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Seven ways to make money on the internet

Make money on the internetMaking money through the internet. For one a dream, for someone else it may be the harsh reality. Unfortunately it remains to be a dream for many people, while making money with the help of the internet is not hard at all. If someone has access to a computer, a working internet connection and of course a passion or hobby, then you have everything you need to become successful online.

In this article you will find different ways to make money on the internet, where you can keep in mind that you can already start today to earn big bucks on the world wide web. Sometimes it will take a while before you start to earn anything, while other options can ensure that you can already start to make money today when you allow your hobby to be part of your business model.

1. Making money with an informative website

Almost everyone has a certain passion or hobby of which you know more about than most other people. This will automatically mean that you are an authority in the field of your passion or hobby.
A good domain name combined with regularly updates of your website will ensure that, in time, many visitors will be sent to your website through the search engines. As soon as you get a regular flow of visitors to your website, it becomes easy to make a buck out of this.
You can do this by making use of Google Adsense, this is the advertisement software of Google. People using this service will receive money per click on the advertisements that are shown on their webpage. In this way visitors are automatically transformed into customers, without them actually buying anything!
It is also possible to use your passion or hobby to make an informative site, fill this with articles and then sell the website for a big amount. This will be possible in case the search engines start to list your web site high in the search results, your articles score high in the search engines combined with an optional Adsense campaign If you are scoring reasonably high in the different search engines, it is possible to earn thousands of dollars by just selling one website. 


The big advantage of such a website is that it is not necessary to sell an actual product. Of course this is a wonderful thing, because the responsibility of always having to serve your customers by supplying products in time, can be a difficult thing. Besides, these are earnings that can be coming in in an automised way. 


To only earn money from a few advertisements on your website is a very risky way to make money. This is because people are kind of through with advertisements on the internet. Most people in the modern age do not like screaming advertisements. Even though Google Adsense is a very interesting way to make money, you should keep this fact in mind. 

2. Write and sell an e-book

Not everyone is a born writer, and thus earning money by writing an e-book is not for everyone. Choose one challenge, write about this and then sell it. A mere 20 to 40 pages are more than enough to speak to your target group and help them out. Once you finish writing the book, you can start to publish it. Write up the e-book and start selling it!
After this you can start to look for promoters to really start to sell your e-book in high quantities. A largely used form of this is the so called Affiliate Marketing. This means that others will promote the e-book and in turn get a certain percentage of the earnings. Of course this will mean that there is less money left for you for every sale of the book through these people or companies, but these promoters often realise way more sales than you could ever achieve by yourself and therefore it will be worth it. Thus and ideal way to make a little extra through the internet. 


Selling your own digital product is always a good a good thing compared to website owners that do not do this. First of all it adds to the authority of the individual and at the same time every sale will actually give you a certain amount of money. This is obvious because bringing out an e-book will virtually have zero costs associated with it.


The biggest con of publishing an e-book is that you really need to have control over the language in which you are writing your book. This is of course not for everyone. The fact that you need to be an artist in the field of words to write an e-book is not true, but you do need to control the language to a certain degree to publish a proper e-book.

3. Sell your own video training

Selling your own video training is a lot easier than you might think. In case someone is not a born writer, but is a good speaker, then creating your own video training can be an amazing way to make money online.
In a number of videos the publisher of this online video training will showcase a problem and will then explain how to tackle this by presenting a step by step action plan about the particular subject.
Of course this will seem like a problematic challenge, however it does not have to be complicated. Often a person is not even filmed in these trainings, but simply the screen of the computer is shown, showing a powerpoint presentation for example. In these kind of videos the problem is dissected piece by piece and then the solution is shown.
Of course such a video training will have to be sold to people and again Affiliate Marketing can play an important role to sell your product. Try to contact other websites in the same niche market that is already attracting a lot of visitors but, besides having advertisements as their source of income, do not have a real model to earn good money. They are certainly open to promote your video training as it will match their target group and will give them a nice piece of the pie.


Having your own video training can mean that you get a large profit margin. People will pay more for a good video training than for an e-book. Because the margins are higher, it will be simpler to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. The most important thing is that you do have to sound enthusiastically in front of the camera without fear, or you have to present a screen captured video which is not possible in every niche market.


Not everyone is fit to make a video training. When someone has a big accent audible in his or her speech, this can work against a person. Possibly some people will not understand the person, while others can more easily understand him or her.

