good to know what proteins are. Proteins are together with carbohydrates and fats the three macronutrients. These are important for your body. You only get protein into your body by means of food. Protein can be found in, amongst others, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Our body loves protein, they are built very complex and can be used as building materials. First have a good look into which diet you want to follow. These kind of diets are not supposed to be followed for months on end. It is better to follow it for a short period, and that then you can go back to eating everything (so that you get all the different vitamins and minerals into your body). Change is good for you, but too much change is not. Make sure that you thus not change your diet too often.

Optimal Balance

Fats, carbohydrates and protein are all important for your body, but only in the right amounts. The balance needs to be good. The perfect balance of the three macronutrients is as follows:

  • 30% carbohydrates
  • 40% fats
  • 30% proteins

Eating too much

In the west many people do not eat healthy. Ready made meals, fast food and snacks are very popular. If you have to work a long day and afterwards you do not feel like cooking, then this is the easiest way to fill your tummy. But it is not healthy and that is why it is important to have a close look at what you are and are going to be eating. The right balance is important, so that the chance that you go and eat a snack is also diminished. Many people eat in carbohydrates too large quantities and not as much of the healthy fats and proteins. Many people can be helped by recommending them that they need to eat more proteins. You are best off choosing them in a vegetable form. You can think of 0.8 grams per kilogram for an inactive person and 1,2-1,4 g/kg for an average active person and 1,3 - 2.0 g/kg for a sports fanatic.

What you can eat in a protein diet

The things you can eat with a protein diet are important to know about, you eat as little as possible carbohydrates. Whilst following a protein diet you do not eat pasta, bread and potatoes. A breakfast may consist of eggs with bacon. What you can eat with a protein diet:

  • Fish and shellfish
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Milk and cheese
  • Eggs

What you cannot eat when following a protein diet

Whilst following a protein diet you cannot eat the following:

  • Rice, pasta and potatoes
  • Sweet fruits
  • Sugars
  • Alcohol
  • Fruit juices
Pay close attention to these things that you cannot eat, otherwise the diet does not have the desired effect. 

Pros of the protein diet

The reason that many people choose for a protein diet is to lose a lot of weight in a short time. But by eating proteins you also get a good feeling (no more hunger) and the chances that you will go snacking and looking for food are thus smaller. You are less inclined to eat sweet things and you can also unlearn your snacking habits, because you are already feeling full and satisfied. More pros of the protein diet:

  • The changes in your blood sugar levels will decrease when you start to follow the protein diet
  • The inclination to eat sweet things gets less
  • There is less fat and more muscles in your body. If you eat proteins, then that helps your build up of muscles
  • With a protein diet you can be sure of six eating moments a day (this can change per protein diet that you choose). Je start eating at particular set times in a day. This ensures that your digestion keeps going. 
  • Following a protein diet you are often eating a lot of fresh vegetables. These contain little calories, a lot of fibres, many vitamins and minerals. Your body needs these too.

Protein diet, for who?

People that want to lose a few kilos, can start to follow a protein diet. But be careful, a strict protein diet is not suited to do for more than eight weeks. If after these eight weeks you still want to lose more weight then you can always follow a different, not so strict protein diet and this can be combined with for example a low carb diet. With this type of diet the carbohydrate take in is limited, but not completely taken out of the diet. When eliminating different food sources you always have to pay attention to a possible shortage of minerals and vitamins. This can be prevented by for instance taking a vitamin supplement and a mineral supplement. But you don't always have to do this, it depends how long you are going to follow a particular diet. Therefore the advise is also to not follow this diet for longer than eight weeks.



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