Often having to pee, possible causes

PeeAre your struggling sometimes that you have to go pee quite often? Maybe you drank a lot that day, then the cause is quite obvious. But what if that is not the case? You are wondering what is going on, what can the possible causes be that you all of a sudden have to go to the bathroom so many times and what can you do about it?

Urinating a lot, why is that?

Often it are women who need to urinate a lot and often. Usually during the day, but it can also happen in the night. This is not so convenient for your nightly rest. Rolling around in your bed the whole time, because you need to pee again and thus having to leave your warm and comfy bed. Your sleep is being disrupted through this. Women are often busy the whole day and how would you then like it if you have to go to the toilet every half an hour or so. This is annoying, but what could be the causes?

Possible causes for frequent toilet visits

There can be different causes why you need to pee a lot. Often there is an underlying cause why you suddenly need to go to the bathroom a lot. Considering frequent and big toilet visits you can think of a pelvic prolapse, an overactive bladder (also called OAB syndrome) or an unstable bladder. You can also have a weakened bladder, a too small bladder or have to urinate a lot because of caffeine use or alcohol intake. It is annoying when you are suffering from this, but it is good to know the reason why. If it is your caffeine intake or alcohol use, then you can often judge yourself what you can do about it. You can simply drastically reduce or stop the intake of alcohol and/or caffeine. You will then soon find out if this is the cause of your peeing problem.

Nerves that control the bladder

Many conditions that have to do something with peeing are related toa disfunction of the nerves that control the bladder. It can also have something to do with the muscles of your bladder wall. For women, having to pee a lot can have something to do with the start or ending of the menstrual cycle.

Peeing often with pollakiuria

If you are suffering from pollakiuria, it means that you have to urinate more often than what is considered normal. You are then suffering from an overly irritated bladder wall. The bladder is already stimulated when there is only a tiny amount of urine in the bladder. You get the idea that you need to go to the toilet really badly and you then decide to go. You are getting the impression that you need to go to the toilet a lot sooner than normal and every time you notice that you only have to pee a little. With this condition you do not have to pee a lot, but you do have to pee very often.

Nocturia and having to pee a lot

Nocturia often occurs with people that are below the age of 50, pregnant women and also men with prostate cancer and heart failures can experience this condition. It namely causes an increased urination during the night. With this condition, you will feel you need to go to the bathroom all the time in the night.

I want to pee less often, what should I do?

If you need to pee very often, it can be very annoying and you want to do something about it. Luckily it is possible! There are different treatment methods that can help you, one of these is bladder and/or pelvic floor training. With this training you start to train your bladder, but also your pelvic floor and your pelvic floor muscles. It is often a solution for when you need to pee a lot and the training will reward you quite quickly! If this is the cause, then you are quickly booking results with the training of your bladder and pelvic floor and its muscles. This is because the pelvic floor muscles can shut off your bladder. When you start to train these muscles properly, then you will have to pee less often and this will be a big relief for you. There is a special pelvic floor centre where you can go into therapy.

Medicines for having to pee a lot

There are different medicines that you can use when you have to pee a lot. There are a number of different substances that can slow down your urine production or urge to pee, but some of them can also enlarge your bladder capacity. You can think about Detrusitol & Dridase, or Emselex & Flavoxaat. Besides these medicines, there are also Toviaz, Urispas & Vesicare. Medicines often have a lot of side effects, and we therefore recommend you to first try natural solutions (such as the training you can do). Once you have tried everything, only then it can be a reason to ask the doctor for medicines.

Surgery for frequent urination?

It can be that you have to pee so often that you do not know what to do anymore. Therapy doesn't help, medicines are not working and you are still going to the bathroom all the time. It can be that your symptoms are so bad, that you even experience unwanted urine loss during the day. Then an operation can be the final solution. The surgery is meant to regain the right position of the bladder. They will have a look at the transition of the bladder to the urethra. Through the vagina entrance, a strap can be placed around the urethra. Through an incision in the abdomen, the urethra can be lifted.

More tips for having to pee often

Are you still going to the bathroom that often? There are also a few things that you could do yourself. In the evening before you go to bed, it is best not to drink that much anymore. You are better off simply rinsing your mouth carefully with water and spitting out the water again if you have a dry mouth. It is important to drink the least amount possible of caffeine and alcohol. It is also important to reduce the intake of diuretic substances. These are thus a few steps that you can take yourself, for some these will be enough to make the symptoms go away. For others, a real medical examination may be necessary to find out what is the cause of the problem. But starting to investigate why you have to pee so often is something you can do yourself. If you notice that you already have to pee less frequently after drinking less, then you have already beaten the problem a little! Take the time to try out these things yourself, because a medical surgery is not so much fun.


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