Healthy blueberries

Healthy Super Foods

Healthy blueberriesThese days everybody is focused on eating healthy, but when you are surrounded with all sorts of foods which have an overdose of sodium, fats and sugars, itís very difficult to eat healthy. The best way to keep healthy and eat healthy is to maximize the level of good and healthy foods. The best way to do this is to use natural foods and avoid foods which are processed in a factory.

Some natural oils and fruits have a lot of fatty acids, fibers and anti -oxidants, these super foods are great for your health and have a lot of good benefits. Here is a list of super foods you can add to your daily diet.

Healthy Oils

  • Coconut Oil: Take coconut oil for example. Studies have shown that coconut oil has lots of health benefits. Also it is shown that people who use coconut oil lost weight and belly fat faster than when you consume the same amount of olive oil. Coconut oil contains medium triglycerides and this is why coconut oil is broken down much faster than the other types of oils. Also the fact that coconut has a high smoke point makes it suitable to stir fry, bake and cook.
  • Hemp Oil: Hemp is known for its great healing qualities and a super food in many ways. Hemp is known for its high level Omega-6 and Omega-3 but also contains essential fatty acids. These healthy contents are great for heart health. But also help with inflammatory health problems. The Hemp Oil has a nutty like flavor and are super delicious in salads and yogurts or cereals. 

Healthy seeds, spices and peas

  • Chai Seed: Chai Seed is also a very healthy source of fatty acids like Omega 3S, Magnesium, fibers and calcium. Studies have proven that a chia-rich diet can help lower LDL cholesterol but also it helps to protect the heart. Although most studies were done on animals, the studies done on humans have also shown long term health benefits. Such as reduced blood pressure in especially for patients with peripheral artery disease. Use Chai Seeds in your oatmeal porridge, other types of cereal, baked goods and smoothies.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a spice which is widely used in different recipes, for example cinnamon on toast is a very good and healthy choice. Cinnamon has a high antioxidant level and has proven many times to improve our insulin level. Cinnamon is delicious combined with real honey which is also a super food.
  • Hummus: Chickpeas are one of the base ingredients for Hummus. And some studies have shown that these peas give a great full tummy experience. With just a single serving of hummus a day, you get a nice amount of fibers and proteins. But the best part is that the garbanzos which are also used for hummus have a low glycemic index. This is why they break down slowly and keep up that full feeling. 
  • Flax Seeds: These seeds have lots of fatty acids and fiber these have a healthy impact on cardiovascular and immune system health. But also brain function, joint function and soft skin need nutrients found in fatty acids and fibers. The flax seeds are also good for removing toxins from your body. You can also buy flex seeds like powder and use it in your smoothies or other recipes. 
  • Cacao: Cacao is known for its great antioxidant level and chocolate flavor. These antioxidants help boost the immune system. A healthy immune system is great for resistance to colds and sickness. A cup of hot or cold cacao a day is a great start for a good and healthy day.

Healthy Fruits

  • Apples:  Apples have a high source of fibers, but are also beneficial for those who are looking to lose weight. The healthiest part of the apple is in the skin, so don’t peel the apple and eat it with skin. The skin also has a lot of healthy antioxidant phenol's so if you are looking for a healthy fruit, apple is one of the healthy choices. 
  • Avocado: Have you ever been so hungry and took a scoop off guacamole? You will notice that this will squash your hunger in minutes. Fresh avocado used in salads for lunch will make you feel stuffed and will decrease your desire to eat. But also homemade guacamole topped with eggs, or grilled meats can give a stuffed feeling and will keep you full for a few hours. Avocado is also known for its monounsaturated fat, this is one of the good fats that can effectively lower bad cholesterol. 
  • Goji Berries:  One of the most popular super foods are goji berries and it’s no wonder if we look at the great benefits these berries have. They are known for their healing strength and the nutrients which are included in Goji berries have lots of antioxidants and amino acids. Goji berries also have a great amount of vitamins and minerals which is the actual reason why these berries are popular as super food. Goji berries are good for your eyesight and healthy immune system. But Goji berries are also super good for hormone balance and help with longevity of life. 
  • Acai: Acai berry, one of the world’s number one super foods. These berries help keep you full after eating a handful. The Acai berry is from Brazil and has a super amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants help the body by boosting it with energy. But it doesn’t stop there, these berries are very good for patients suffering arthritis or weight loss. They also help with high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction. 
  • Blueberries: Studies have shown that Blueberries have way more antioxidants that 40 common fruits and vegetables used during the studies. The antioxidant are found in the plant pigments that color the blueberries blue. These antioxidants help against heart disease and age-related blindness and/ or memory loss. But they are also very good for people suffering of cancer and Urinary Tract Infections


Eating these superfoods on daily basis will help boost not only your immune system, but they will also help you living a longer healthier live. It prevents the most common diseases and helps cope with these diseases if the patients are already diagnosed with one of these diseases. Keep in mind that although these superfoods are healthy you will have to check with your doctor for the right dietary amounts needed. 


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