Roulette strategies

What are the different roulette strategies?

Roulette strategiesDo you like to play roulette and would you like to know which roulette strategies are there? Then choose to do something about that now. In this article you can read more about the different kinds of roulette strategies and how they work. Try them out yourself and you will know which roulette strategy suits you.


Many people will think automatically of the casino when they hear the word roulette. You can also think of online casinos and enjoy the chances of winning online. You can win or lose quite big money prices when you choose to play roulette. The game can be played with sticking to different roulette strategies. You can however also choose to play based on your feeling and intuition.

Roulette strategies

There are different kinds of roulette strategies, they will be explained shortly here below.

  • Fibonacci sequence is a roulette strategy in which your bet is the sum of the previous two bets. 
  • With the Labouchere roulette strategy the bet is the sum of the outer two numbers of a random sequence of numbers.
  • Martingale system is a very well known roulette strategy in which you double the bet when you lost your previous bet. When you win you will start anew. 
  • Red Bet is a roulette strategy where you keep doubling in red for instance and you keep a constant bet on black. 
  • D'alembert system is a roulette system in which you only bet on even chances. When you lose, you will increase your bet with one. When you win, you lower your bet by one. 
  • The column strategy is a roulette strategy in which you bet one credit in the first column. The double of that you bet in the second column and the quadruple you bet in the third column. 
  • With 'One hit wonder' you keep betting on one particular number
  • With the memory game you bet on all the numbers except the last three that have been called. 
  • Pivot is a roulette strategy in which you bet on the first double number and then you keep your bet constant for 36 rounds. 

Practicing roulette strategies

When you have seen a roulette strategy that you would like to play, then it is a good idea to first practice this for free. This will ensure that you master the strategy, before you start to bet a lot of money. Because there are many strategies, it is a good idea to first look at which one suits you. Maybe you would like to try out a strategy and if you like it you can start playing for money. You can of course do this, but you can also first try out all of the strategies that we named for free and see which one was most successful for you. Make sure that you realise that practicing is simply a small moment. It can very well be that you are enjoying a lot of luck in your practice rounds, but when you start to bet real money you might lose it all straight away. It is about knowing the rules of each strategy and can stick to these when you are playing.

Roulette strategy for money

The roulette strategy that you have chosen can bring you a lot of money, only when you are lucky! It is always a snapshot and what really counts is where the ball is going to end up next. Therefore make sure that you start to discover which strategy suits you the best. Maybe you would like to pick a strategy in which you do not have to think too much. You can then start to play for money and discover how much money it will bring or lose you online or in the casino. In the end you have to realise that if the ball rolls into the 0 or as in American roulette the 0 or double 0, nobody can win and it is just the casino winning. This means that on average the casino will always win from its players, it makes sense, otherwise the casino would not offer this game of course! Whenever you are starting to play this game it is good to keep this in mind.
Of course you can be lucky and earn a lot of money, but in general casino's are the homes of those that lose. Don't be fooled by these different strategies, they might work for you, but keeping the above mentioned in mind, no strategy will have better odds of winning than the casino will ever have. Make sure that you go to the casino to enjoy, enjoy playing a strategy but set a limit for yourself before you go to the casino or before you start to play online. For instance, when you go to the casino, set yourself the maximum of 50 dollars or something comparable. Make sure you never spend more than your limit! Otherwise this can become a habit and you might develop a gambling addiction. Going to a casino with a set limit makes it a lot more fun! You can tell yourself you basically already lost the 50 dollars, that this is how much the night out costs you (plus some drinks perhaps). This means that you do not have a fear of losing anything you own and you can play your strategies fully and be extra excited when you win!

Roulette strategies explained

Now we will start to discuss the different roulette strategies in detail.

Martingale system

A really well known roulette strategy is the Martingale strategy. Every time when you lose when using this strategy, you double the stakes. You can for instance bet three, and when you lose you will bet six (which is the double of three). Do you win? Then you choose a new bet. Do you lose again? Then you bet twelve (the double of six). And so on.

Fibonacci roulette strategy

This strategy is from the famous Italian mathematician named Leonardo Bonacci. He was also called Fibonacci. He is known for discovering the Fibonacci Series in 1170. This is a series of numbers that approaches the natural reality; 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, 55,89,144,233,377, etc. Every number that follows, is the sum of the previous two numbers. You can also use this with roulette. For instance you can start to bet with the bet of 3, when you lose you bet 3 again, as your the previous two bets of you were 0 and 3. if you lose again, you bet 3 + 3 = 6. Do you lose again? Then you previous two bets were 3 and 6 and so your next bet should be 3 + 6 = 9. You can start with any number and make your own Fibonacci sequence from there. And when you win? You either go home with your winnings or you can place another bet and start anew.

La Bouchere roulette strategy

The La Bouchere roulette strategy is often a strategy that people choose for pure enjoyment. They also call it the 'Split Martingale', 'Cross-Out' or 'Cancellation'. With this strategy you start by making a personal series of numbers, such as 2,3,1,1,3,4. Then you bet on the two numbers at the beginning and the end of the sequence. It is good to first practice before you start to play for money, to see how this strategy works.

Pivot roulette strategy

With the Pivot strategy we are assuming that you play for 36 rounds, of which only 24 for different numbers will be played. You wait with betting, until the roulette table plays the same number twice. That will be the 'Pivot' number. Then you play 36 times in a row on the same number, you can win awesome prices this way, if it works!

Red Bet strategy

The Red Bet strategy is simple and the name already tells you what you are going to do, you are only going to bet red or black. When you lose twice in a row, then you increase your bet with the starting bet. When you again lose twice in a row, you will again raise your bet with your starting bet. When you win twice in a row, then you lower your bet with your first bet. This strategy has an advantage and that is that you do not need a big bankroll.

D'alembert system

With this strategy you only bet on the even chances. When you lost, you will increase your bet with one credit, when you won then you lower your bet with one credit.

Column strategy

With the column strategy you can do a lot. You are first placing a small bet in the first column, then the double of that in the second column and the quadruple of that in the third column. You are then going to double to small bet with each turn, and the other bets are also increasing through this. It fun to first practice this strategy

One-Hit Wonder

The One-Hit Wonder strategy works by constantly placing a bet on the same number, and this makes it an easy and simple strategy. It is based on the idea that this number should at some point win. 'The longer this number did not win, the bigger the chances it will win next' is something a lot of people will say, but this is of course non-sense. Every time the ball is thrown into the spinning wheel the chances of winning and losing are the same, anything else is superstition and wishful thinking and should not be believed. It is a very exciting strategy however, because if you do win, you win a lot!

The memory game

With the memory game you are applying a strategy that is easy, but worth it. You are placing your bets on all the numbers that are available, except for the numbers of the last three rounds.


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