Taking cold showers

Taking cold showers with the Wim Hof Method

Taking cold showersDoes the name Wim Hof sound familiar to you? This Dutchman, better known as 'The Iceman', has developed a very special method that consists of breathing techniques and training in the cold. Therefore we have chosen as topic for this article: Taking cold showers with the Wim Hof Method.

The Wim Hof Method in a nutshell

As we already described above the Wim Hof Method consists of breathing techniques and cold training. Especially the cold training is an interesting point and the benefits of this are abundant when you apply this in your daily life.
The thought behind cold training and breathing techniques is that you come to a deep inner consciousness, by confronting the cold. By applying both techniques at the same time, you can even influence your autonomous nervous system and direct it. Indirectly you are influencing your immune system.

Protecting yourself from diseases

The central nervous system is directing almost all the processes in our body. You can train this directly, so that indirectly you are directing your immune system. In practice you can battle an upcoming illness, cold or other viral infection. By using the breathing techniques you are ensuring your body to make more adrenaline and this works in countering the anything wanting to come in.

Register for the Wim Hof Method

You can start learning the Wim Hof Method through the Online Video Training. You can follow this on the website of Wim Hof's Academy, namely Innerfire. You can also join workshops of instructors close to you. During this method you learn to master all the techniques.

Taking cold showers

Probably you are already getting cold by merely thinking about a cold shower. Taking cold showers is often thought of in a negative way by most people. We understand that taking a cold shower is not a fun thought. Taking cold showers gets quite normal quite however, and there are so many benefits to be gained from this!

Remedy against diseases

It is a remedy against all sorts of conditions and diseases. Who takes a cold shower daily, even has a smaller chance on depressions and testosterone shortages, it is proven! Besides this people will feel more energetic and fitter.

Taking cold showers is centuries old!

In ancient times people were already using the cold to their advantage. The Romans already trained their mind and body by taking cold baths. This ritual you can even trace back to Indian tribes in the current South-America. The primary reason being to unleash mental powers.

The modern human being is not used to fight

As opposed to the people that were living many centuries before us, the modern person is focussed primarily on comfort and warmth. The temperature only has to drop a little and we get our winter coats out and turn on the heating.
In the mornings we shower as warm and as long as possible. During the day we dress up warm and in the evenings we turn up the heating, to then fall asleep under a thick blanket. Nobody chooses the confrontation with the cold, whilst beginning the day with a cold shower gives you many benefits. All of those benefits we discuss here below.

Taking a cold shower stimulates the production of adrenaline

Are you taking cold showers, then you get a real kick whilst showering. It is a special experience. The body makes extra adrenaline as a reaction to cold water. This will make you cheerful, awake and even euphoric. In your brain all kind of special chemicals are made. Therefore depressions decrease and feelings of drudgery. This is because of the hormone noradrenaline that is being made.

Improved bloodcirculation

Another important benefit of taking cold showers is that your body squeezes the blood vessels in your limbs. Therefore the blood pressure momentarily rises and the blood is literally pushed through your veins. All the important organs get an oxygen boost. Even the deepest cells in your body are optimally fed.

More oxygen to the brain

During and also after a cold shower you will feel more alert. This is partly because of the adrenaline that comes free but also because there is more blood transported to your brain. The improved blood circulation is not temporary. On the contrary! You train your complete blood vessel system and your blood vessels are becoming stronger and more elastic. You will enjoy the benefits of this all day. You will notice that your heart beat is becoming calmer whilst resting.

Healthy skin and hair

Did you know that warm water rinses away the naturally prevalent oils on your skin? It takes your skin hours to recover itself. Many skin problems are therefore due to taking warm showers. Do you take a cold shower, then you do not rinse away these important skin oils.
Besides this taking a cold shower also stimulates the blood going into your skin. Try it yourself for a couple of weeks! You quickly notice that you get a more health red blush on your cheeks and that the skin on your face feels stronger.


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