4. Sell physical products on eBay

Selling physical products through an online market place may be one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. Many entrepreneurs who are active on the internet, have started in this way. When you have a certain interest in the product you are selling, it can be quite enjoyable selling the products.
Opening up an account on eBay is fairly simple to do. Then you contact one of the wholesale companies from China or another country to acquire products to sell in turn for a higher profit margin. Online whole sale companies from such country often have cheap products and they are easy to reach. 
Many suppliers do not mind to only supply when you get in the actual order. This means you do not need to keep a stock. Through this so called 'drop shipping' model, you can directly have the product sent to the customer and you would not have even touched the product that you are selling!


You do not need your own website, which will save you time and money to build and maintain. eBay is a very stable company and you are ensured of an continuous income. 


The time to supply of some suppliers abroad is not always as fast as you would want. Sometimes customers have to wait for two months to get their product! Therefore make sure that you find a reliable and quick supplier, or if you have storage space and some funds you can of course always decide to pre purchase your own stock.

5. Start your own website

Starting up your own web shop has become a trend in the last decade. Most web shop owners will start a web shop by selling a product that they think is unique and they have some kind of connection to. This will mean that its customers are on the same page as the entrepreneur.
Starting to sell products through eBay is often a predecessor to an entrepreneur starting its own web shop. Through different websites, such as Etsy, it is easy to start your own web shop.
Again it is not necessary at all to keep your own stock. Different web shops use the drop shipping method to sell their products. With every order the web shop owner sends through the order to their whole seller and they will send the product directly to the customers.


Having your own web shop will give you the advantage that you can have direct contact with persons that are on the same page as you. Through this you can start building your own network that can in turn be used for different purposes.


Solely running a web shop can be quite time demanding. Many people will stop doing it for this reason, because they do not know how to build a website. It can also become quite risky if you do not choose to do drop shipping and you have to buy large stocks to not disappoint your customers.

6. Social Media and earning money

Thanks to social media, making money though the internet is easier than ever. When a person has many followers on their social media channels, that have the same interests as the owner, then you can make a lot of money using these social media websites. The network of people can be a lot more valuable that you might think at first hand.
The world wide web is full of products that people can promote as Affiliates. In this form of marketing an individual does not own its own products but is promoting the products of others that align with their passions. You can then place a link on your social media platforms to the product with a particular code. Through the code the selling of the product can see through whom the customer reached their website and then automatically pays a percentage to this person.
Of course it is really important to find a balance in this. The friends that you have may be more valuable than a bit of money, because certain things in life are more important than money. Make sure that the friends network you have built up over the years is not spammed with products that you are selling. Before you know everyone "unfriends" you on Facebook, leaving you without any friends and customers.


You do not need your own product, you are merely promoting someone else's product through your network.


Perhaps the biggest cons is in the case you do not have your own products. This will ensure that different entrepreneurs have a business model of which they do not have any influence. When the supplier of this product decides not to sell anymore, the whole business is gone.

7. Start a blog and earn extra cash with your passion or hobby

Besides informative websites, e-books or a web shop - in which you can for instance also sell the online video training -, you can also start a personal blog. More than ever, the person behind the business is important. Whenever you are not afraid to show your life to the public, this is a smart way to make a little extra cash through the internet.
Almost everyone that has a hobby or passion is suitable to write a blog. It is of crucial importance to have a passion to which a product, physical or digital, can be connected to. Writing reviews about products in this niche markets will ensure visitors and they can be transformed into many dollars.
When someone is really passionate about gardening for example, and starts to write a blog about this, then quickly people will start to go to this website. They will obviously start to "follow" this gardener and through writing a blog you show a little bit of authority on the subject. The followers will then attach value to the opinion of the writer, and the blog will thus become an online ATM from which you can take a lot of free cash!
Advertisements can also ensure that you can start earning money from the blog directly. What first started off as a free weblog, soon transforms into a paid business.
Moreover there are different companies that want to know your opinion and start to send you samples in the hopes that you blog about them and give them extra publicity. You will thus receive free products too!


Building up an authority on the internet is quickly done by having your own blog. Within no time you can become the market leader in your niche markets with the result of selling a lot of products.


You can become quite dependant upon others and their will to give you products that you can test. Not every company wants to do this and you should keep this in mind.
The world of internet marketing thus has a lot of possibilities to make money online through different business models. Try to find out which of these options suits you best and would best match the interests of the network that you already have. Then all that is left to do is to start earning money online today!


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