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shirtsDo you regularly wear a shirt and could use some new ones? How do you know which size you need? What colour you want to wear and what the rest of the outfit looks like? How do you make the best combination? It is important that clothing matches and can be worn in a comfortable way and that is why we will give you some pointers for your outfit.

Creating an outfit

You are going to look for a new outfit, you will need a good looking shirt too. To take a good look into this is serious business. Finding a good shirt can be a difficult task, mostly because there are so many choices, in material, colour and style. Whether you are going to a meeting, dinner, party, wedding,  cremation, baby shower or just visiting, with a shirt you always looks the part. Make sure you know about the ins and outs and discover all the possibilities. You can pick a shirt per occasion but you can also pick a shirt for any occasion.

The right size

When buying clothing the right size is of big importance. You don't want clothing to be to loose or too tight. If you want trendy clothing there some large differences what is hip now, tight with a waist or a bit more loose etc.

  • The small fit is suited for younger and/or slim men. It is good to take into account that the buttons don't point out, you need enough freedom of motion.
  • A shirt needs to be a perfect fit, it needs to conform to your body to preserve being able to wear it comfortably.
  • A shirt can never be too short (take a good look at the underside of the wrists). If the shirt is too short on the waist it won't stay tucked into your trousers when moving.
  • Make sure your sleeve cuffs run all the way through to your wrist joint.
  • The shirt has a collar that should fit nicely around your neck. You can see if the collar fits the neck by sticking one finger in between the neck and the collar (The collar can't be too tight).
  • Your personal preference and physique are also an important part. If you are slim you can choose a slim fit. If you are more wide then you want more comfort and you can choose a straight model or a fashionable model with waist.

Which fabric?

Quality is your first priority in a shirt. But what are the best materials to choose? Most men choose the comfortable wearing 100% cotton shirt. Another option that is frequently picked is a linen shirt (often worn in summer). Cotton exists in many different qualities, the softer the fabric the better the quality. The quality is also determined by the way the fabric is woven.

  • There are different ways to weave such as twill, poplin and herringbone.
  • Twill is a weaving technique that utilizes an askew line and a firm grasp.
  • Poplin is a weaving technique that is all about even, fine and sturdy cotton yarn, these are woven in plain weave.
  • Herringbone is a well known technique. It's all about twill fabric where the offset varies. This creates a clear askew line which runs in triangles.


In the early days buttons were made from wood or pearl. These were chosen for their hardness. Pearl can be recognized by looking at the backside of the button. Usually there are some dark lines visible, if you touch the material it usually feels rather cool. On most occasions a shirt has six buttons put onto it, not counting the collar buttons. It is possible an extra button is added at the bottom of the shirt so it will keep proper form. It also allows the shirt to stay better tucked into the pants.

What colour?

When you are nearly done picking your outfit, you can still decide what colour shirt you want to wear. If you are going casual then there are many different colours and combinations you can pick from. It is then only worn informally. If you want to wear your shirt formal then there are certain guidelines you want to abide to. There is one base rule most men are probably familiar with. If you want to stand out you will often pick a special tie rather then a special shirt. The colour you pick will also depend on the occasion you are wearing it for.

The collar

Men often wonder when buying a shirt, what collar should I pick? It depends on where or not you want to wear a tie with your shirt. It also depends on the shape of your face, the length of your neck and your personal preference.

  • If you have a wider face and a shorter neck? Then a low collar with short points is usually the advice.
  • A slim face with a long neck? A higher and with cut back points is then usually the advice.
  • If you like to wear a full tie, then a cut away is the way to go.
  • When choosing a high quality shirt then it usually has stiffeners incorporated in it. These will keep your collar in proper shape. This is not necessary with a double button.
  • When washing an ironing your shirt, maker sure you remove the stiffeners beforehand (Otherwise your shirt could get stained or damaged which would be a shame).

The right choice for any occasion

A shirt is popular, can be casual as well as formal and can be worn at any occasion. You can now order your shirts online ( The benefit of ordering online is the wide assortment you can pick from, different brands, lots of different shapes and sizes as well as online advice to keep you up to date on the latest trends. Whether you want to wear a shirt formal or informal, from now on you have the right shirt for the occasion in your closet.

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