Quit smoking with the e-cigarette

Quit smoking with the e-cigarette

Quit smoking with the e-cigaretteThat smoking is unusually damaging for the body is known by now. It can cause cancer but it is also causing heart and lymph disease. You can more easily quit smoking with the help of an e-cigarette.

Smoking destroys your body

Smoking is immensely damaging for the body. You are taking in hundreds of chemicals into your body. These chemicals will enter not only your lungs but also the rest of your body. Many of these substances stay, even years after you have quit, in the body and can do a lot of damage. The effects on the short term are, amongst others, that your physical condition is going backwards, you look less healthy and you are more prone to get diseases.

Effects of smoking in the long run

Many smokers do not like to look into the future, because they will know that sooner or later they will die because of the effects of smoking. Cancer is one of the many consequences of smoking but many smokers are also suffering from heart and lymph diseases. Stop damaging your body through smoking and switch to the e-cigarette for a while.

Stop smoking with the help of the e-cigarette

Do you want to stop smoking but is it not working for you without any aids? Many aids help but only for a little while and are really expensive too. The electronic cigarette appears to be a wonderful aid for many smokers however. You do not breathe in any smoke as with a usual cigarette, you are breathing in water vapour. Because there is no burning of anything, as no tobacco is used, you are preventing many dangerous chemicals to enter your body, solely nicotine is there.

What is there in the smoke of tobacco?

Tobacco is a natural product which contains the addictive chemical called nicotine, but also tar. Besides this, producers add dozens of additives to their cigarettes. These chemicals have to make sure for instance that the tobacco stays moist, tastes good, is easy to inhale and is lasting. Producers even add chemicals to cigarettes that make you extra addicted and even chemicals to make the smoke look whiter!

The e-cigarette is less harmful

The e-cigarette is also called the electronic cigarette and is there as a replacement of tobacco. As you now know, the smoking of tobacco is harmful for your health. During the combustion of tobacco, hundreds of chemicals are released that you then breathe in. With electronic cigarettes there is never any kind of combustion happening. The harmful chemical that you do inhale is nicotine. Besides this producers often add a flavour to the liquid that is needed for electronic cigarettes. This chemical could be dangerous. But it speaks for itself that electronic smoking is much less harmful for your health compared to tobacco.

How can you use the e-cigarette to take in less nicotine

By transitioning into electronic smoking, you quit lighting up real cigarettes. An e-cigarette works in the following manner: when you take a drag of the e-cigarette, a battery is activated. This will heat the liquid that is inside the cigarette and then water vapour is created. The water vapour, which holds nicotine, is then inhaled and it has the same effect as real smoking. Users of e-cigaretts say that electronic smoking is a lot like real smoking.

Reducing nicotine intake

E-cigarettes are a perfect tool to reduce the amount of nicotine. When you buy an e-cigarette that you can keep filling up with the so called e-liquid, then you have the possibility to purchase different bottles that each contain their own dosage of nicotine. As a long term smoker you would of course like to start with a high dosage.
Once you have used up this little bottle (with one bottle you can often last about a month). Then you transition into an e-liquid with a lower dosage of nicotine, until you completely finish with taking in nicotine. From this moment you can choose to keep smoking electronically, but then with nicotine free e-liquids.

Positive effects of quitting smoking

Are you quitting smoking, then you will soon reap the benefits! The positive effects of smoking are already noticeable 20 minutes after quitting. This is how quickly it goes. Your heartbeat slows down and the chances on a heart attack become less. The flow of blood also recovers.
People that have quit smoking they will notice that their limbs are tingling. Also on the area of sex, people start noticing the differences after a few days to a few weeks. Did you used to have erectile problems? The chances are that the problem goes away by itself when you stop smoking.

All the benefits:

  1. Save money
  2. Better sex life
  3. Whiter teeth
  4. Food will taste better
  5. Healthier skin
  6. More fertile
  7. You stop stinking
  8. Physical condition improves
  9. You will grow older!

After a few months to years

After a few months to years having quit smoking, the chances of getting cancer and heart and lymph diseases have been greatly reduced. Your physical condition is much better and you have more air and energy.


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