Quit drinking alcohol

How to quit drinking alcohol

Quit drinking alcoholAre you drinking too much alcohol or do you know someone who does? Quitting drinking is then important, read more about it here!

Addicted to alcohol?

When someone is asked if they are addicted to alcohol, drugs or smoking, the answer will often be no to this question.

  • Only when someone comes out to others with his or her addiction, can help be organised. When the addicted person denies that he or she is addicted, then that will become very difficult.
  • The beginning of the solution is recognising the problem of alcohol, cigarettes and or drugs. You are addicted to alcohol when you have become dependant upon it. 
  • When you have lost the control over the use of alcohol or any other addictive substance, it means you are addicted. It is impossible for you to stop using the substance, even if you want to quit. Taking less is also not really working. The latter can often be even harder that just quitting it all together. Your life is control of alcohol and you see that your immediate surroundings are also being affected by it, you cannot quit! You are financially and socially getting into a big mess, which is hard to come out of. It is time to get help. 
  • Talk with someone about your addiction, that does not have to be someone who you know, because someone that judges you and interferes in your life is not really helping you. 
  • Ask your doctor for help, he or she will send you to an expert. But you have to take the first step, which can be difficult enough in itself. 

Finding help when quitting drinking

The first signals of an addiction are often noticed by your immediate surroundings. The sooner the treatment is started the better. Besides the fact that you can arrange your help to quit drinking yourself, someone close to you is also able to do this. Great, you are searching for help to quit drinking. The severity and length of the addiction are determining the type of treatment.
When you have no real problems besides the addiction, perhaps an online aid can help you get rid of your addiction, you can also join in a self help group. When there is a physical dependency on alcohol then we should start by detoxing the body. You are guaranteed of symptoms of withdrawal. You can take medication to not feel these symptoms of withdrawal that badly. Mental dependency on alcohol is however more difficult to treat and will often last for much longer. Often counseling and cognitive behavioural therapy are employed for this.

Stopping to drink too much alcohol

When you are very conscious of the fact that you are drinking too much alcohol, then the only thing what is important now is: to stop drinking alcohol. Stop whilst you can still do it by yourself, because rehab is of course important, but try to prevent it, because going to rehab is not fun. So are you in the danger zone, make sure you go see a professional or the doctor.

  • Drinking too much alcohol long term can lead to alcohol addiction, even though you think you are still fully in control of it yourself, regular drinking of too much alcohol can lead to the situation in which you cannot go a day without alcohol.
  • Try to prevent the problem by simply quitting alcohol.
  • Find a replacing activity that can help you not miss the alcohol: do sports, redo your house, make art, make sure that you are doing some kind of physical activity and are finding enjoyment in that. 
  • Drinking less is often more difficult than quitting full stop. 
  • Stopping to drink alcohol often opens up many new doors.

Rehab for quitting alcohol

When it doesn't work out to quit alcohol by yourself, do not give up! There are many other ways that can help you to stop drinking. Do not be embarrassed and go to see your doctor who can give you advise.

  • It can be a long way to quit drinking alcohol, but the longer you wait to go into that direction, the longer it takes before you reach your end goal: no more alcohol.
  • They will try to hook you up with counseling and joining self help groups to make you quit alcohol.
  • It is also possible that this trajectory is insufficient and that you need to go to rehab. When the drinking problem is really big, they can sometimes recommend you to go to rehab straight away. Forced rehab is in some cases possible, often by the word of a judge. 
  • The will of the addicted to go to rehab and to quit drinking is however important.
  • The treatment will then have a greater effect. You are being admitted into rehab, which is specialised into making people quit their addictions. It is in some cases important that you get out of your current environment to recover and to prevent getting back into the addiction again afterwards.
  • When you have made the big step and you have signed yourself into the clinic then they will make a treatment plan for you. In that plan is said: what you want to achieve, the way in which you will achieve this and the length of stay, which is dependant on the severity of the addiction. 
  • The goal is to quit drinking alcohol. You have to be motivated for this, you need to work on your social skills, you will get the help to come back into society. This happens through individual counseling, group counseling, physical exercise, talks with others with whom you can share your experiences , medical help for the withdrawal symptoms and you will be offered a daily structure. All of this together should ensure that you stop drinking alcohol. 

Quitting alcohol successfully

Not only the problems one faces when quitting drinking should be named, but also the success stories of people who have successfully quit drinking after misusing the drug. Especially the latter gives you courage to keep going, because you have heard that it is possible. Talking about quitting with alcohol is a must.
Facing the problem, really knowing that you drink too much. Being supportive of your own decision to continue with alcohol. When you have big problems, then the step to quit drinking alcohol can be to large without professional guidance. When you, as people call it, are feeling happy in your skin and you are a social drinker and sometimes cross the line with drinking too much, you can probably handle it yourself to stop drinking. It is often much easier to not drink alcohol at all, than drinking just a few glasses. After a few glasses you want more and even more and then you get back into your addiction.


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