Red wine

Red wine

Red wineRed wine is probably one of the most popular type of drink in the world. Most people have a preference for either white or red wine. There are hundreds of varieties of red wine grapes. This means that there are also many different types of red wine. This article will give you an introduction to red wine and will also give some information on whether red wine can actually be considered to be healthy.


Red wine, as well as white wine, played an important role in ancient Egyptian culture. While it is still uncertain where red wine was first produced, it is clear that red wine was consumed by Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. In Egypt, a royal winemaking industry was established in the Nile Delta. The creation of a wine industry in Egypt was a consequence of the grape cultivation from the Levant. From the Levant, wine was introduced in Egypt where is started to become more popular throughout the years. It is said that the trade between Canaan and Egypt also played an important role in the creation of the wine industry in Egypt. Evidence of winemaking in Egypt is found on tomb walls. On the walls, different steps of the winemaking were drawn. These drawings are also often accompanied by a list to whom the wine was offered to.  In ancient Egypt, the most common type of wine which was consumed was red wine. There was a lot of superstition regarding red wine. This was due to the fact that people believed red wine to be very resembling to blood. This is the reason why many did not want to drink red wine. The most popular drink during ancient Egypt was called shedeh. This drink can be considered to be a type of red wine. It used to be thought that this drink was made from fermenting pomegranates. However, this is not the case since it turned out that grapes were used to make shedeh. During the Middle Ages, wine was considered to be a common drink in different parts of the world. Especially in areas where grapes were cultivated, drinking wine became a normal practice. However, in areas where grapes were not common, such as the east and north of Europe, drinking ale and beer became more common. Although wine was transported to the north, many people could not afford the drink since it was quite expensive. Thus, wine became a drink which remained popular among wealthy citizens. Some of the largest producers of wine in Germany and France were the Benedictine monks. The monks owned vineyards in Bordeaux in France and in Franconia in Germany. One of the monks was one of the first people to plant the Riesling, which is considered to be the most important German grape. The monks which were residing close to the vineyards made winemaking into an industry.

Types of red wine

One of the most famous types of red wine is Carbernet Franc. Carbernet Franc was first produced in Bordeaux. However, the wine is now also produced in the Unites States and a few other countries where black grapes are commonly harvested. Carbernet Franc is considered to be the earthy cousin of the red wine called Carbernet Sauvignon. In areas outside of Europe where the wine is produced, the wine distinguishes itself from other types of red wine due to its pure notes of blueberry and violets. Moreover, the ripe tannins are also said to carry the smell of fresh roasted coffee. In areas such as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, the elements of the wine are often featured in a wine such as Merlot. The elements of the Carbernet Franc do not only add a spice flavor to Merlot, but they can also add a minty note to the wine. Another famous wine is the Carbernet Sauvignon. The grapes which are needed to produce this wine are grown in many areas in the world. However, the quality of the grapes are not the same. The area which has the best grapes to make Carbernet Sauvignon is Bordeaux. The wine is often described to be a dense and jammy wine. Moreover, the flavor of the wine is said to be a mixture of black cherries and currants. The red wine which is probably most well-known is Merlot. The wine is not only easy to pronounce and easy to be liked, the wine is also very versatile. It can be combined with a wide variety of meals and has a unique character of its own. The wine became incredibly popular during the 1990s. During this time, many cheaper wines were produced and became accessible to the public. Merlot is commonly produced in Bordeaux. Besides Bordeaux, areas surrounding Washington also have beautiful plump grapes which are perfect to produce a powerful Merlot wine.


