What are good vegetables?

vegetablesIt is generally known that eating fruits and vegetables is healthy. Making these products part of your daily diet reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Also, fruits and vegetables serve as an important source of many crucial nutrients. This article will address the health benefits of vegetables and provide some additional information why certain vegetables are healthy and in what way they contribute to an improved healthy lifestyle.

Health benefits of vegetables

Vegetables are an important part of healthy eating. They provide fiber, potassium, folic acid and contain many vitamins. Some of the most important vitamins are vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. These are mostly to be found in vegetables. Vegetables such as garlic, tomatoes, spinach and broccoli provide some additional health benefits which are not present in many others. It is for this reason that these vegetables are often referred to as super-food. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that adopting a diet which contains many vegetables reduces the risk of cancer, heart diseases, strokes and type-2 diabetes. People who do not have fruits and vegetables as part of their diet often have health diseases. While these  diseases might not directly occur at a young age, the effects of adopting an unhealthy lifestyle often visible at a later age. In order to have the right amount of nutrients, it is recommended that you eat about two pieces of fruit and about one to three cups of vegetables. This is dependent on the number of calories you need on a daily basis. Eating vegetables does not only have to be in the evening as part of dinner. Vegetables can also be eaten as a snack. For example, cucumber and carrots are great as an afternoon snack. The same holds for red bell pepper and small tomatoes. They contain good nutrients and serve as a better alternative than cookies or crackers.


Kale is one of those food items which has recently become very popular for being a super-food. Kale is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables around since it is full of healthy nutrients. For example, Kale has a high level of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is one of the nutrients which plays a key role in helping the blood clot and it prevents excessive bleeding. Moreover, kale also provides a high level of lutein which is a good nutrient contributing to your eyes. Kale also contains plenty of vitamin C. Vitamin C serves multiple purposes. It contributes to the functioning of the immune system, the heart and also the skin. Vitamin C is one of the vitamins which is crucial when keeping a healthy lifestyle and many people therefore take vitamin C supplements. Kale can be consumed in different ways. For example, kale is perfect for making a salad. It can be combined with some tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and cucumber. Additionally, kale can also be dried and eaten like crisps. For some more flavor it is possible to add some seasoning to it. Also, kale is also used in soups. There are many different soup recipes which are worth trying out.


Carrots are one of the most used vegetables in the world. Not only because the vegetables are very versatile but they are also easy to grow. Carrots are used in many different dishes and are present in various cultural cuisines. The taproot of the vegetable is the part that is commonly eaten. However, it is also possible to eat its greens. For example, they can be added to a salad or can be consumed in different ways. Carrots have many health benefits. One of the most common health benefits of carrots is that they prevent heart disease. Research shows that by consuming seven ounces of raw carrots for an average of three weeks can reduce the cholesterol level by up to 11 percent. High cholesterol level plays an important role in heart disease. In order to prevent heart problems, it is good to consume a healthy dose of carrots to reduce the cholesterol level. Another benefit of carrots is that they reduce blood pressure. Carrots are a source of potassium. Potassium helps to prevent tension in your blood vessels and arteries. This in turn increases the blood flow and circulation which in turn again reduce stress on the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure is also linked to strokes and heart attacks. Moreover, carrots also contain antibacterial abilities which improve the immune system. They contain vitamin C which stimulates the immune system. Vitamin C also stimulates the activity of white blood cells and is considered to be one of the most important elements of the human immune system.


Broccoli is also a vegetable which provides many health benefits and is therefore highly recommended when wanting to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Similar to carrots, broccoli helps the body to lower the cholesterol levels. This is especially true when the vegetable is steamed. The components that help to reduce the cholesterol level contribute to the binding process of the bile acids which in turn contribute to a better digestion of the vegetable. While raw broccoli also has its health benefits and contributes to lower cholesterol levels, it does not do so as much compared to when the vegetable is steamed.  Moreover, broccoli also has a positive impact on the body’s detoxification system. The nutrients present in broccoli contribute to the activation, neutralization and elimination of unwanted contaminants in the body. Also these nutrients contribute to the detox process at the genetic level. Also, broccoli is also rich in vitamin D. Thus, when facing a vitamin D deficiency, it is a good step to eat broccoli. Broccoli contains vitamin A as well as vitamin K. These two vitamins help to keep our vitamin D metabolism balances. Broccoli also has anti-inflammatory characteristics. It contributes to the lessen the impact of allergies on our bodies.


