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CocktailsEveryone knows the situation where you are at a bar and you donít know what to order? Do you order a regular beer, do you order a cocktail or do order something non-alcoholic? Many people simply order what their friends are ordering if they cannot decide. This article will give an overview of the most popular drinks people order at a bar. Thus, if you can never decide on a drink, keep reading!

Fruity bar drinks

Besides the many alcoholic drinks which are served at a bar, there are also still many non-alcoholic drinks which are served. Each bar serves the regular soft drinks such as Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite or 7UP. Also, almost all bars sell regular fruit juices. For example, almost every bar will serve regular fruit juices. These juices usually are orange juice or apple juice. There might be bars which will have a wider collection of juices. Depending where you go in the world, there are also places which sell milkshakes or a mixture of various fruit juices. In the United States, for example, it is very common to order a milkshake in a bar or café. During the summer time, it is also common for bars and cafes to broaden their assortment of drinks. They usually add fruity drinks to their collection. These drinks can either be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. A few examples of such summer drinks will be given later on in this article.


Cocktails are probably among the most popular drinks which are ordered at bars. There are many different types of cocktails. You have those which are very fruity, other cocktails are considered to be very strong and you also have cocktails which are known for their unique appearance. Some of these cocktails include the infamous Margarita or Sex on the Beach. A Margarita can be prepared in different ways. While some people like their Margarita to be blended, others prefer it to be sweetened. However, many claim that the original Margarita recipe is the best recipe. Another famous cocktail is the Mojito. Mojito is also known as the summer drink since it is a refreshing drink which is made with fresh mint leaves. Thus, if you want to be able to enjoy the summer vibe throughout the year, a Mojito is the perfect way to do so. The Mojito is considered to be a descendant of the Cuban drink El Draque. Besides the fact that a Mojito is popular in bars, it is also easy to make a Mojito at home since it is a drink which only requires five ingredients. Another incredibly popular drink is called Lemon Drop. This cocktail is commonly served in bars and many people compare it to lemon candy. You can consider it to be the adult equivalent of lemon candy. This cocktail is a mix of orange liquor, vodka and citrus juice. Thus, if you enjoy drinking sweet cocktails, this cocktail is not recommended since it has a bit of a sour taste. As mentioned, Sex on the Beach is another popular drink which is commonly ordered and served in bars. This drink is a mixture of vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice and pieces of peach. This drink is not only refreshing but it is also a drink which is known for its nice appearance.

Heineken beer

Wherever you go in the world, beers will probably be the most popular drink which is ordered in a bar. Especially when you go to a pub, a beer is the drink which is most popular and ordered by the majority of people. Beers come in many different flavours. One of the most popular beers in the world is Heineken. This beer is originally from the Netherlands but has gained popularity all around the world and is now one of the most popular beers in the world. Whenever people see a green bottle served in a bar, it will most likely be a Heineken beer.

Guinness beer

Another incredibly popular beer is Guinness. Guinness is originally from Ireland and was first introduced in 1759. The taste of Guinness is very different from Heineken. Guinness is known for its burnt flavour. This taste is derived from the un-malted and roasted barley. This is a relatively new technique. This technique was only introduced around the middle of the 20th century. Another characteristic of Guinness beer is that it is generally darker compared to many other beers. This dark colour is also reflected in the taste of the beer since it is generally a heavier beer compared to other types of beer.


For the people that do not want to drink but still want to enjoy a drink which has more flavour than a simple soft drink or a juice, there are many different types of mocktails. A mocktail is a cocktail which does not contain any alcohol. Many cocktails can be made without any alcohol. For example, a common mocktail is a Virgin Mojito. This is a Mojito which has not been prepared with alcohol. Instead of using vodka, Sprite or 7UP is used. Usually, a Virgin Mojito tastes sweeter compared to a regular Mojito since it is not only the sugar in the soft drink which makes the drink sweet but also the brown sugar which is added. It is also possible to prepare a Margarita without alcohol. This mocktail is prepared in a similar fashion to a regular Margarita but often grapefruit juice is used to replace the alcohol which is normally used to prepare the drink. Another popular mocktail is called the Peach Bellini Mocktails. This drink is often described to be the non-alcoholic version of the cocktail Sex on the Beach. This is due to the fact that is prepared using fresh juice and fresh pieces of fruit. This mixture of fruits also contains pieces of peach, making it a perfect non-alcoholic drink.

Summer drinks

Whenever you think of drinks you want to have during a hot summer day, you usually think of drinks which contain fresh fruits or fruit juice. While a fresh glass of orange of apple juice is always a nice refreshing drink, it is also possible to make your own refreshing drinks. One of these drinks is a strawberry lemonade. This drink is incredibly easy to make at home. Make sure you have strawberries which are fresh and plump. Puree the strawberries and mix these with fresh lemon juice and club soda, and your fresh strawberry lemonade is ready. If you are living in a country where watermelon is very common, it is also possible to make a watermelon cooler. This is not only a drink you can make for yourself, but it is also a drink which is loved by children. This drink is perfect to serve at a summer party or at a barbecue. Mix fresh watermelon with ice cubes, and serve the drink in a cold glass.


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