Playing the piano effectively

PianoEvery pianist has started at some point in their lives to be able to play songs on the piano. You should however need to practice a lot to make progress in playing the piano. Learning to play piano is quite difficult and needs a lot of motivation and perseverance. Do you want to play piano effectively? Then we recommend to read the tips listed below.

Metronome for better sense of rhythm 

To be able to play the piano with two hands at the same time a metronome is necessary. This goes for beginners as well as experienced pianists, who want to make their playing more fluid. Besides that your fingers will change keys quicker, the sound of the piano also becomes a lot more beautiful.

Function of a metronome

A metronome is often described as an electronic device, which produces beeps or ticks. Before you turn on the sound you can decide the speed of the metronome. With this you can play together with the metronome in a constant tempo. Because of the sound of the metronome you get the inspiration to play in a same rhythm with both hands. At a certain moments your hands start working together and you start to play the piano fluently.
But which tempo are you actually choosing? Well that depends on the song that you want to play. Besides that, the pianist also matters, because sometimes you want to play a song slow or sometimes you want to play it faster. When you want to play a song for the first time, then it is recommended to start at a slower tempo. Think about 40 to 60 beats a minute for example. When you have played the song a couple of times, then you can start to increase the pace. A normal tempo is around 90 to 110 beats a minute.
It is clear that a metronome is necessary for learning how to play the piano. Besides it doesn't matter which level you are, because improvement is always possible. A metronome is also available in the form of a mobile app. Such an app is often for free and has the same function as a physical device.

Learning to play piano chords

You can learn to play piano in different ways. You can for instance learn to play piano with the help of sheet music, but also with chords. When you want to play classical songs, the best way is often to use sheet music. In all the other cases, learning the piano chords is often sufficient to play a simple song.
A chord consists of 3 or more keys, which are struck at the same time. Chords are not played with both hands. With the left hand you can play the chords and with the right hand you play the melody. The played chords and melody together become the song. The difficulty of piano chords is for you to decide, you can choose to play the keys of a piano chord at the same time or in turns.

How often should you practice? 

It is proven that shorter practice sessions produce better results. You can best start practicing 15 minutes to half an hour a day. With beginning pianists the fingers need to get used to playing the keys. Also when starting to play with two hands at the same time using the metronome this is still a point of interest.
By practicing more often your piano playing will become more and more fluent and you can progress more during your playing. What if I want to practice only once a week? Well then your fingers will not get used so quickly to the keys, and every session is as if you start anew. Besides this the longer practice sessions are also not really beneficial because at some point you will simply not want to play piano anymore.

Take piano classes

Many pianists are thinking to learn to play piano without taking any classes. The reason being that piano classes are too expensive. This doesn't always have to be the case however. You can take classes through a music school, private piano teacher or just online. When you choose to do an online piano course you will learn to play piano through using e-books and instructional video's. In this case you can decide the pace of studying yourself as well as the time of your class. With all the methods of learning to play piano it is recommended to take a few trial classes.

Fingering on the keyboard

During the playing of the piano it is important to use the correct fingering. The fingering is decided by splitting the keyboard in two equal parts. Of each part you also decide the middle. Next you place your hands parallel to each other on the keyboard. On the tips of your fingers can touch the keys. It is therefore important that your hands are shaped in a bowl (like you are holding a tennis ball).

Only play piano songs that you enjoy

To stay motivated during the playing of the piano it is important to play songs that you like. It is therefore important to know the basics of playing the piano, because then you can decide which songs you want to play.
With the help of the above mentioned tips you can start playing the piano effectively. However, to keep practicing is important to be able to play songs on the piano without too much effort. Do you want to learn more piano tips? Then talk to other pianists and find out what they have done to improve their playing.


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