The color of the wine depends on a variety of factors. One of these factors is the color of the drupe of the grape. The pigments of the grape are located in the skin of the grape. This part of the grape is also referred to as exocarp. While many people believe that the color of the wine also depends on the juice of the grape, this is not the case. Instead, the color depends on the skin of the grape and the method of vinification. Moreover, if different grapes are used to make one wine, this can also have an influence on the color of the wine. In order to make some red wines more red, or to give them a deeper red color, Rubired is added. This is actually unnecessary, since the color of the grapes are enough to provide a beautiful color to the wine. Surprisingly, red grapes can also produce white wines. This can be achieved if the grapes are pressed quickly. Also, in this case the skin of the grapes should not be put in contact with the juice. The color of the wine also depends on the presence of acids in the wine. As with white wines, the older the wine becomes, the more different the color becomes. Thus, if the wine becomes older it starts to adopt more of a brown color. The type of barrel used to produce the wine can also have an influence on the color of the wine. For example, the use of a wooden oak barrel can lead to the wine becoming darker. Rosé is a pink wine which is made by the practice of saignée. This process implies that the wine is exposed to red grape skins for a very short period of time to give it a closer feel to white wine. Sometimes, a white wine is combined with a red wine to make rosé as well.

The making of red wine

The making of red wine is to some extent similar to making white wine. When the grapes have been harvested and arrive at the winery, it is usually a mixture of stems, leaves and individual berries. It is important that stems are removed because if stems are present during the fermentation it can cause the wine to have a bitter taste. Thus, the de-stemming process is one of the first steps in preparing the grapes for the actual wine making process. While de-stemming used to be done manually, now most wineries have mechanical de-stemmers in place. In these mechanical de-stemmers, the grapes rotate and pass through small holes while the leaves and stems are expelled. After the de-stemming process has taken place, the grapes are lightly crushed. The degree to which the grapes are crushed depends on the preference of the winemaker. This crushing of the grapes is also done by machines. The grapes move through rollers. These rollers can be regulated and can be adjusted to crushing the grapes lightly, or not crushing them at all. Most of the winemaking equipment is made of stainless steel to protect the grapes as much as possible. Sulfur dioxide is often added to grapes as soon as they arrive at the winery. Sulfur dioxide is added to the grapes in order to preserve them for a longer period of time. Moreover, it is also added to prevent the grapes from being exposed to oxidation. Another element which is commonly in this process is tannin. This element does not only help to stabilize the color of the wine, but it can also help to combat the effects of rotting. However, it is not always the case that this element is added. Additionally, there are some winemakers who prefer to chill the wine before the actual fermentation process. They usually cool the wine at around 10 degrees in order for the color to be extracted.

Health benefits

One of the fields which is currently being explored by scientists is whether red wine can have a positive influence on health. A study which was conducted at Harvard University found that the effects of alcohol actually wear off after 24 hours. After 24 hours, a moderate alcohol intake can actually lead to improved blood glow and the reduction of blood clotting. This study holds for people who drink one of two glasses. Thus, the study can only be applied to a moderate alcohol intake. Another study which was conducted with regards to the health effects of red wine was by Washington State University. Researchers at this university found that a unique ingredient in red wine, called resveratrol, can help to turn flab into calorie-burning fat. This would imply that drinking red wine could contribute to losing weight. However, further research on this topic is needed to fully confirm these results. Another study which was conducted was undertaken by researchers from Korea. They conducted a study in 2012 on the effects of red wine on the human body. These scientists found that the compound present in red grapes called piceatannol has the ability to block certain processes in the body which can cause fat cells to grow. Thus, while more research is being conducted on the ability of red wine to contribute to losing weights, it is important that further research is conducted.

Red wine and food

Red wines go well with a wide variety of dishes. Carbernet Sauvignon, for example, can be described to be a global classic with a medium intense flavor. The wine goes well with hearty dishes such as beef and roasted lamb. However, the wine can also be combined with more complex dishes such as coq au vin. Another wine which is often recommended is called Barbera. Barbera is a whine which will mostly likely be served in an Italian restaurant. The wine is recommended with tomato-based dishes, such as pasta and pizza. If you are going to a barbeque and you want to bring a nice bottle of wine, bring a bottle or Gamay. This wine is great in combination with grilled vegetables and spicy sausages. Before serving the wine, make sure to put it in the fridge for an hour since the wine tastes best when it is served cold.


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