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Marketing strategy: 10 tips

Marketing strategyMarketing is important for all companies, especially with the uprising of the internet! Read therefore these ten tips for a good market strategy and start working on it.

Tip 1: First impression website

More and more people are looking on the internet for services and products of companies. When you arrive on a website then you want to know where you are and what they can offer you. You want to answer questions in the likes of ‘Where am I?’, ‘What am I looking for?’ and ‘What do they have to offer?’ The first impression of a website is very important. Therefore make sure that you set up a good strategy for your website. Your visitors need to feel straight at home and have a positive impression, so that they stay on your website and not click it away.

Tip 2: Texts on your website

The content on a website is of great importance. What is the story behind your company? With whom are your clients going into business with? What do other customers think of your services? What is your speciality? A visitor wants to get answers to questions and therefore it is important that there is enough information available on your website. Besides this the content is of importance, because then you will also be better found through search engines.

Tip 3: Contact

What is the goal that visitors will do when they get to your website? Should you call them? Fill in a form? Can they ask for information? Make sure that everything is clear and that they can make use of this. It is all about have good conversion paths on your website and that these will make your visitors act to contact you.

Tip 4: Simple interactivity

How difficult is it for your visitors to do something on your website? Make sure it is as simple as possible. When they are able to fill in a form, make sure you make a simple and short form. Your visitors will be more inclined to contact you when the forms are simple and short. Nobody wants to answer 30 extensive questions in a form when all they want is some more information or a quote for example.

Tip 5: Convince and seduce

Most companies want to inform you, but actually more importantly convince you. You get to see large and long text and is that interesting for your visitors? Your visitors want to know what it will give them. Results and being convinced, that is where they want to go and you can name it on your website. Try to avoid long explanations. If you do want to want to explain something, then make a summation for example; so that it will be more clear.

Tip 6: Visitor is central

It is important that your visitor is central on your website. You want to help your visitors and you let them know what you want to offer them. Adress your visitor, pay attention to their needs and also to the problems that a visitor can have and then tell them what the solution can be for this. Do you have the solution? Then make this clear, so that they can contact you!

Tip 7: Concrete and unique

Being unique is important, make sure that everything you place on your website is yours and unique. Otherwise it will be seen as duplicate content and you want to prevent this. Besides this, it is also important to be concrete, because visitors want to know what they can expect from you. Clearly state what you can mean for them (doesn’t have to be detailed) and make sure that they know what they can contact you for.

Tip 8: Be open

It is important for your visitors to know who you are, then they are also more inclined to contact you. It is important that you are open and that the customer knows you. Make sure you differentiate from your competitors, in price as in choice.

Tip 9: Social media marketing

Social media can not be missed anymore in this online world that we are now living in. For companies it is also very important. How do you use your social media platforms?
Make sure that you choose the types of social media that have an added value for your company. Make sure that you have an extensive social media campaign, and make sure that you have a checklist for your evaluation, when is your campaign successful? If you have your own website, then your goal is to gain new customers and keep your current customers. It is then also important that you know the numbers, like how long you keep a visitor on your website, which page is often visited and for how long, if you are giving discounts and if so how much and why, how many likes do you get on your social media and does that influence how much you sell or influence something else?
Now you see that social media is of great importance. Facebook is very popular at the moment and is often used by companies. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are also very popular. Which form of social media suits you the best also depends on what kind of company you have. Instagram is great if you have a company that is selling visual commerce. For instance in the fashion industry, or even yoga teachers and personal trainers can advertise easily through posting pictures and videos on Instagram. You can have a mix of different social media platforms that is optimal for your business.

Tip 10: E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing ensures that you can maintain the contact with your customers, direct contact. It is communication in a personalized way, it is directed and measurable. But it is also relatively cheap. E-mail marketing can simply be directed to multiple people, writing a mail and sending it to all potential customers is a fine solution. It only takes you the writing of one text, but you can reach many customers if you have a good database. Many people use e-mail nowadays, and so it is a good way to reach people. Make sure that people can register on the website or at your venue so that they can be part of the news letter and be updated about the developments of your company.

Marketing strategy in steps

A marketing strategy can be set up in a number of steps. The most important thing is that you first know what you want to do and how you would like to achieve this. Setting goals is of great importance. You have a goal and that goal has different subgoals. It is a creative process and you thus need to take time to set this up. How do you continue from here?

  • When your goals are set, have a look at your storyline. Communicate continuously to your customer and let the customer know that he is central.
  • Make sure that your messages are aligned with each other, so that it becomes a whole.
  • Make your relationships and make use of all the possibilities that you have, such as the different social media, and invite your customers to respond and share their experience with you. This is nice for other customers and then they can immediately see what other customers think of your services and products. Through this you will show yourself openly and honestly and this will be a great introduction to your company for new customers.


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