Another healthy vegetable are beets. Beets are considered to be a prehistoric vegetable and were originally found in Asia, Europe and North Africa. Originally it was only the beet greens that were consumed. However, only during the time of ancient Rome the sweet red beet root was consumed. During the 19th century, the red beet root was consumed and used as a natural sweetener and was used as a source of sugar. Sugar beets are a common raw vegetable used for the production of sugar. Unfortunately, the sugar beets are often genetically modified currently. One of the health benefits of beets is that they contribute to a better stamina. If you need a boost to make it through your workout, beet juice might be a good option to give you this extra boost. Research proved that people who drink beet juice are able to exercise for about 16 percent longer. Moreover, beets are also rich in betaine. Beets are one of the few vegetables which contains betaine. Betaine is a nutrient which protects enzymes from environmental stress, help protects cells and protects proteins. Also, it also helps to fight inflammation and improve vascular risk factors. Additionally, it helps to prevent chronic diseases. Beets are a versatile vegetable and can be consumed in many different ways.


Asparagus are one of the vegetables which signals that the start of spring is approaching. Around the start of spring farmer’s markets and grocery stores have fresh asparagus. Asparagus can be used in salads, can be put in the oven or you can even make delicious asparagus soup. Besides the versatility of the vegetable, asparagus also provide many health benefits. One of the health benefits of asparagus is that it helps fight cancer. The herbaceous plans, together with kale and avocado, is rich in glutathione. This is a detoxifying nutrient which helps break down harmful compounds in the body, such as free radicals. It is for this reason that asparagus can contribute to fighting certain forms of cancer. It could help fight cancer in the lungs, colon, breast and bones. Asparagus also contain anti-aging properties. It helps our brain fight cognitive decline. Similar to leafy greens, asparagus contain folate. This property can be found in dairy products, poultry and fish. Folate works together with vitamin B12 and contributes to prevent cognitive impairment. Research showed that elderly people with high levels of folate and B12 score better on tests and have an increased mental flexibility compared to people with lower levels of folate and B12.


Spinach is believed to have its roots in Persia. During the 12th century, spinach became popular in Europe and shortly became a desired vegetable. Spinach is known for contributing to good health. Florentine is often used to refer to dishes which contain spinach. Spinach is part of the family known as goosefoot. Products such as beets, quinoa and chard are also considered to be part of this family. The taste of spinach is a mix of beet greens and chard. It has the bitterness of beet greens and also has a slightly salty flavor to it, which is similar to chard. Spinach can be found in different forms. There is savoy, semi-savoy and smooth leaf spinach. While they all might look different, they share the same healthy properties. Spinach is also known as the vegetable which was consumed a lot by TV-character Popeye. When Popeye would consume spinach it would help him become stronger and overcome his enemies. While this is of course not fully true, spinach does contribute to restore energy. Moreover, it also contributes to increase vitality and improves the quality of the blood. One of the primary reasons that spinach produces these results is because the vegetable is rich in iron. Iron plays a major role in the function of red blood cells. Red blood cells help transport oxygen through the body and help in energy production and DNA synthesis. Also, spinach is also a good source of vitamin B2, magnesium and manganese.

Bell pepper

Bell peppers, also referred to as capsicum, are part of the nightshade family. The vegetable is related to the breadfruit, tomatoes and chili peppers. Bell pepper was originally found in South and Central America but is currently a product that can be found anywhere in the world. Sometimes also referred to as sweet peppers, bell peppers can be eaten cooked or raw. Similar to carrots, cucumber and other vegetables, they serve as a perfect snack. You can cut the vegetable in strips making it easy to eat. Bell pepper can also be found in powder form, similar to chili peppers. When bell pepper is dried it is referred to as paprika. Bell peppers are a great addition to a healthy diet and are therefore highly recommended. The vegetable is rich in antioxidants and are rich in vitamin C. Bell peppers can be found in different colors. They exist in the colors red, yellow, orange and green. The most popular bell peppers are probably the red and green ones and are currently grown all over the world. While red bell peppers usually have more of a sweet taste, green bell peppers have a slightly bitter flavor to them. The vegetable is made up of protein and carbohydrates. They are mainly composed of water. They contain up to 92% of water.


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