Binge drinking

Binge drinking

Binge drinkingHave you ever heard of binge drinking? Binge drinking is a social behavior often witnessed in young adults, but it is also common in people over 65 years old. Binge drinking is a nasty habit thatís costing your country a lot of money, and is causing you health problems. Letís take a look at what binge drinking is, what kind of health problems it brings with it and some statistical facts regarding this phenomenon.

Having a drink every now and then is common for most teenagers and adults. Whether you drink with friends in a club, or have a couple of drinks over dinner; it’s still considered drinking. When you let it get out of hand, however, it could be considered as binge drinking. In this article we’ll talk a little more about this subject. 

What is binge drinking?

Binge drinking is a drinking style that’s popular all around the world. It is often done in groups. Don’t confuse it with social drinking, though. No, binge drinking is a lot worse than just social drinking. People who binge drink are drinking a lot of alcohol with the sole purpose of becoming intoxicated quickly. Binge drinking is more common for males, but no one quite knows what qualifies as binge drinking. In the UK binge drinking is drinking more than 8 drinks a day, whereas in Australia it is 7. In the United States consuming more than five drinks over a 2-hour period is considered binge drinking behavior.

Binge drinking and health problems

Health problems are commonly associated with people who partake in binge drinking often. It’s not just the standard “liver problems” you should worry about, it’s much more than that. Have you ever thought about drunk people having intercourse? You become a lot more reckless when intoxicated. Often times binge drinking will result in STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, children born with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and more. A drinking habit can also give you high blood pressure, heart problems, alcohol poisoning, and liver disease. We’re not even counting the problems you could run into when you’re intoxicated. Think about drunk driving, falling, burning yourself, drowning, accidentally shooting someone or yourself… you never know.

The facts

Binge drinking is not just something that only occurs in Europe. Everywhere in the world you will find people, mostly teens, who indulge in binge drinking. In fact, there have been several studies on binge drinking. In a study by the CDC we can find several shocking facts. The CDC is an American institute, so this study only reflects facts for America:

  • Binge drinking is not just for adults. In fact, one in six adults binge drink four times a month. Right, we all go drinking with our buddies every now and then… but the study also shows that when these adults binge drink, they don’t just chug a few beers. They consume about 8 drinks per “binge”.
  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if you have more money and live in America you will be more likely to indulge in binge drinking. It’s much more common to binge drink if your income is higher than 75k a year.
  • It’s a common misconception that it’s only teens that binge drink. Sure, college students love their alcohol, but more than 70 percent of all binge drinking cases involve people over 26.
  • A drink every now and then. Personally, we love a good glass of wine over dinner or a tasty cocktail at night. However, half of alcohol consumed in America is in the form of binge drinks.

How binge drinking is not just costing you

Sure, partying can be a lot of fun. At parties, almost everyone will be drunk. There’s nothing wrong with that! It’s only when it becomes excessive that it can be a problem. As we’ve mentioned before in this article, there are several health problems associated with binge drinking. This doesn’t just cost you, but it’s costing your government a significant amount of money as well. How, you ask? Well, whenever someone ends up in the hospital due to a binge drinking habit, it’s costing the government several health resources. Think about all the time doctors spend fixing up drunk people, when they could be helping other people. It’s not just in health resources that people who binge drink are costing the government; drunk people are more likely to commit crimes, call in sick for work, and more.

How governments will try to prevent binge drinking

Preventing binge drinking is important. Governments all over the world think so too. It’s not only affecting you (if you are a binge drinker), but you are indirectly costing the government a lot of money as well. A few of the ways a government could help prevent binge drinking:

  • By raising the prices and taxes on alcohol.
  • Giving out fewer alcohol licenses and restricting how much alcohol a store in a specific area can stock.
  • Not letting alcohol retailers off the hook easily; introduce “dram shop liability”. Dram shop liability means alcohol retailers will also be held responsible for their drunk or underage patrons. This means that if you own a bar, and one of your patrons will commit a crime, you are also responsible.
  • Offering affordable counseling for alcoholics (or more AA meetings).


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