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HorrorHorror movies: you love them, fear them or hate them. A lot of years ago, the genre was developed and ever since, many horror movies have been created and released. Horror movies have become a part of the popular culture as well. In this article, you will find a list of the best horror movies ever made. Favourites and classics like The Exorcist, Conjuring and Scream can all be find in the article below.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is an American horror movie that came out in 1973. The Exorcist belongs to the classic horror movies. The movie is directed by director William Friedkin. The storyline of The Exorcist is based on the novel The Exorcist, that came out in 1971. When the novel came out, it became a success and landed as a best seller in the New York Times list. The story is about a young girl who gets possessed by demons. The mother of the young girl tries to get her daughter back by hiring priests to perform rituals on her. The development of The Exorcist did not go smooth. Many directors did not want to direct the movie and some people thought that the set where the movie was filmed was cursed. The movie was released by Warner Brothers. When The Exorcist came out, it became an immediate success. The movie got nominated for ten Academy Awards and the box office did really good as well. The Exorcist earned a box office of 441 million dollars over the whole world. That The Exorcist got nominated for an Academy Award was surprising, since it became the first horror movie to ever be nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Picture. Ever since The Exorcist came out, the movie got titled with several honours. The movie was named one of the best horror films in history by many magazines and newspapers. Popular magazine Entertainment Weekly called The Exorcist the scariest movie of all time in the year 1999. The Exorcist stars many popular actors and actresses. Ellen Burstyn plays the character of Chris MacNeil, who is the mother of the possessed girl. Max von Sydow plays the character of Father Lankester Merrin. Father Lankester Merrin is the priests who performs rituals on the disturbed girl. Another famous actor who plays in The Exorcist is Jason Miller, who plays the role of Dr. Damien Karras S.J.


Saw is an American horror movie. The first Saw movie came out in 2004, and got franchised shortly after the release of the first movie. The movie is released by Lions Gate Entertainment. The Saw franchise has released seven movies. The first Saw movie was directed by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The other movies were also directed by others like Kevin Greutert and David Hackl. The movies are all released in the October month. This is done on purpose because it is close to the Halloween holiday. For seven years straight, the Saw movies came out in October, starting in 2004. However, in 2010, it was announced that Saw 3D would be the last Saw movie made in the franchise. The Saw franchise became insanely popular worldwide. The movies all together earned a box office of 873 million dollars over the whole world. Lions Gate Entertainment however, is open to the idea of continuing the Saw franchise. The Saw movies tell the story about a guy named John Kramer, who is obsessed with killing people due to his tests and games. John Kramer gets killed in the third Saw movie. The movies from that point on focused on Kramer’s influence and flashbacks of his life. Most critics found the franchise bad and commented negatively on the movies. Besides that, the movies did earn up a huge amount worldwide. In the first weekend after the release of Saw in 2004, the movie earned up to more than 18 million dollars, which is a record for Lions Gate Entertainment.


Jaws is an American horror movie which came out in 1975. The storyline of the movie comes from a novel that came out in 1974, Jaws by Peter Benchley. The movie Jaws is directed by famous director Steven Spielberg. Jaws tells the story of a white shark that searches for people to attack and eat, in a town called Amity Island. The movie stars many famous actors and actresses. Roy Scheider plays the role of Martin Brody, who is a police officer. Robert Shaw plays the role of Quint, who is a professional shark hunter. Murray Hamilton plays the role of Larry Vaugh, who is the major of the little fictional town Amity Island. Another famous actor who appears in Jays is Richard Dreyfuss, who plays the role of Matt Hooper. Jaws came out in the summer of 1975, and became a huge success after its release. The movie turned out to be the ‘’highest-grossing film of all time’’ until 1977. After man saw the success of Jaws, the movie got franchised. Three more Jaws movies were released after the first movie. The weekend after Jaws’ release in 1975, the movie earned up to 7 million dollars. In total, the first Jaws earned up to 123 million dollars. The movie did not only do well in the box office, Jaws also got nominated for a couple of awards.


Scream is an American horror movie that came out in 1996. The successful movie is directed by the director Wes Craven. Scream tells the story of the main character Sidney Prescott. Sidney is a student in high school who is followed by a serial killer. In the movie, the serial killer is given the name Ghostface. In Scream, many popular actors and actresses play a role. David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Drew Barrymore and Matthew Lillard are only a couple of famous names who play in the movie. When the movie came out in 1996, a lot of people were positive about the movie. Not only did Scream consist of the horror and scary factor, the director and producers gave the movie lots of humor and mystery, which the public really liked. Scream was actually called Scary Movie. when Dimension Films purchased the movie, the title was changed to Scream. Scream became a huge success. The movie earned a box office of 173 million dollars over the whole world. Not only did Scream do well in the box office, the movie also was nominated and even won a couple of awards. After seeing the success of Scream, it was decided to make a sequel. The sequel, that came out in 1997, became a success as well, with grossing a similar amount to the first movie. after the second movie, a third film was released as well.

Scary Movie

Scary movie is an American franchise of horror and comedy movies. The movies are directed by the Wayans brothers: Keenen Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans. The goal of Scary Movie was to create a comedy movie that made a parody of other horror movies like The Exorcist and Scream. This unique idea turned out to do really well with the public, and earned up to almost 900 million dollars over the whole world. Two actresses that appear in every Scary Movie are Anna Faris and Regina Hall. Faris played the role of Cindy Campbell. Regina Hall played the role of Brenda Meeks. The first two movies of the series very directed by the Wayans brothers. However, they left Scary Movie behind them after the second movie. The first movie in the franchise was Scary Movie. This movie was the most successful movie of the whole franchise. It earned an approximate of 278,019,770 million dollars over the whole world. Other than Anna Faris and Regina Hall, actors like Shannon Elizabeth, Lochlyn Munro and Shawn Wayans appeared in the first Scary Movie. The second movie in the series is called Scary Movie 2. This movie was also very successful, with earning more than 141 million dollars worldwide. This was the last movie that was directed by the Wayans brothers. The next movie in the franchise is called Scary Movie 3. Scary Movie 3 is the second most popular movie of the Scary Movie series. The movie earned more than 220 million dollars over the whole world. The fourth movie in the franchise is called Scary Movie 4. This movie parodied horrors like Saw, The Grudge and The Village. The movie earned more than 178 million dollars worldwide. The next movie in the franchise is Scary Movie 5. The fifth movie did not star the actresses Anna Faris and Regina Hall for the very first time. The two have been in all of the previous movies.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is an American horror franchise. The series is developed by the Hayes brothers: Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes. The movies are produced by Warner Bros. Pictures’ New Line Cinema. The Conjuring series tells the story about two investigators who are paranormal and investigate paranormal haunting cases. In the movies, you will see that the two investigators try to follow people who are possessed by demons. The first movie of the franchise came out in 2013, and was called The Conjuring. The movie was directed by director James Wan. The first movie is about a family who just moved into their new house. However, once all moved in they find out that the house is haunted and therefore go through paranormal events around the house. The second movie of the franchise came out in 2016, and was called The Conjuring 2. This movie focused more on the Enfield Poltergeist case. The franchise became very popular when the movies where released. It also received a lot of positive feedback, especially for the directing and the acting of the actors. Once it was clear that the franchise was really successful, a spin-off series was created, called Annabelle. With the two Conjuring movies and the spin-off all together, the movies earned up a box office of 900 million dollars over the whole world.


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